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  1. Its quite amusing - the difference between the panic of CB leaving for St. Bonaventure back then, and the comparitive ambivalence about him leaving for Dartmouth now.
  2. Don't like the idea of 96 at all. 68 would be great. Add three teams and 4 play in games (2 monday, 2 tuesday)instead of just one.
  3. I'm going to apologize at the beginning but I'm going to take this thread off topic, like it or not. If you don't like it, too bad. Your quote = Our country is 10000x better than most countries (except for maybe the Scandinavian ones who always have high scores for 'best place to live', etc.) in the world, even WITH all it's issues. Sit back and relax a bit. If you don't believe me, go spend some time in Iran, the former Soviet satellite countries, etc. I was born outside of this country and know how the rest of the world is. Perhaps some of you have never left the US borders and can't comprehend how LUCKY you are to be living here. He's the president, but he's also human. If he wants to go play golf or do an NCAA bracket, let him. If he wants to wear jeans, let him. You people and the stuff you argue about or nit pick about. Seriously? Just stop. You want something to worry about that WILL help our country and society as a whole? Go worry about your childs education (or the education of your communities children) and making them a better overall citizen instead of raising kids who are lazy, have no respect for their fellow man, have no morals and are otherwise unproductive bags of skin (this country is FULL of them). When I was in HS, ADD or ADHD didn't exist. Now? It's an excuse parents use because their kids can't sit in one spot and are otherwise unruly. Teach kids like they do where I'm from. Slap him once or twice on the hands with a yard stick (happened to me in 1st grade back in my native country because I didn't know my vowels) and tell him to get his ass into the seat and shut the hell up. Done. Demand respect. These days, you have kids telling teachers to F themselves, kids shooting up schools, etc. etc. Stop worrying about what the President is doing on his personal time (he DOES have personal time you know, even as President) and start worrying about things in your control (such as raising proper citizens with good morals), etc. /rant Best post on this board ever.
  4. Was the recruitment of Gifford a >50% risk? Four years of investment with little return. Is that emblematic of a bad eye for talent; a recruitment mistake? You might call me a flip flopper and that's OK...I'd rather assess and adapt to the situation as it develops instead of having a rigid mind that is incapable of re-evaluating what is right before my eyes. I think we need to look back and see where we went off the tried and true path and learn from those mistakes instead of sticking our collective heads in the sand and saying...our luck sucks! Either way I respect our difference of opinion. For the record, I saw very little D1 ability out of Yocum, Anderson, Knight even in their limited minutes. You and I disagree on where the mistakes have been made. Don't be so afraid to ask yourself first and foremost the uncomfortable questions. Also, I'm not calling for Browns head, far from it. I remain a fan/supporter of his, I simply think there are lessons to be learned in what/how things have gone over the last three years. Any smart person should be able to take a step back, look at the results and take stock in how things have unfolded. It's the sensible and smart thing to do.
  5. We'll never know what kind of difference we'd have seen had Martin and Turley stayed, but I suspect we'd have been significantly more competitive. Those were big hits to the program.
  6. The one remaining thing to salvage in this dismal 2009-10 season was possibly a loss by Siena in its MAAC championship home game last night. Didn't happen. The fact that we share a community, and they're so well coached and they're so talented makes our situation more frustrating and unacceptable.
  7. A lifetime Dodger fan - now sitting on 22 straight years without a WS appearance, and many disappointed walks to the clubhouse. Certainly hoping there is a lot of truth to the adage about the difficulty of beating a team 3 times in one season. If that holds true - and we don't by some quirk have to face UMBC - we're in!
  8. An indication of how far we've fallen. I was playing golf yesterday (its not snowing everywhere) and a guy in the clubhouse saw my UAlbany hat. He told me that he's a UConn alumni and reminded me about the real scare the Danes put into them several years ago.
  9. There aren't too many reasons why we shouldn't be playing in an empty gym.
  10. At the end of the OOC schedule someone suggested CB is on the 'hot seat'. He was run off the board. Now that we've fallen to the bottom of one of the weakest conferences in the country I'm not saying he should be let go, but he should be feeling some heat. Isn't this team is the product of his recruiting and coaching?
  11. And that is the most disconcerting question. In the overall, its speaks negatively to the recognition and development of talent.
  12. I think it could happen, but also that it probably won't. The big question left unanswered, of course, is: WHY "There has been NOTHING thus far this season to suggest that they will just magically turn it on."? I find it offensive to base our success the rest of the way on whether or not Ambrose and Harris "decide to start playing again". Do we recruit players based on when and if they decide to contribute. Maybe talent isn't truly talent if it isn't accompanied by consistency. Both of these guys have never shown much ability to consistently contribute in a team environment.
  13. There is either not enough talent on this team, or there is enough talent but its not being used correctly. Personally I think most of us, including Coach Brown, grossly misread the potential in Ambrose and Harris. It matters little if you 'like Coach Brown as a person'. In this case he's failing to do the primary job for which he's compensated. He may or may not have assembled a nucleus of young players around which he can build. If he has, now would be the time to identify it and develop it. Things will slowly begin to turn around. If it turns out we don't have such a nucleus of players, that's an indication of his deficiency as a recruiter. There are reasons we are where we are now. Failure to achieve is happening either because the talent is not there or the talent is there and is just not being developed. In either case, the responsibility falls in the same place.
