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  1. I remember in Philadelphia hearing 'why not us?'. I don't think anyone was asking for continued mediocrity. At the very least, within the AE - why not us?
  2. An LA Times article in January reported a 37% increase in attendance for schools using topless cheerleaders. Not sure if that was for just SoCal, or schools. Climate may be a factor.
  3. I've read that should we get a Mormon president they may ban pre-marital sex not only for all NCAA sports, but for professional sports also.
  4. Last week I said something shortsighted, irreverent, and unkind about UA basketball. Its been on my mind since then and I want to publicly apologize.
  5. Consider giving the last scholarship to Vermont. They seem to be able to best represent the AE year in and year out. There is a reason why UA had two moments on the national stage, including vs Connecticut, (the 'worst thing that happened to the program') and subsequently returned to obscurity. For a school our size in a conference so insignificant, to not even contend since then indicates an inexcusably poor job of recruiting and coaching.
  6. I haven't been to many games in the past few years, but I've been to some. I've watched a fair number live on line. Its my impression that Ambrose's production and contribution in the past three years could have more closely resembled what he is doing for UA now. I think he is the best example of bad coaching we've seen under CB. Here is a guy who's talent must have been obvious when he was recruited. He was forced by benchings, reprimands, and maybe humiliation, to alter the very talents that made him attractive to UA in the first place. This is probably not a universal approach, but coaching shouldn't be a one size fits all deal. In the case of Ambrose its always been my opinion that the staff never shaped the strategy to maximize what came natural to the player, but rather tried to change to player to fit the coach's strategy. I think we missed opportunities and I admire and respect the patience of this athlete for persevering. I am very happy to see him become the leader.
  7. From 1200 miles away for $7.95 I was able to watch it live on a siena feed. Listening to the whining lcc announcers remind me at least four times that 'this game obviously means a lot more to UA than to siena' made the outcome even sweeter. End the series now. Within 3 year both schools will agree to play again - with more equitable conditions. Congrats to every Dane fan.
  8. In another Siena game, played at University Gym, UA came from behind to win the game by one point with each team in the eighties. I heard about a ref who did the game who said the noise level in that gym was so loud that he couldn't hear his colleague's whistles. [/q You might be thinking of the 1974 game. My recollection is that it was Siena's first year having D2 scholarship players and we were basically playing a rotation of three freshman guards and three senior forwards/center. Siena was heavily favored, but Byron Miller hit a jump shot virtually at the buzzer to win. Some of the Albany stars of those years wouldn't probably be real competitive today, but I think Byron Miller would be a stud.
  9. I think my first Albany-Siena game (a hockey game) the players couldn't come back out from the locker room until the state troopers got there because the crowd was going at each other. You should have been there in 1972 when some Siena punk attempted to rip the "EEP says Siena Sucks" banner down resulting in a massive brawl with over a minute left in the game. The refs cleared the floor and declared the game over. Where was the 72 game played? What sport? How ridiculous were the lcc punks back then? They couldn't be as ridiculous as they are now. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but in the late 60's I think I remember seeing Albany play siena at McCloskey High School, and I think once in the Armory on Washington Avenue. The referees ended the '72 game at the Albany State gym with just under two minutes left on the clock and Albany ahead by a few points. Some siena guys walked around the floor from the other side and tried to pull a home made 'Siena Sucks' banner away from some Albany fans. A great disturbance ensued and additional siena guys came right across the floor while the game was going on, to join in. The fight quickly spilled onto the floor and the refs called the game. The bitterness of the rivalry was sweet and very much a product of the times. In the late 60s and early 70s, Albany State was very representative of public universities where anti-war sentiments, hallucinogenics, and sex (birth control pills were the favorite food) were rampant. 1968 was also the first year of the EOP Progam at Albany. I believe the incoming freshman class of 1967 had only 4 African American students and prior to that, to the best of my knowledge, only one black man had ever played basketball at Albany. Certainly none had ever played at siena. Siena, was a small, suburban catholic school, all white. They cut their hair, they wore plaid straight-leg pants and blazers. They were throwbacks at a time when things were changing in America. siena was about two decades behind. Doing them on the basketball court was like Keith Richards pulling Rosemary Clooney's hair while doing her from behind. I can't speak for Doc Sauers, but I'm pretty certain (at least I like to believe) he truly disliked both siena and their coach, Bill Kirsch. In the mid-seventies the 'indians' moved up to D-1 and announced very publicly that they were withdrawing from the Capitol District Christmas tournament and would play Albany only one more time - at their new gym on the siena campus. They were the darlings of the media then as now. In fact prior to one Albany-siena game, Albany's campus was referred to by one T-U sports reporter as "Dirty Doodleland". The local TV sports guys were all about siena. For anyone who questions their arrogance, in 1977, dunking was prohibited. Prior to the start of that last game, during their layup drills the first two siena guys smugly dunked their layups. Therefore, before the game started, Albany was allowed, and made, two technical foul shots. Albany, still D-3, went on to win the game 62-49 in what was the culmination of the rivalry until it resumed in the 90's. Feelings are obviously not as strong today, but its fun to pretend they are. While some may see them play in the NCAA tournament now and root for them because they are a 'home team', there are those of us who never can and never will.
