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  1. Somehow this team has to make shots and get its offensive swagger back. They seem to be very tentative.
  2. Good to have this game with Lulka out - we have to find out who can defend and play on the block. Right now it seems Romani is in love with the perimeter, Lauderdale is a walking foul machine. Maybe an opportunity for French & Hanks.
  3. As disappointed as I am I will reserve judgement until after Weds game.I CB did say afterwards that this wasn't the team he saw at practice leading up to the game - so it appears he was caught off guard too, and very disappointed. I just hope because of this they don't rush Anderson back.
  4. “Connectivity is everything for a team — You’re either a “team” or a “group” — You get to decide which one you’re going to be.” - Minnesota FB Coach Last year and after 1 game this year I think we're a group. We need to see some leadership and some team emotion.
  5. ZERO leadership on the court. I hope that's corrected if Anderson comes back This is a game we should have put in the W column.I From where I sat Hutcheson was the only player to have a solid game.
  6. Some people take all the good that comes their way as well earned and deserved but all that goes against them as unearned by their opponents. They have to realize it's not all about 1 team in a game that involves 2 teams. Maine scored 47 points that's a $$$$load, I guess most was given to them by us - their defense wasn't on the field. We worked hard and earned all of our 31.. Therefore no way did Maine win. 😂😂😂, 47pts WOW.
  7. No matter what the sport is "turnovers are killers"!!! But no matter what the sport fans think that turnovers just happen no they are usually caused by things the defense is doing or appear to be doing!!! Maine WON - Albany lost, everything else is an excuse of some sort.
  8. Hope this is true for JoJo, he hasn't had the easiest road medically!!
  9. Every team could “IF” themselves to respectability. It’s the difference between the ideal and the real!!!
  10. With one of the weakest CAA schedules possible we would have to say this is a must win game if the season is to be salvaged.
  11. We probably spent 3 times as much in 2019 as we did in 2013!! Progress???
  12. I see that John Fallon Field is now being fitted with new turf. It looks great and they are almost done, I wonder if the Field Hockey surface is next to be replaced???
  13. Giving up 529 yds to a team that was 1-11 last year (albeit FBS) is worrisome but still a decent outing. We should hammer Bryant like SBU did or it’s going to be a tough year.
  14. Concordia put up 90 on Valpo. In a 4 point loss and 98 in a win over Quinnipiac. Lulka, Rizzuto and Lauderdale didn't play so I think that says a lot about the potential of this group!!!
  15. Again it’s evident Brown is willing to play all sorts of different combinations. Another different starting group.
  16. Just looked at the box score I thought it was an interesting lineup. It gives us an idea of what Brown is using this trip for! Also interesting to see Malachai's minutes.
  17. Rizzuto injured ankle near end of Carleton game.
  18. Decent showing without Lulka who was steady last year as a Frosh and hopefully will take a step forward this year. Carleton is very good and recently beat Univ. of South Fla.
  19. It appears Ottawa played it serious playing their starters exclusively no one else played more then about 7 minutes while UA played 9 players 10+ minutes. Both teams evidently had different agendas. That’s why it’s an exhibition.
  20. Surprised it appears Lulka and Hanks did not play????
  21. If there is no one you can get for 3 or 4 years you are better off gambling on a player who has proven himself on the DI level. It also give you a chance to use the scholarship for next season. We need a big (4/5) we have enough 1-3 type p[layers.
  22. Congrats to Devonte and Ray as they walk today, this is why we call them Student/Athletes. #purplefam Congrats to all the Student/Athletes Graduating and to all their fellow students who will be receiving their Diplomas.
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