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  1. Throw out that 1st match up that was just a perfect storm us playing well and they playing terrible.
  2. I think that CB was complaining why the official under the hoop hadn't blown his whistle when it occurred in the area he was responsible for and it was a blatant foul and possible intentional foul. The official on the baseline is suppose to be looking at action in and around the basket.
  3. I love where we are now as a program: 14-7 and that's disappointing/dismal (I think we all agree) In Brown's 1st 4 seasons we never got to 14! but we were excited with every win! 01/02 7-13 (partial year for CB) 02/03 7-21 03/04 5-23 04/05 13-15 It's great that we are down in the dumps at 14-7 it's a sign that we have arrived as a good Mid Major, now let's get better this Year!
  4. I really believe that Nichols has struggled big time with his wrist and that alone has knocked the offense off center. Joe has struggled with his feet and most recently with the ankle sprain. Cochran is coming off major surgery and hasn't seemed to catch up and seems to be lost at times. Devonte is struggling offensively but mainly because Dave and Joe are not in sync he's not getting the open lanes to the hoop he had before.and it appears he has no faith in his shot. With the struggles on the perimeter Charles is drawing a lot more double teams and even his extremely high shooting percentage has taken a slight step back. Add to all of this signs of immaturity on Joe and Davids part and we get bogged down in an offensive rut which at times (too often) affects are defense. I can now see why Foster struggled to play at Texas Tech and Bradley (consistency). Ahmad right now seems to believe his way is best and won"t/can't buy into CB's way and that's going to hurt his playing time and the team's chances of getting bench support because he is surely talented. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How can we play so poorly and still be in most games????? After last nights poor (overall) effort I still think if we get solid play from Dave and Joe (not great play, though that would be awesome) we can beat UVM.
  5. Somehow David and Joe have to get back on track and both have to mature a little , this is their JR year. Foster and Clark need to buy in and be productive within the scope of the team concept. It would be great if Conway ( has been sick and in a boot recently) and Anderson (?????) could become serviceable.
  6. Clickclack right now you just have to hope the light bulb goes off. It took Siggers half a season and when he bought in he became All AE. It took Devonte half a season last year and he became All D.
  7. Games are won or lost on a couple o possessions, if players continually make the same mistakes in practice every day it usually means the short leash in games. That short leash would go for David or Joe if he bench showed any signs of doing the right things or knowing how to follow the game plan. This game came down to a buzzer beating off balance three going in and a no call on a foul at the end of the half (when we were trying to give foul) which wound up being a 3 pt. play. Credit UVM for playing well and being more efficient then us. Despite how poorly we played (we actually were terrible) we were right there late in the game.
  8. This team doesn't have any leadership on the court! Nichols and Cremo spend more time crying/complaining then they do leading. It's a shame because they are talented individuals. I hope I'm wrong - but I can't see them in the NCAAS until they have a drastic attitude change.
  9. Two keys in my mind: 1. Nichols has a solid game especially shooting 2. Travis doesn't get in early foul trouble
  10. Look it is what it is, we're struggling mightily! Nichols is the guy who makes us go and he is struggling mightily on offense and he has shown his frustration by gambling too much on defense. When he is right Joe and Travis become more effective. Travis is in an early game 2 fouls funk which has really hurt us. Joe and David have to be smarter passes we give the ball away ridiculously easy 4 or 5 times a game. Devonte has to get us 7-10 ppg. besides his solid D. Most of all this team has lost confidence and it's lack of swagger has made opponents more confident against us. Nichols hitting a few shots early in a game could get us back on track and that I believe will happen.
  11. Like it or not Nichols is the straw that stirs the drink, all things will be better offensively if/when he gets on track. When our offense is on track our putrid defense even gets decent.
  12. Team is in a real jam - Starters Stire is solid Charles has been great but early foul trouble has popped up recently Campbell has struggled mightly on offense he just has to be solid on "O" Creme has been solid offensively (disappears at times) Nichols has really struggled offensively when he makes a few shots we're very good. Creme and Nichols hurt us defensively see how many secondary perimeter scorers have had great nights against us. Bench Foster has been solid but is a terrible FT shooter Clark seems not to by into the team concept he's a loose cannon no consistency of play. Costa hasn't shown his supposeds shooting ability Conway I guess is the player CB was referring to as not boxing out on a FT 2 times in a row. Xavier must just not know what we are doing - he seems lost on D and O This team is in a real bind unless it's so called stars start leading by example.
  13. Poor 2nd half (understatement) different line ups seemedto put everyone out of sync (usually happens when your up almost 40 at half). 2nd half saw terrible court balance allowing Maine to get out in transition more (again could have been caused by mix and match lineups or just a little loss of urgency) Nichols picked a good time to have a poor half (LOL) and Joe didn't seem to engaged either in the 2nd half. A road win is a road win, take it and move on. 35-44 FTs on the road at least shows a better commitment to attack.
  14. Late for team bus. http://blog.timesuni...team-bus/22999/ - statefan I guess it comes down to holding players accountable, it sure would have been easier on CB to play Clark. But we don't know was this Clark's 1st offense???? I remember CB being upset about some of the new guys not paying attention to the game scout. I think the captains have to start being more responsible regarding their teammates especially if the captains aren't assertive on the court.
  15. I think everyone has to take a deep breath, this team at its worst right now are still in games. The players have to clear their heads and start to want to win and stop reading the preseason press. This is a team game and UA is not a good team right now. If David and Joe want to be considered the best backcourt in UA DI history they have to be better Defensively and more efficient Offensively and they have to lead UA to atleast 1 if not 2 NCAAs.
  16. To me it appears we really don't have that strong personality which could be this teams achilles heel. I'm am not sure if that can be developed. We definitely don't have a get in your face type guy, everyone in the rotation seemingly doesn't want to rock the boat. Where is Levi Levine type guy who demanded effort by his teammates????? Effort is what is missing, the talent is there.
  17. Just my opinion......... It seems to me that CB has great faith in Campbell's ability to defend. Campbell seems fine on defense but sometimes his back court mates don't do what they're responsible for and it makes it look like it was Campbell who screwed up or forces Campbell to help when he is not suppose to because someone has clearly gotten beat off the dribble. This also affects how our bigs rotate and defend they're be asking to help too much off back court dribble penetration.. Many fans don't get the concept that defense though at times is individual it also relies on teamwork, it's all about the scout and knowing when to switch when not to, when to hedge hard and when not to hedge hard, when to under screens and when to go over screens. Sometimes as fans we really don't know who has responsibility for what only the coaches and team do.
  18. Only problem with this line of thinking is our overplayed backcourt shouldn't need to be rested at the beginning of games, they just come out disinterested on the "D" end which at times causes havoc for our bigs.
  19. Some of you guys have had blinders on. This team has been avoiding disaster for a month. They very easily could be 8-8 or worse. They rarely show any urgency and believe push comes to shove their offense will bail them out. They will be a solid Mid Pac team until their guards decide to defend and value the ball.
  20. Great for Jamir but the TEAM is 3-7
  21. You're a great stat guy - how often has Clark dropped 10 off the bench. For me he seems to be a guy who sometimes isn't following the script.
  22. Definitely was a winnable game but the comments about Nichols are the same we heard about Jamar Wilson and I feel unfair. It's tough to be asked to create shots late in the shot clock against long defenders who have help behind them. I give him credit for taking on the responsibility/task and keeping head up.
  23. Interesting tidbit: Pomeroy has UA at 97 and Siena at 281
  24. I believe Devonte is an excellent perimeter defender but his teammates on the perimeter at times are suspect therefore we give up too much penetration and put our Bigs in defensive predicaments.
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