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  1. ZLK I think he has a problem on "D". He is very poor hedging and switching on screens often leaving people open for threes or he fails to hedge and get back to his man.
  2. 18 of 28 fts ( 2 or 3 front ends of 1 and 1s) 15 turnovers Cremo had 7 Gave up 81 pts Hard to win games like that!
  3. Dave should be our next 1,000 point scorer. At his current 16.2ppg pace I estimate it to be somewhere around Jan 27th against Stony Brook!!!!
  4. This is all great, but lets hope these teams live up to their preseason rankings at the end of the year too! - UA'08 You can only schedule anticipating teams are going to be good. Iona just beat Weber State which is a solid MM
  5. From my perspective the faster the pace became the better Iona played ( look at early in the second half). If keeping Iona out of their rhythm was what CB wanted I think it worked decently. Nice to beat Iona with Cremo and Nichols just being decent, Charles struggling with turnovers, Devonte not having a good offensive game and Foster, Conway and Clark learning to fit in and play at a more deliberate pace then they are probably use too. A lot to work on but a winn over the MAAC preseason favorite is always good!!!!
  6. First game and Iona playing a matchup zone for 40 minutes trying to stop Nichols and Cremo and the still combined for 28. Hard to post up Cremo against their guards when they are in a zone for 40 min Credit to Cremo and Nichols for being patient and not forcing much. Stire and Charles will get a lot of opportunities due to Nichols and Cremo.
  7. If he doesn't know about Foster he hasn't done his due diligence.
  8. Travis Charles had a solid offensive game - In 20 min 15pts (on 5 for 9 shooting), 7 rebs and 0 turnovers We shouldn't have many nights where Nichols and Cremo combine to go 4 for 18 (credit to WVU defense). I guess it's time to suck it up and get back to work. It appears that there's a lot of work to get done.
  9. Disappointed in FT shooting and Cochran and Campbell combining for double digit TOs. I had heard Clark, Conway and Nichols all have missed practice time recently. On a positive note with all the turnovers we still got to the FT Line quite a bit and we rebounded decently against a very athletic team. There is a reason we have two scrimmages every year before our 1st game, hopefully they learned from this thrashing!!!
  10. To me our weakest spot has been the face offs but that seems to be solved
  11. I love football but this is an inherent problem with football. The numbers have to be equated on the women's side as well as the expenditures and evidently this has not been handled well by the Athletic Department. Men's soccer and women's soccer are a probably a push, men's basketball and women's basketball are probably a push but how do you balance out football on both the roster size as well as the financial expenditures. This is a MAJOR problem which will cripple the budget especially on the men's side. This shouldn't be joked about or made to be trivial this is MAJOR.
  12. Healy is totally untested at the collegiate level let's give him some time. As for Nichols and Cremo they both showed great improvement from their Fr to Soph years let see if they improve Soph to Jr years - especially from the perimeter. I think Clark and Healy will help a lot. Campbell and Cochran are a complimentary pair on the wing. If our bigs are solid we'll be in the hunt!
  13. alum73 this is the 21st century (LMAO)
  14. I believe the school MUST have a compliance(s) officer(s).If that is the case this falls squarely on the shoulders of the Athletic Administration. No cuts or additions of teams means downsizing of current men's teams and increasing women's participants. Could affect most sports Men's and Women's Track and XC as well as FB and Lax (walk ons especially). Any sport with a large roster could be affected.
  15. Jamar hits a game winner for Finland over France https://twitter.com/Sportando/status/903339522263568384 Jamar had 12 pts, 6 assists and 3 steals in a little over 20 minutes. France has 3 NBA players on their roster. https://t.co/Tbl8enxsSx
  16. This thread has been hijacked lets get it back to recognizing Dave Nichols recognition!!!!!!
  17. UA'08 there is a difference between name recognition and national rank: Team A, Team B, Team C and TeamD last 3 years RPI (14/15, 15/16, 16/17) Team A - 97, 107, 129 Team B - 112, 147, 241 Team C - 92, 124, 142 Team D - 204, 126, 46 Which is the High MM? Team A is UA , Team B is UNLV , Team C is Kent State and Team D is Vermont Food for thought!!!!!!
  18. Great for David, he should be very good this year after gaining much needed experience last season. I was surprised that Trae Bell Haynes of Vermont didn't even get a mention.
  19. I would love to have a Big name team at SEFCU but I doubt I'll ever see it. In the Northeast the chances of getting a straight up game at home vs a BCS school is slim to none, unless there are some strings attached. UA having beat a couple of Power 5 Conference teams on the road does not help us in getting a weak to mediocre BCS team to come to SEFCU. That's just a fact, I would love to get Villanova, Syracuse etc to play us at the SEFCU, In fact I would love 3 or 4 of those games each season but realistically I don't see it happening
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