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  1. Any idea when they will release the schedule? Last year it was released in early June..
  2. Just a note if you type in http://www.bigpurplefans.com or just http://bigpurplefans.com You get nowhere.. you need the full: http://bigpurplefans.ipbhost.com to get it to work
  3. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/bestoftv/...shot.monday.cnn
  4. http://www.timesunion.com/AspStories/story...sdate=3/21/2008
  5. UMBC Plays Georgetown as a 15 Seed In Raleigh Siena Will Play Vanderbilt In Tampa as a 13 seed
  6. UMBC: 82 Hartford: 65 Final UMBC America East Champions Congrats UMBC! Enjoy the dance!
  7. Hartford Defeats Boston University 59-52 and will meet UMBC @ UMBC for the America East Championship Next Saturday...
  8. UMBC Beats Vermont 73-64 to make it to the America East Championship game and Stop Vermonts 5 consecutive Championship game Run. Congrats to them and Best of luck in the Championship Game! Here is hoping you get a chance to Dance!
  9. So based on: http://www.americaeast.com/ViewArticle.dbm...DB_OEM_ID=14000 This is how things look... #1 Seed: UMBC #2 Seed: Hartford #3 Seed: Albany #4 Seed: Vermont #5 Seed: Binghamton #6 Seed: Boston University #7 Seed: New Hampshire #8 Seed: Stony Brook #9 Seed: Maine UMBC will play the Winner of the Stony brook/ Maine play in game Hartford will play New Hampshire Albany Will Play Boston University And Vermont Will Play Binghamton If I set the bracket up right... Our Second round options will be either Vermont or Binghamton
  10. Good win tonight Can someone describe (in detail) what this fight was all about... who was involved/started it... and what happened? or maybe capture a youtube video?
  11. Mike Gordon had 32 pts according to the Box Score.... http://scores.espn.go.com/ncb/boxscore?gameId=280120399 24 of those points came from 3pt range... he was 8 for 11 from 3pt range... or 72%... Good Job to him...
  12. 80-64 UAlbany Final... Coach isnt pleased with the 2nd half because we gave up part of the lead (again) in the 2nd half... We were up over 20 at one point
  13. According to Ch 13 WNYT: Josh Martin Hurt his knee during practice and is out 3-4 weeks.... Story and Box Score http://www.ualbanysports.com/ViewArticle.d...;ATCLID=1364106 Vermont Story http://www.uvm.edu/athletics/mens_basketba...p;storyID=11569
  14. Anyone else getting the annoying double commercials on the audio webcast?
  15. Congratulations to Brent Wilson on his 1,000th Career Point
  16. This has hurt us in Conference play... and We're seeing it again tongiht.. kinda our Achilies heel... When the Team gets hot from 3.... GUARD THE 3 POINT SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. This former Coach of Brent and Brian is very Apathetic about the interview
  18. Stats http://www.cyclones.com/fls/10700/STATS/Li...DB_OEM_ID=10700
  19. I was surprised to see the Large Contingant of Boise fans there... One rather obnoxious one thaat somehow made it into the Student Section in the Endzone... Anyone else see/hear that dude?...
  20. I havent gotten the msg but at times It has taken forever to load this site...Bogs Firefox down quite a bit
  21. Will Brown is about to kill someone... After giving up a 10 point lead and the game...
  22. 11 turnovers.... 10 fouls.... in the first half alone :-/
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