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  1. Salient observation, Bosy Seems like more civility in the posts this year than in past years, less of the vitriol that has made this rivalry so enjoyable. I might be alone in this sentiment, but I find it pretty disappointing. In all the good analysis and everyone's breakdown of the game, the home court advantage has received little or no mention. How many points is that worth? I for one, think its had something to do with UA losing within 5 points these past few years.
  2. 'Game should be fun, really UA is sitting in a good position.' I travel to this game every year and I don't sit in a good position. I sit in the end zone. From what I've seen, Siena is a more talented team, until they have to go to their bench. UA is going to have to beat the full court pressure early, shoot a better percentage than they have been, and is going to have to get a few of them into foul trouble. Other than that, I see this as the same story. We play in their home building, as visitors - which is at least a 5 point advantage for the home team. On the one hand I'm kicking myself for breaking a pledge not to attend without a better deal. On the other hand I haven't missed one since the Nixon Administration and believe if I start breaking my routines, my life might become more exciting than I can handle and the downward spiral will accelerate. For the seven UA players who 'never heard of Siena' - enjoy the crowd of 14,000. You won't see it again for another year. (Same goes for all you Saint Indians fans). Please don't tell me that the game has no more significance than any other game. That's an insult to people like me - and there are many of us.
  3. “Too much is made of this game,” said Brown. “Saturday can’t come quick enough. Nobody thinks we have a shot, but we’re better than people think we are. We’ve got seven guys on this team who have never heard of Siena.” I hope Coach Brown is simply downplaying Saturdays' game as some kind of reverse psychological preparation. If its true that half the guys never heard of Siena I think that is somewhat sad. Cross town rivalries are exciting for everyone. A player should be familiar with the schedule and the historical significance of this game. Did he question every member of the team to determine that exactly seven never heard of Siena? He should name the seven, I'll volunteer to have a talk with them.
  4. For those of us far away (though I have decided to put aside my annoyance with the extended deal and am coming for the Saturday night game) - is there any improvement expected in the web broadcast for tonight's game?
  5. Tuned in to some of the Feast Week games on ESPN. Somewhat surprised to see Siena, a wannabe top 25 team, finish dead last at 0-3.
  6. There probably aren't many D1 teams we could beat with a performance like this. But it is a W. We are hurt by getting no offense at the 5. Gifford shows no ability to roll to the basket, receive a pass, and make a shot. Siena ate us up last year early in the game with full court pressure. It looks like they might be able to do that again.
  7. I don't like the sound of that. Sometimes when you're in the doghouse things never completely get resolved.
  8. I'd hope Coach feels bad first and foremost for the victims of the criminal acts, especially the woman with a concussion. Its difficult to shed tears for any kid, especially an athlete on scholarship, who jeopardizes his opportunity. I'm glad he was caught this time and not the next time or the time after that.
  9. A UAlbany-UBuffalo game, would draw strong interest - alumni and students. UB may have slightly more to lose, but only slightly.
  10. You guys see a lot more live action than I do - I only was able to attend 2 games last year. Does it seem to anyone that Ambrose has a lot more street talent than organized ball talent? From what I observe I think he seems to be more of an improviser than an x and o player. At one of the games I attended he seemed very constricted and almost confused playing by the numbers, as we fell behind. When we began to catch up in a feverish, rapid transition final 5-6 minutes, he was on his own and began to do things a lot more naturally. Baskets fell, he took chances, his 'playground' personality seemed to kick in. Anybody agree with that, or am I way off?
  11. I agree. Now lets pull the plug on Joe Morgan as well.
  12. I donate the University each year and designate that my dollars go to the men's basketball team. Despite the donations and being among the best long-distance fans, I received no email inviting me to play golf. It hurts, but being in therapy for so many other things already - I'll just open up a new discussion area next week. But I will be in Buffalo for the Bills-Seattle opening day game on Sept 7. Coming to Albany might have even been an option.
