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  1. I'll be curious to hear what CB said. My guess is that he said 'this is just another game'. Which it is not.
  2. To continue an unbroken streak since the redemption of the rivalry, I've purchased a plane ticket to Albany for the upcoming game Saturday night. I'm aware of Siena's two early losses and our good play Saturday night in a difficult loss - are these valid reasons to feel a little bit of confidence?
  3. I find it impossible to deduce anything from last night's game or consider it an indicator of what we have or do not have.
  4. I also appreciate Q's well wishes. Regarding the schedule, other than GT and maybe Northern Iowa, I might be missing something, but it doesn't look that tough.
  5. With the Siena OOC and MAAC schedule so weak they are probably vicariously playing teams like Syracuse and North Carolina through the Danes.
  6. With injuries + suspension - we're looking at Game #3 before we have even one true point guard? Ominous beginning.
  7. Perhaps I'm underestimating their competition, but to me Loudenville's OOC schedule does not look that daunting.
  8. In other words " I am sticking to my opinion no matter how many facts there are that pokes holes in its validity." You should not be an Albany fan. With your mentality, it would seem you would fit in better with many of the other LCC fans. That is a little bit harsh, comparing a loyal Dane to an LCC fan. There are few facts, but in this case the facts don't change the intent of his argument. Watch a game where we trail by 10 with 3 minutes left. No one's getting pulled. He's got his best available 5 on the floor and he lets them play the game uptempo the way they've played it innately all their lives.
  9. You won't make many friends with that post, but I tend to agree.
  10. I happen to agree with DDS on one point. The rotation has been questionable, guys sit for too long, too often. It looks to me that some of our guys often play tentatively - with one eye toward the bench seeking approval. When that happens it compromises a player's natural instincts and abilities; the attributes that got them to D1 in the first place. I'm not saying the coach shouldn't expect a game plan to be correctly executed, but how often do you see four or five of our coaches standing and yelling instructions at the same time? When that is happening, the guys on the court are having to divide their concentration between instructions and game, and it takes away from what comes instinctively.
  11. When a guy goes 90-10 in his first Head Coaching job and then takes over a dysfunctional DI Program and gets it to two (2) NCAAs I don't think he needs to be poked by others. I would be surprised if he's not beating himself up a little bit and I'm sure he's motivated to get back on top. To me last year was somewhat of an abberation - the injury bug and a few internal problems popped up which derailed UA after its best DI start. Remember the last two (2) seasons were truly dismal the team has been 15-15 - 10-6 in conference (tied for 2nd in final standings) and 15-6 - 6-10 in conference (lost in conference Semis). It was just 5 years ago we were overjoyed to get to 9-9 in conference. I'm hoping for a healthy season with good team chemistry and on court success.
  12. Siena had a good run, they have a good team, they still suck. You can't be a complete and unequivocal UA fan if you ever find yourself rooting for Siena. Anyone who was hoping they'd advance sacrifices a great deal of credibility as a fan of Great Dane basketball. That is just the way it was, is, and always will be.
  13. Something is wrong here. Having to talk about the departure of of promise every year - Turley, Martin, Raffa - is getting old. Continuity is impossible and that makes success difficult.
  14. Could not agree more. You can't play your game if you've constantly got one eye on the bench to make sure you're doing the right thing. Some of them play worried they're going to do the wrong thing. This team has more talent than most of our AE opponents but they are 'overcoached'.
  15. People do criticize. Sorry, Coach. That's why you are the coach. You make decisions based on what you see, not what we see. If you would play Barraza, or anyone, all season based on how they practice, and they don't produced in live action - that's your decision, your job, your neck on the line. To the fans, you're only as good as the product you bring to the floor during a game. Listened to the game last night - pretty exciting and always good to get a conference win. I hope we've broken out of our shooting funk a little bit. Playing BUMA so close with some of their guys out, and seeing Hartford easily handled by UNH, are troubling. Go Danes.
  16. Not so sure we're going to be okay in AE play. Our shooting is dismal inside and beyond the arc, but especially the latter. Some of these missed shots are poorly taken, the shooting form is questionable for this level. I hope I'm wrong, but other than Connelly from 10-12 feet, nothing looks good when it leaves the hand. Regarding Ambrose, I've said this before and its probably way off - but I believe he is extremely talented in such a raw way - that efforts to change him become 'overcoaching'. There have been times when he's taken control at the end of close games. On those occasions he reverts to what comes instinctively and we get his best performance. Will Harris - my prediction is that over time every one of us is going to be disappointed. He is no ACC player. Nothing will come easy, hopefully UA becomes a team beginning this weekend, and the talent begins to gel. Go Danes
  17. I can't get the game - can someone give me the website. Thanks
  18. Actually A and B have some real validity. C is a neutral advantage/disadvantage D might have a lot to do with what kind of crap you feed your cat
  19. Is Jeffrey Anderson the same guy as Jeff Anderson?
  20. Good for you. You made an excellent point about the non-call on Jamar and the referee bias. St. Indian fans aren't going to address that. They want to win, no matter what unfair advantage they have, and get 10,000 seats re-bagged before church on Sunday morning.
  21. There you go, now you're getting into the spirit a little better. what about "faster than a Duell who sat down to fast"
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