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  1. Brown would probably take the UMass job. Fran wouldn't consider it. And UMass would not be paying his buyout either.
  2. Vandy was a good match-up for Siena no question. But they also were a better team then the Virginia team that drilled UAlbany last year. Vandy won 26 games, beat Tennessee, beat Kentucky by 41 points, and had the SEC player of the year in Shan Foster. I agree they were overseeded but they are still a top SEC team and better than almost every team Siena or Albany played this year. Great run for Siena - we just ran out of gas against a hot Nova team. Next year looks even better. Hope to see the Siena-Albany game continue again - it is great fun
  3. Cost of living is a factor too. 350-400K in Albany is equal to or close to 850-900K in a major city.
  4. I'm not dumb enough to think that Fran will be at Siena forever but it is going to take a really sweet offer to get him to go. I highly doubt he's going to leave Siena for a school like Providence. Now, if Indiana or Notre Dame comes calling he'll be gone and we'll wish him well. Notre Dame's Brey isn't going anyplace and I doubt Fran has the "profile" to get the Indiana job even if Siena makes the sweet 16. Siena is loaded for the next two years at least. The next place Fran goes will be the last I'm guessing with where's he is at in his career. He would NOT leave Siena for a 500K deal IMO. It's going to take 900K-1M to get him to go. Fran will be Siena's coach next year barring an elite 8 run
  5. Thanks guys. You are all class. My dream someday - Siena (12) vs. UAlbany (13) in the second round for the right to go to the Sweet 16 :-) Go Saints!!!
  6. Disrespect by the committee? Obviously! 3 of our teams got matched up against lowly maac teams. ( sorry for being redundant) Now the first 2 took care of business on the road. Time for UA to complete the sweep. The AE may be having a tough year, but even in a down year there is not much difference between the AE and the maac in Basketball. The difference between the MAAC and AE is at the top, IMHO. Our bottom teams both stinks equally. But the MAAC is clearly better at the top this year and most years (The Vermont teams of a couple of years ago could have won the MAAC, Albany probably be 3rd or 4th the last two years) Congrats on winning those games and I think Albany should bury Canisius tonight.
  7. "Chinese" Hasbrouck - what the hell does that mean - I don't even get it? Who cares Moore called it the Siena cup...it is. Has Albany ever beaten a "good" Siena team? The one win you have against us in the modern era was against a horrible Laneir team. Good luck...keep winning AEast games and help Siena's RPI out.
  8. MAAC 3-0 against the AEast yesterday. The MAAC is 20th in the RPI, AE 24th I believe. Siena in the MAAC title game should get over 13,000 this year at the TUC ;-)
  9. Good game guys. Albany is one tough team. A lesser team would have folded down 20 but the Danes made a hell of a run and almost shocked Siena. Good luck winning another America East crown!
  10. Better to talk in the open than hide. He's just laughing at $iena fans that are predicting a 25-point win. What Siena fan is predicting a 25-point win that was serious? I'm just hoping Siena can sneak by.
  11. Man, Will likes to talk doesn't he?
  12. By asses, of course, you mean their own fans coming to counter us. You know what's funny? Siena has always been accused on having arrogant fans and some certainly are. However I have never seen a bunch of hating, jealous, arrogant fans then some on this board. What penis envy when it comes to Siena.
  13. Patch, you have an awfully lot to say. Siena will do their talking on the court starting Saturday night about 7:15pm - actually starting at 5pm with the women.
  14. I see resort to personal attack when you're being owned. NJIT,NJIT,NJIT - that's all Albany fans throw out to get Siena fans up in arms about schedule? Siena screwed up bigtime scheduling NJIT - you won't see it again. Here's a question what quality OOC team has UAlbany ever beaten? A horrible Utah team last year? I'll say you had two decent wins OOC last year in Bucknell and Cornell (Cornell had a winning record last year and will win the Ivy and 20 games this year)
  15. You ask a question and then immediately answer it yourself? Bold move. If you need to rely on your starters for almost all of your production, you may very well REMAIN in the basement of the MAAC. Like I said, you may want to hope for ANY complimenting from your Newbies. You are totally clueless. How about Albany's freshman last year...Mike Yocum..not with the team. Reid Anderson 0.8 PPG..The great recruit Brent Gifford 1.5 PPG, 1.7 RPG I could go on. You make it too easy dude... Look forward to Siena beating UAlbany - again on Saturday. :-)
  16. Siena has beaten Stanford and lost to Syracuse (by 8) and a top team in the Ivy, not to mention a decent CAA team on the road. Who has Albany beaten? Lehigh? Columbia? Central Conn St? Sacred Heart? And lost to the one decent team they played in Bucknell. Albany had it won several times? Maybe but the scoreboard said Siena 76 Albany 75 - that's ALL the matters.
