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  1. Some excellent posts. Thanks. I've always said this is a community event. No problem playing in the TUC, but it should be either part of both season ticket packages or part of neither. I will be watching from home this year and champagne is on ice already. Fot the old-timers - remember the Albany - Siena game that ended in a brawl at Albany's gym? Probably around 1970. Albany led with about 1:30 to play and the refs called the game. Then of course, the 1977 game at Siena's ARC - the final meeting because Siena went big time. The T-U article is hanging in my office as I type - "State Gets Last Laugh at Siena". Albany won 62-49. Doc's finest moment. Best of Luck to the team and to us all.
  2. Not attending this year after 3 consecutive trips. Think the best idea on the board: win the Cup and refuse it. Coach Brown probably has too much class for that, but it would be so fitting. Please................win this game. All of the bs makes victory so much sweeter.
  3. First of all - I marvel at being able to watch these games in HD on my IPad. I was okay with the Bucknell announcer - he was certainly a homer, but entertaining. Seems to me Singletary has fallen very far from the Providence game. Unfortunately, that might have been an outlier. From what I see, both Baker and Sanders play with a lot of intensity and a skill level no worse than anyone else is consistently showing. I had hoped to see more contributions from Dallas Enema. When he's in the game he seems to disappear. I don't know the numbers, but is our free throw shooting significantly off from a year ago? Win Saturday night and it doesn't make everything better, but it sure makes it a lot less painful.
  4. I love being able to watch on my iPad on the America East feed. We've come a long way. Having said that, this beat down was virtually unwatchable. In addition to the other problems, why has our free throw shooting deteriorated?
  5. I'd like a 50/50 split in money. I'd also like a better seat. But watching their fans leave with bowed heads, with two minutes left- priceless.
  6. Off by one week - I will be in Las Vegas the entire week prior to the game on business. [Then celebrate my Medicare eligibility birthday that Sunday.]
  7. Beat whoever is on the schedule and let the rankings do what they do. Make easy work of Columbia at the BoFo tomorrow.
  8. For those out of the area who follow the game on our phones - lets get off to a good start tomorrow.
  9. You're great C-Clack, but you do have to recant more than most. Game(s) sets up badly for me. On business travel to St. Louis T-Th. was hoping we'd be sent there. My 3-game NCAA attendance streak will be broken. Having now seen what this team is capable of, it makes the regular season even that much more frustrating. I don't know what excuses might even be justifiable.
  10. Reading the Time-Union on line this morning I see nothing about Saturday's AE Championship Game. I do see something on Siena hoping for a post season bid. I expect their next post-season game to be in November.
  11. I'd also like the 20+ win season, but right now that isn't doable. For all the purple butts are in the SB seats on Saturday - make it loud.
  12. Flying to Albany for this game - priceless. I also think for the first time - Coach Brown is into the 'rivalry'. Its not just another game, for either team. The vitriol in the arena was palpable and I loved it. Its the hatred that makes it great and this one was great. I sat behind Doc and he agrees with me. I'm even mellowing on the inequities of playing on their court. Beating them there is sweeter. LCC was painfully mounted Friday night.
  13. I wish there was a way to actually have an actual miles logged 'log-off'. From reading this board, I am sure Bob87 has logged many miles in support of UA sports - maybe more than all others. It would be interesting to be able to compare total miles because I have not been sitting on my ass all these years myself. We are gold and purple warriors of the road. And Bob even has a personal advocate.
  14. Received my bi-weekly call from UA last night asking for donation. Usually don't answer. I chatted with a junior co-ed, a Westchester girl, which admittedly gave me somewhat of a chubby, but she was oblivious to the game this Friday night. How disappointing.
  15. Yes, there is and I have plane tickets to Albany! Notify the APD, Kingdane will be in the house and in a celebratory frame of mind.
  16. Wish I could be inside the BOFO for opening night. Waited a long time for the venue. Go Danes.
  17. I made a rare appearance in Albany last weekend. The BOFO looks fantastic!!
  18. I agree. I have criticized Coach Brown in the past ,but never will do so again. I went to the game because I don't get too many chances to watch UA live and this was the national stage. Never saw a group of young men with so much class in defeat. That Will Brown could assemble such a quality group of men from all over the world, have them give 100%, and then take a moment to acknowledge their fans was a tribute to his leadership. Thank you. Thank you.
  19. In Philadelphia with some other alumni. Is there a UA bar somewhere tonight?
  20. Are any alumni meeting in Phila Thursday night? Place?
  21. Last time around I couldn't attend so I didn't even try to get a ticket. I think it is all based on donations and support unfortunately as the email from the ticket office stated. Basically, unless you are a bigtime donor and/or season ticket holder, I don't think you are getting tickets through the school. Well - I got my ticket(s): Plane and Game. See you at there.
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