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  1. Realistically, with or without Lanier, with or without the super-recruits, Siena should get used to being the subserviant b..tch in town for a long time to come. My suggestion, keep playing hard against each other. Coach Lanier recently noted how good the team looks in practice. At some point, Siena might consider selling tickets to practice games. Perhaps even televising some.
  2. You can go to Burlington and lose. But you can't go to UMBC and lose like they did. Ahead in the second half only to lose the lead against a weaker team is an indication that the 'killer instinct' is not yet developed. There a lot of cliches about 'learning how to win'. That type of outcome in an indication that we're not yet ready to make a statement.
  3. As a very long time Danes fan I read every posting on this site. However, I now live thousands of miles from Albany. I appreciate all of the insight, analysis, and enthusiasm. I'm afraid I know the answer to this - but can anyone tell me if the game broadcasts are accessible over the internet. Thanks. Go Danes
  4. 73 - in the 'denial' stage of mourning. It will get worse before it gets better.
  5. The expression 'Siena sucks' did not come about by accident. As Indians they sucked and as Saint Barnyards they still do. It's not something you outgrow. In Albany's few years of D1 competition we've begun to seriously erode Siena's grip on the area. Five years down the road as Siena falls further and further behind, and as it becomes more readily apparent that they not the lead dog, we can only expect them to increase their level of whining. It will be fun.
  6. I was at the game in the Albany gym that ended in a brawl. My memory is somewhat clouded by time and pharmacueticals. I believe, however, there were Siena fans sitting in the bleachers directly across from APA and Potter Club State fans. With about 2+ minutes remaining, and Albany ahead, a couple of Siena fans came down onto the court and either held up a sign or yelled something exceptionally profane. A group of Albany fans, which included Rudy Vito, a notable on Albany's new football 'club', confronted the Siena fans. Fistacuffs ensued on the court, in front of the Siena bench. The refs ended the game at that point with Albany ahead. The sweetest win though was in 1977 at Siena. The final meeting. D1 Siena vs D3 Albany. Doc vs Kirsch. Patch. Old Dog, -- were either of you at Albany's first NCAA post-season appearance in Syracuse? We lost in the opening round to Wagner, and beat LeMoyne 71-70 in the consilation game. I believe the year was 1970.
  7. Soup says he does not expect the Danes to be hosting any NCAA games any time soon. Sooner, though, than Siena might. An established D-1 program with a long and storied history, losing by 21 to the crosstown newcomers must be a tougher pill to swallow than first thought.
  8. Albany would play every year regardless of the quality of our team. For Siena not to do so is just spitting in the eye of the community. You can't name any other city in the country with two D-1 programs where the two schools don't play each other every year. Siena has always sucked and nothing has changed. We should play their women oustside so they have ample room to graze nearby.
  9. Needed to win this game. Didn't damn it.
  10. I was disappointed following the Siena game to read several conciliatory notes both from Siena people and Albany fans. The last time I checked, Siena still sucked. If some of them want to wish us well, and congratulate us on the whipping they took, fine. The first time they beat us again, they'll not only repeat that there is no rivalry, they'll be asking to discontinue the series because we provide no competition. As a long time Danes fan, there is not the slightest speck of room in my brain for any good thoughts about the Siena basketball program. My belief is that real Danes fans agree.
  11. Athletics does not develop character, it reveals it. Coach Brown's decision to suspend Levi or any other player is commendable. The coach jeopardizes his own success and career by dimishing his team's performance. By establishing rules and then sticking by his own convictions, though, he's fulfilling his responsibility as a teacher. As a Dane fan, it's disappointing to face opponents with less than our best. Hopefully by the time we begin pay within the AE everyone will have matured and such suspensions will become unnecessary.
  12. I called the blow out. All I can say as I prepare to fly home - ORGASMIC!!
  13. If "this is just another game" to Siena, then logic tells me that 'this would be just like the other games: another loss'. By the way the Oregon State, Pepperdine, New Orleans trifecta was not the gauntlet that Siena eh-holes would have you believe. OSU will reside in the PAC 10 cellar all year. Pepperdine has a history, and Siena was tied at halftime, but after the half the Aints were bitched for 22 straight points. And U.N.O. - please - the Sunbelt Conference? They have a graduation rate of 22%, which only means that their players and Siena's probably had similar SAT scores. I'm too old to stay out all night. But tonight may be an exception. Go Danes.
  14. I flew into Albany this afternoon from very far away - for one purpose - to see this game. This, is the year, it may not even be close. GO DANES
  15. To an older Dane who has been to many Siena games, including the past three, the game on Tuesday means so much.
  16. Everything points to an Albany win this year. Any reasonable wager offers accepted.
  17. Thanks for the replies. I was at the game the last time Albany beat Siena. February 3, 1977. Doing it now would be even sweeter.
  18. Is winning the game on Nov 23 a possibility or are we again going home unhappy?
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