  17. Jackson will be a stud.... Rossiter is going to be a solid player..... Priestly will be a contributor once he gets more familiar.... There's alot of hopes, prayers, and predictions there. For Siena's sake, they better do more complimenting than they have been doing. Want to compare sophomore classes? I didn't think so. How can you possibly compare freshman five games into a season?
  18. Jackson will be a stud. He has been out with an ankle injury but could make his debut Saturday against the Danes. De la Rosa played very well in the Stanford game spelling Ronald Moore. Rossiter is going to be a solid player once he gets stronger. Priestly will be a contributor once he gets more familiar with D1 ball. Last year we had to throw our freshman into the fire, this year we don't. When you start talented players such as Moore, Kenny Hasbrouck, Edwin Ubiles and Alex Franklin and bring seasoned vets such as Josh Duell and Tay Fisher off the bench you are only relying on the freshman to be complimentary players. Albany’s freshman certainly looked like solid players as well.
  19. Of course the LCC folks are clouded: "The Dark Side clouds everything." -Master Yoda. Calling Siena "LCC" is getting pretty old. Instead of just throwing mud, why don't we actually talk about the game? PG - Ronald Moore vs. Brian Lillis SG- Kenny Hasbrouck vs. Jerel Hastings SF- Edwin Ubiles vs. Brian Connelly PF- Alex Franklin vs. Brent Wilson C- Corey Magee vs. Jimmie Covington
  20. Saints and Danes ready to tip it off again this Saturday night at the Times Union Center. Despite Albany's success over the past two seasons, I still feel all of the pressure of this game is on Siena's backs. Siena is coming off a tough loss at Ivy league favorite Cornell. We've beat Stanford at home and Fairleigh Dickinson at Syracuse and lost at Syracuse by 8, James Madison, and Cornell of course. I think Albany fans will admit that Siena is their toughest test to date though at Bucknell certaintly wasn't an easy game. This game won't be easy but I think the Saints match-up well against the Danes. The Danes appear to be bigger, while Siena is quicker. Siena can score points with the best of 'em but their defense has struggled all year long and they struggle rebounding the basketball at times. Anyways it should be an excellent game. I think it will draw 13,000 for the first time since the game restarted in 2001. What do you think of the match-ups, game, etc?
  21. How can Will Brown say this is his most talented team? Albany graduated it's two players last year in Jamar and Siggers. Jamar was the best player in the history of UAlbany's program and one of the best to ever play in the Capital District. Siggers was a really good, athletic player. And Albany doesn't beat Vermont without the defense Carl Ross played on Mike Trombli in the AE Championship game. Albany might be good this year but to say they were more talented than last year... unless the freshmen are Carmelo Anthony clones, I doubt it.
  22. I believe the men's Siena-UA game on Saturday Dec. 1st will be the second game on a DH with the first being the Siena-UA women's game. I would imagine the first game starting at 5pm, with the second at around 7:20pm or so. I'm 99.9% sure the game will be at night.
  23. Good for UAlbany..I have to admit I didn't think they'd make CHN's top 144 especially after they got by 130 but this shows how much respect they've earned from the last two years. Albany has some solid role players but what will keep them from "three-peating" is the lack of a go to player. Losing Wilson, Siggers, and Ross will hurt (Ross was the key to that win against Vermont IMO) I think Vermont will win the league but Albany won't be too far behind...and should finish probably 2nd..let's face it the league isn't very strong. As far as Siena goes..I think they'll be between 85 to 95 in the CHN ranking. Marist was 135 and ranked third in the MAAC, Siena and Loyola are likely to be the two higher ranked MAAC teams. Anything can happen on December 1st and in rivalry game who knows..Albany was supposed to beat us badly two years again and it didn't happen...I do like Siena chances if we play the way we envision the team to play. Should be a fun game again...the last two years were two of the best college basketball games I've seen in a long team (I'll admit it helps when your team pulls it out though) Plenty of time to talk and now to Saturday night Dec. 1st. (I've heard the game will be at 7:30pm second part of a men's-women's DH but it is not confirmed or official) Anyway enjoy the summer, less than two weeks to Saratoga!
  24. Soup calling St. Bonnie "high mid-major" is all you need to know about the guy. Butler, So. IIIinois, Creighton are HIGH MID-MAJOR. SBU is bordering on low-major. McCaffery is making around 250K.
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