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  1. Verbalcommits.com has UA offering 4 Aussies for 2017. 6'1", 6'6" and 6'8"(2).
  2. Congrats to Jamar on the birth of his son Sebastian Augustus Elias Wilson a whopping 10.3lbs and 22". Mom and son are both doing well!!!
  3. UA has always been balanced rebounding wise and by getting bigger on the perimeter should make us a good rebounding team. Cremo rebounds well so if he gets increased minutes his rebound numbers should go up too.
  4. Congrats to Peter Hooley for being named for the 2nd consecutive year the AE Men's basketball Scholar Athlete. It's also the 3rd consecutive Men's Basketball AE Athlete of the Year for UA Men's basketball Peter is going out strong! Previous UA winners: 01/02 J. Vukovich 01/08 B. Lillis 11/12 L. Aronhalt 13/14 S Rowley 14/15 P. Hooley 15/16 P. Hooley
  5. Interest and offer are two different items. very often an offer doesn't come until the athlete visits. to get to the next level you need higher level athletes and sometimes you're trying to get a higher level kid and when higher level interest/offers come in you lose that kid after weeks or months of following him around.
  6. dslyank - don't hold back, feel free to speak about your love of the Brook & Ken LaValle
  7. Where did you find the asst's salaries.
  8. I believe he has 2 years left. If this link is right! http://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=AwrBT7nde9xWVMkAfJhXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyazVrMHRyBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMzBHZ0aWQDQjE3ODFfMQRzZWMDc3I-/RV=2/RE=1457319005/RO=10/RU=http%3a%2f%2fwww.foxnews.com%2fsports%2f2013%2f08%2f29%2falbany-extends-brown-contract.html/RK=0/RS=HVU3FacxB2un7wTSqdXZ_XCVzdk-
  9. Besides what godanesgo99 want ....... I would like them to connect the PE Bldg and SEFCU. this would enable them to have a much bigger Lobby and also increase the size of the bathroom facilities, ticket areas, athletic store and concession areas.
  10. The attendance total includes all "all session tickets" for men and women too!
  11. I'm not sure this has been posted but it more of Peter and people getting screened for Colon Cancer. https://t.co/yWJUqGEWit
  12. Over 10,000 fans for Quarters is more then they would draw in Tourney format, that's why they do it this way - $$$$$$$ I still say bring back the tourney format
  13. Also Peter won numerous Academic accolades. He was also a two time Most Outstanding Player of the AE Tourney.
  14. You would think McCaffreey would be spending his time stopping Iowa's freefall!
  15. Danstep - Your trying to compare Apples to oranges. Men's and women's basketball are totally different sports not as much as Lacrosse but different.
  16. I feel he's a lock for All Rookie but I don't trust the coaches enough to predict ROY. You never know or can guess how the coaches will vote, a lot of politics involved!!!
  17. Just to go on record I thought Big Rich looked good tonight! He seemed to have more pep in his step.If he can give us 10+ solid minutes Weds it will really help our big man rotation out!
  18. Always get the lead and hope to get 1 stop
  19. Yep. Most of them being Warney and McGrew. I understand Warney getting offensive boards, he's a beast. But McGrew had 3-4 that were just lack of effort plays on Albany's part.....llko You do realize Warney had 5 rebounds (2 off) well below his avg. Mcgrew and Walker each went for double digit rebounds!
  20. Not a better time to try it then when you have a double digit lead. I don't think it's something they've used before, you have to try things out in game situations.
  21. It is what it is - I am sure it's tough especially after just facing UVM and UNH but you have to play the games on your schedule. Credit Maine with winning the game and lets hope we can be ready for Bing!
  22. From CollegeInsider,com THE RUNDOWN It’s good to see Will Brown’s Albany team back in the Top 25. The ‘Danes never seem to get a lot of love from the voters in November and December, but the start of a new year always seems to get them into the rankings. Any list of underrated coaches should include Brown. With him at the helm Albany has made three straight trips to the NCAA Tournament and five overall. Stony Brook will have something to say about a potential fourth consecutive America East Tournament title.
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