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  1. One and one is a great part of the game. Would that go away?
  2. I like what Travis Charles gives us. Nice touch from ten feet.
  3. Nope. Sounds good. Resolved by going out and getting back in.
  4. watching on ESPN3. Is anyone else hearing the game called by two different pairs - one is about 10 seconds behind the other?
  5. watching on ESPN3. Is anyone else hearing the game called by two different pairs - one is about 10 seconds behind the other?
  6. Fortunately, a lot of UVM shots have not fallen either.
  7. I have grown very comfortable with Travis Charles in the game
  8. Defense looks good every time we deny them 3ball opportunities. Threes appear to be most of the UMBC offensive game.
  9. That is very astute. I don't think CB recruits or would begin any season with the mindset - 'give them a year to learn and this team will be ready the following year.'
  10. Worst loss I've seen in a long time. SBU pressure was intense and how many times did we turn it over?
  11. LCC completes the America East portion of their schedule with disappointment.
  12. The phantom foul called on Nichols when the guy slipped on a wet floor - didn't help
  13. Maybe not a quality win, but surely a quality evening
  14. http://www.sienasaints.com/sports/m-baskbl/recaps/112716aaa.html I watched the post game news conference with J Patsos. Marquis Wright is sitting at the side of this blow hard and his body language is very telling.
  15. I look forward to seeing what Patsos will say. It can't be that we beat a weak Siena team. This is probably the best talent he's had.
  16. Thank you for the memory, OD71. I am also UA 71 alumni and remember it well.
  17. I love that the hostility is back in this game.
  18. The only way to get through it is to pretend this didn't happen. It was an organized scrimmage. UB plays an 11 game schedule and it begins at Nevada in two weeks. I like this one from the Buffalo board.
  19. Easy - still a ways to go before the championship game Eh, come on. Who in the bottom half of the conference can beat us? I know I know, march is full of surprises...but I'm only scared of UNH and SBU and we won't face either one till the end of the tournament. I like our chances. I agree, but be careful with that kind of talk.
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