  10. I think my first Albany-Siena game (a hockey game) the players couldn't come back out from the locker room until the state troopers got there because the crowd was going at each other. You should have been there in 1972 when some Siena punk attempted to rip the "EEP says Siena Sucks" banner down resulting in a massive brawl with over a minute left in the game. The refs cleared the floor and declared the game over. I was at that game and remember the ending well. At that time there was a Capitol District Christmas Tournament with UA, Union, RPI, and Siena in addition to a home and home regular season series with Siena.
  11. U OF !!! There is nothing left to say.
  12. I understand what you are saying. Trust me they know my opinion and I presume they know why I did not buy tickets to this years game. I don't think they need to hear it again from me. I think they need to hear the same thing from others. I am not is position to be demanding things. I have nowhere near the money needed to build the football stadium. If I did , there would no longer be an unfair deal with sienna. I have been saying for years, call them on it. end the series until fair. If LCC doesn't like it, see if they can convince another team to play EVERY year at their building and then see if they can reach 10,000 fans in any of those games. Exactly. No game for a few years will result in diminished revenue and more bagged seats. The community will begin asking for the game again and the landscape will be completely different. And you are very correct. Even in the early days, when we were both D3 they have always been way too arrogant.
  13. I'm not sure I understand what you are expressing. On the one hand you say, 'This game will ALWAYS be played ...' and in conclusion, if it remains downright disrespectful you say 'Cancel it!' Two division one schools share one community. If UA's facility is not large enough to warrant a home/home arrangement, then the community has a venue perfectly suited to host an annual game. It should be an Albany annual event, not a Siena event. They can leave their Indian logo paint on the floor, but if everything else, including the distribution of seating and revenue, is not equitable - that gives them a home court advantage, and I for one am tired of giving away points before the clock even starts. I never thought I'd say this because I enjoy the rivalry so much, but if we don't play each other for a while, the interest will remain high, and whenever we do meet again, perhaps the arrangement will be more mutually beneficial.
  14. Completely unnecessary response but to each his own. Oh, I'm sorry, Clack. In the heat of the rivalry, it just seemed like an appropriate response at the moment. I'll work harder to sort out the good Siena posters from the bad.
  15. Same crap different year. For the first time since they started playing again I'm staying home. Tired of flying up there to sit in the end zone while Siena's alumni and wives stuff their fat pink asses into the good seats. A home team has a 5-10 point advantage and some day we'll get tired of being their bitch in that regard. That being said, I will be following the game Saturday as best I can from long distance. My gut tells me we have a chance this year. I hope CB anticipates full court pressure from the outset and has more remedy than last year. If we win this game, I'll commit to coming for the next 5 years straight. (well, I'll be straight no matter how many I come to). Good Luck to Albany. Put a smile on my face. And why wasn't a foul called on Jamar's shot a the buzzer?
  16. Not really. There is plenty of reality without you having to dose it to us.
  17. Whatever I add doesn't have the validity of the other posts because I live 1200 miles away and obviously don't attend many games. However, I was out to dinner last night and the first thing I did on the way back to my car was check the final score. Knowing Black was out, I expected UA would struggle, but it was obviously even worse than that. When I got home, I put the Siena-Minnesota game on. At that time, early in the second half, Siena led by 3. New coach, massive turnover in players from a year ago - and they lead a Big 10 school deep into the game. They were more than competitive and their fans, unlike ours, certainly had no reason to feel embarrassed. I've never been a huge supporter of his, but CB's comment that the Connecticut game was the 'worst thing to happen to this program' confirmed that he, in fact, is the worst thing to happen to this program.' He didn't coach this program to two post seasons. Jamar and company played us into the two appearances. When he should have been riding the wave of those two seasons (I remember talk on this board of possibly stepping up to the Colonial or A10 Conference) CB has shown nothing but ineffective recruiting, questionable preparation, bad game management. My view from afar is that we find ourselves in a deep hole. I've been to every single UA Siena game played downtown. Someone convince me its a trip worth taking this year.
  18. Yes I agree. That was the absolute pinnacle of UA basketball. Even better than 2/3/77 - the win over Division One Siena.
  19. Maybe this team is as talented and hungry as you anticipate. Perhaps though we don't have the coach to put a consistently cohesive gameplan together and/or achieve maximum results from that talent. Its certainly happened before. As far as success being cyclical - I suppose there is some truth to that, but I'll always be disappointed we didn't get more of a ride immediately following two successive trips to tournament.
  20. Thanks for the summaries, much appreciated.
  21. As much as I'm hoping for a good OOC performance and some magic vs. the other area team, imo - anything that includes a 1-4 seed in the Conference Tournament would be satisfactory.
  22. I hate to have this feeling, but I believe we've seen all we are going to ever see out of Ambrose. He's got obvious talent, but there is something lacking. Some degree of disconnect between his individual skills and team play. I'm not sure his focus and execution are in sync with the coaches and his teammates quite a bit of the time. I hope I'm way off. With his talent, if he brings on some leadership as well, its going to be a much better season.
  23. The expectation of ethical behavior is often sacrificed as the stakes get higher.
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