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  1. 4 hours ago, dslyank said:

    Might be able to top all you old timers. Saw my first UA basketball game in what is now Bishop Maggin High School winter 67-68 my freshman year. Also, saw a game in Page Hall basement Gym that winter (No sh*% they actually had pillars if not in play pretty close). Began a run of what was almost 10 years of not missing a game when UA Gym opened in the winter of 69-70.

    And if I may add one better; when I en-rolled in September 1967. Physical education was a required course. Since there was no building, we took PE outside, in the tunnels and just about anywhere else. We even had to take a written final exam to get our required ½ credit requirement. My hall mates & I spent an all nighter reading the text out loud to each other (yes we had a textbook) which we all bought day one but never opened until panicking the night before the exam. But I digress. Being a gym rat and loving all sports (partaker of many master of none), I actually enrolled in a second year of PE as an elective 69-70. Doc Sauers was my handball/raquetball instructor for one segment {he was unbelievably good: he would play single against my friend & myself and we could barely score--and my friend and I were tops in that class and both of us years later competed in what was called ladder @ the Colonie Racquet Club; but Doc was the best I've ever seen.} For another segment of my PE elective I started Doc's officiating course, but changed out it was too tough and I wanted to participate not be in another academic class. Again I digress--HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOC!

    I too was a freshman in 67-68. Is my memory correct?  Did we once play a game at Mechanicville HS?

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  2. 3 minutes ago, UA1882 said:

    "I'm keeping my options open," Rizzuto said by phone. "This doesn't mean I'm leaving Albany. It's a way for me to see my option in case it comes down to that."

    It will obviously depends on the new coach ..... 

    Smells like LCC is an option

  3. 3 minutes ago, DanesRGood said:

    I don't think ANYONE here wants the incoming coach to fail.  Some may not be super supportive at first but we all want nothing but success for the program. 

    Thanks for saying that DRG. Living 1500 miles from Albany I have been to each of our NCAA appearances and at the Hooley shot game against SB. I am pretty much only a  basketball fan, though I do keep track of UA's other sports to some degree. The last thing I want to watch on ESPN is a non-competitive Albany product. 

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