  14. So which coach do you know that announces a scholarship player by saying "Well, he's got a way to go, but if he works hard he could be a role player by his junior year" ? Other than Casey Stengel, who said "There's Kranepool, 20 years old. In ten years he's got a chance to be a star... And there's Goosen... he's 20 too... In ten years he's got a chance to be 30." (Casey was correct, Greg Goosen only lasted five years in the majors). If I remember correctly, Kranepool didn't last much longer.
  15. I think if you can forget that he played in the ACC, is 6'5 and 235 pounds of muscle, and can jump, that Will's most productive role on this team could be as a three point specialist. Take Lou Barazza's role. It doesn't look like we have any better shooters from that range. Just don't expect him to bang inside or be a good ball handler. Just a three point specialists. If he gets some RB's, plays some D, that's a bonus. The problem is, and maybe I just speak for myself - players like Harris and Raffa, more than other recruits, came with such resounding advance billing that we as fans anticipated so much more than has been delivered.
  16. I applaud Coach Brown for his willingness to abandon some of the technical to embrace more of the simple. I think it says a lot about the man to make such an adjustment.
  17. should sweep Binghamton and UMBC. if not......will the hot seat warm up? I once thought this talk was unjustified---but with events in recent games---I would like to think the staff knows what they are doing. Why would this talk ever be unjustified? While I agree that Coach Brown has brought upstanding young men into the program, I disagree with anyone who makes that the primary yardstick of his job performance. UA has been embarrassed in Out of Conference play and mercilessly embarrassed by Siena. As to the man, I wish Coach Brown and his family prosperity and good health always - this is nothing personal. I don't know him. As a fan of UA basketball, though, (since before Bosiy was born - so, no, I am not Dane Doggy Style with a pen name), I'm more than a little disappointed with the present mediocrity when a few short years ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Philadelphia and Columbus to see what I then believed was a team prepared to emerge as something other than a middle of the pack team in a less than mediocre conference. I genuinely believe Coach Brown was a major contributor to the tournament appearances and the temporary increase in the stature of our University. And I continue to look for some indication that he can do it again, but I'm not seeing that. All I see is questionable leadership and horrible execution. If this continues into conference play, I would not be opposed to a change at the top. I remain a fan and support UA either way. But for those who think this forum is not the appropriate place for this kind of discussion, I say, that's b.s.
  18. Tonight is your turn to be despondent.....I know I've been there a couple of times....post FAU rant comes to mind. This has been an awful season and they are going to get the worst beating of their lives next Wednesday. If you are an albany fan I do not know how you cant be furious. Hopefully, the new recruit wasn't present to witness this - otherwise he may be rescinding his commitment pretty quickly. The only thing this ridiculous road trip has taught these players is how to lose. I'd be my house we'll never see a road trip like this again in how ever many years Will Brown coaches this team.... Why is that, Bosiy. Tell us what you see that gives you so much encouragement. I'll take the bet - leave your house keys in a neutral site.
  19. You sure Bosiy? King Dane has been around here for a very long time. Sorry, I meant to say The King from the TU blogs.....I see that King Dane registered back in '04. I never had a huge problem with Jeff on the message of his posts...he, like all of us has a right to his opinion and I have the right to disagree. But I hate his dishonesty and constant changing of the name. Thanks, Bosiy. Thanks for acknowledging that I found the Danes a long time ago. And for the record, I'm not so certain I don't often agree with Dane Doggy Style. I think his presentation is weak, but his sentiments not all that different from my own feelings.
  20. When Dane Doggy Style aka Big Dog first suggested that CB might be on 'the hot seat' he was lambasted from virtually every quarter. Very interesting how many are now seemingly moving in that direction.
  21. I agree. Watching a big guy like Rossiter significantly improve year over year is a tribute to hard work and solid coaching.
  22. All the best to Coach Brown in combating this illness and for his growing family.
  23. I have no way of knowing how much Coach Brown cares about the Siena game or any other game. If he doesn't feel the intensity of the added media and a loud, near-full local arena then he's not in the right job. I'm very disappointed. He's been outrecruited and outcoached and this is not where we expected to be at this point in time. Yes, we are a young team, but we were not just outplayed, we were pathetic. Look back a few years at all the predictions of the demise of the MAAC and similar private school conferences and the ascendancy of the large public school conferences. Never happened. Siena has thrived and we are terrible. The MAAC has become increasingly better while the AEC runs in place. The conference tournament is obviously the road to the NCAA tournament, but is it asking too much to hear Coach Brown at least acknowledge that there is some historical significance attached to the Siena game? I don't live in the area and admittedly don't follow as closely as most who write in here, but I can't remember Coach Brown ever truly tipping his hat to the alumni who comprise a significant part of the fan base. The interview in the T-U with Will Harris during the weekend, was very telling. Asked to describe Coach Brown in one word, he responded, "sarcastic". When that is the one word anyone uses to describe a coach, or a teacher, or a father, or a leader - that is a problem. IMO the problems at UA basketball are deep and disappointing.
  24. Ready to jump on the hot seat bandwagon? That was a pathetic showing last night and over the past few games. Absolutely
  25. Where are the affirmations of complete disdain for LCC as we approach the weekend? Its much less enjoyable without a good dose of pre-game contempt from both sides on this board. Very disappointing.
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