  13. I also think you should come up for the game. I also was not a big fan of the way the deal was done and the knick certainly is not a Mecca for college basketball like the arenas at Kansas, Duke or UCLA; but as someone said to me you are not going to want to miss the next time UA beats siena. It will absolutely kill the lcc fans who think their team is invincible. Will it happen this year? I don't know, but it is going to happen again a lot sooner than the siena fans think and it will be very enjoyable. Also, I was originally going to miss this game to because I had a Toronto trip planned, but since the NFL wanted too much money(you have to buy 3 games including an exhibition game just to see the game I was going to) I will probably be at the lcc-Albany game. This years game? Yes, I have been to them all. (I think actually, since 1968). The D-1 victory was sweet and I celebrated late into that night at some tavern not yet in existence following Albany State's 1977 win at the lcc-arc (when only one of the teams was D 1). We re-toasted each time the ESPN scroll showed the result. After the 1977 win I suppose we just drank someplace familiar - probably outside. But the defeats since have been wrenching. And the return trips home most unpleasant. [*]The overtime, when Jamar nearly lost his life taking the final shot, yet there where was the whistle? [*]The double-overtime when our guys got to the line so many times at the end, needing to make only one, but made none. This was the unkindest cut of all and I near vomited after a bad dream somewhere in the skies over Georgia. [*]Then there was last year. I will always believe we were out coached to an 0-8 start. The comeback was fierce but I'd seen it before and somehow knew the conclusion even before it arrived. Two of you are suggesting I come back? I'm not going to lie, I don't like the deal but I want to return. Its always been my desire to sit at midcourt, as much for the site line as for a chance to spew venom right in among the Siena elite, elbow to elbow. How much fun would it be if we could sit one game, boy, girl, boy, girl (reminds me that I've actually seen some cute siena girl students there - unlike the husky, grass grazing Indian coeds of yesteryear). Barring catastrophic economic freefall, which we can't rule out, I do imagine I'll make the trip. And hopefully at the end the beer will again be real cold and because I refuse to grow up, my parting words to siena supporters will be as vile, I mean more vile, than ever. (its all in fun.)
  14. It is so difficult to put up the name of someone as yet unseen. I want to believe that Turley is going to come back to town with about 20 pounds of high school meat carved into 10 pounds of new muscle. If he evolves the way Coach probably envisioned, he can be a real factor down there, especially in conference games. I was disappointed, to some degree, that Giff didn't develop to a greater extent between his first two years. He seems to be full of desire and heart, though, a good foundation to breakthrough. We could be real good underneath, experienced at the 3 and 4. If that happens guys like Raffa will have an easier time making adjustments to this level. [still on the fence about purchasing plane tickets for Dec Siena game. I was an outspoken critic of the deal and to come means I will eat my words. ]
  15. And how many of MAAC faculty have been admitted to Nambla's Hall of Fame?
  16. You should be able to fill your arena, never? When you play your home games in front of thousands of bagged seats, I would expect some humility, if not embarrassment. When the Stanford game was announced, some came to this board and predicted 12,000+. When the day came I don't think any seats had to be de-bagged. The bags only come off when the Danes go downtown. If you sandwich a Siena game between a Bruce Springsteen concert and a Barack Obama rally, MAYBE you'll sell out a game.
  17. What a cause for mixed feelings. Its very gratifying to know we've got a coach who remains loyal to his principles as an educator and a leader. What's ultimately most important in Josh Martin's life is not basketball, and though it's a bitter pill for Mr. Martin and UA fans, I applaud Coach Brown for establishing ground rules and then holding players accountable to those rules even when the consequence is so absolute. I'm certain many coaches would not similarly jeopardize their own employment. legacy, and opportunity. Its one thing to speak of values in the locker room, and another to be consistent when enforcement is required. Coach Brown has demonstrated an exemplary measure of quality in this matter that should be noted by every young man who ever considers coming to play for him. As a fan, though, this is a difficult hole to fill. From what I saw, Josh Martin as a freshman, showed us only a fraction of what he might become. We're now even more dependent on the unknown and inexperienced.
  18. Is this fellow, Will Brown, related to Big Brown, who won the race in Maryland over the weekend?
  19. Exactly. They all look good, but we've been Yocum'd before.
  20. I disagree. I'd rather sit out a few hands and see who loses more.
  21. Frankly that is being picky. This game belongs to the community. If Siena still played on their campus (which seems to be a better fit for all but the UA game), this would be a neutral-site annual game at the TUCenter.
  22. No one will take this seriously, but since I probably spend as much effort and money as anyone getting to Albany annually to see the game from the end zone, I'll take the liberty of giving my opinion. Regardless of history, the game belongs to the community. In the Div III days it was a home and home so this was not an issue. Since the renewal of the rivalry, with only one game a year, it should be a neutral event, equitable seating and revenue. The game should not be in Siena's season ticket package. The games have been close, since the rivalry renewed we've been to the tournament twice, they've been once. We're 0-2, they are 1-1. I was hoping for a better deal, but it looks disappointing. Let Siena schedule another school that gives them 13,000 asses in seats for a few years. Let's go separate ways for awhile and in three or four years we'll see who benefits from the game more.
  23. And what the hell kind of country is Cape Verde?
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