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  1. It is interesting how this team has been able to kick things into a different gear late in games (Louisville, Kent St., Hartford) but has consistently dug holes for itself early. Very disappointed in the overall effort last night, but still optimistic.
  2. This remains an excellent question in part because Conway has definitely looked lost.
  3. Louisville looks very big and very talented. But I like our chances!
  4. I've enjoyed reading the post-siena game comments on this board, but must admit, I've enjoyed reading the comments on their board more.
  5. Did someone laugh during the Patsos video right after he said he wanted to be in the top ten in the mid major Poll next season? If not, they should have
  6. Meanwhile siena leads Louisville with 4:23 to go in the first half
  7. Traveling 1200 miles to attend the game. Looking forward to a satisfying ending.
  8. Conway does not appear to be contributing much on either end.
  9. They were talking about something else - and never said, but it appeared that was what happened. CB looked p.o'd about it as he should have.
  10. Travis Charles always plays such a good blue collar game. And he is deadly from 10-12 feet. Enjoy watching him.
  11. I disagree. My guess is that they'd have run UA out if we had played their game. Establishing ourselves in the half court enabled the decisive rebounding advantage, which was the difference.
  12. Will Monmouth and Iona play at SEFCU the following year?
  13. What a great summary from Peter Hooley himself. Glad I had an opportunity to read that.
  14. Sorry to see David Nichols play the kind of game he did. He carried UA so many times during this season its hard to blame him for this loss. Wish we were moving on, but proud of UA and the year we've had.
  15. The moving screen call was atrocious. This woman announcing the game on ESPN2 is like a nail in my f**king brain.
  16. I am uncomfortable with the way we had trouble handling full court pressure vs Stony Brook. My fear is that the game Saturday will be close late - and we will have to deal with a similar situation. On the other hand, I'm confident we'll be prepared and I like our chances. I'm looking forward to disappointing Vermont one more time.
  17. UA has disappointed Vermont before on their court. One more time. Go Danes
  18. WatchESPN is the same as ESPN3, right? For me, that's all I need . Sucks for those who don't have that though . Is that definite - the game will be available on ESPN3?
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