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  1. Soup is nothing but a Siena hating troll. Believe nothing that he says. He is full of crap and knows nothing about Siena basketball.
  2. If Albany is serious about keeping coach Brown than it should do what Siena did with coach McCaffery last year. Make a contract offer that essentially is "BCS or bust". Committing a decent amount of money to your coach (like Siena did with Fran) pretty much ensures that only a BCS team (BEast, ACC, SEC, B10, P10, B12) could "poach" your coach away. No A10 or CAA or anyother mid-major team like a St. Bonnie. Siena did that to ward off a school like Penn coming after McCaffery. Brown said he wants to win a national championship. Well that ain't happening at St. Bonnie, I'll tell you that. This is about paying market value. Time for Albany to step up to the plate and give Brown a raise up to the 250K range which is about what Fran McCaffery makes.
  3. Be honest about what? That the UA chat is from the Mets fans' Jose chant. BTW - Yankees over Mets this year.. ;-)
  4. May I ask a question here for the Danes fans? Honestly, is the UA-UA-UA chant copied from the Mets fan chat of Jose, Jose, Jose for Jose Reyes? Let's be honest here.
  5. I like VCU and Winthrop both to get to the sweet 16 and Nevada too, so the mid-majors will be representing!! Sorry for Albany's loss to Virginia but you still had an excellent year. I envy Albany for getting to two straight NCAA tournaments and hope my Saints can do the same over the next two years. Both programs are in fine shape..I expect Siena to contend for a MAAC title next year. Can Albany win another AE title? Vermont is the main road block. I still don't know how you replace a guy like Jamar in one year and not miss a beat. How about this wild dream someday...Siena and Albany are both in the same "mini-bracket", one gets a 12 seed the other a 13 and they both win setting up a match-up in the second round of the NCAA tournament for the right to go to the Sweet 16!! Dare to dream..man would this town go nuts or what?
  6. I have to admit, I've acted a little bitter and selfish. It was a bitter pill to swallow losing to Niagara when Siena had a great shot at getting to the NCAAs. We were right there. Then we have to see our arch rival dance again while we sit home again. The future is very for both teams but it sucks to sit home and watch your rival dance. Good luck against Virginia... If it means Siena dances next year, UAlbany can have the stinkin' Albany cup!
  7. Congrats on winning another America East championship and getting back to the NCAAs! It's not easy to post this with Siena coming so close and having watch Albany dance again with Siena sitting at home so close. Enjoy it..it's a great feeling as a fan of a mid-major. I'll gladly give back the Siena win the last two years for two NCAA tournaments!
  8. I totally agree. This game between Siena and Albany must be played once every year. Not twice, but once. And at the Pepsi. I would agree Siena should split the money up and ticket allotment up more evenly - Albany's earned it. But the game has to stay at the Pepsi. If they want Siena to wear their Green road uniforms every other year and the UA PA guy do the introductions fine. As a Siena season ticket holder, I wouldn't mind sitting some place else. I'd get an extra home game as the game wouldn't count towards Siena's 14 home games. Anyways Saturday was fun and last year was too - good luck in the AEast - you guys are the favorites for sure. It would be wild for both to make the NCAAs the same year, Siena has to get through Marist and the MAAC though.
  9. Nice game guys. Albany was tremendous. When the series first started, I didn't get excited because Siena was clearly ahead. Not anymore. The programs are on the same level. The Danes are for real. This game is going to be a fixture for years and years to come! Jamar is awesome. Great game.. Good luck winning another AEast title and getting to the NCAAs.
  10. You guys talk a lot. Albany is a solid program and I respect your team, school, and coach very much. You're fans however are worried about Siena's every move.
  11. obsessed - To preoccupy the mind of excessively - See UAlbany fans towards Siena. This is why I compared Siena-UA to Yankees-Mets but Yankees-Red Sox probably makes more sense. One team's fans is always harping on the other team. Look forward to a good game on Saturday. I hope Siena wins obviously but I realize it will be a tough game. If we contain Jamar, we've got a good shot. If you contain Haddix, you've got a good shot. The game will come down to Haddix/Hasbrouck vs. Jamar/Siggers/Wilson IMO.
  12. Tickets will go on sale at the Pepsi Arena box office next Wednesday, Nov. 15
  13. Yes, scoring isn't everything. I posted both players entire stat lines. Yes, Brent Wilson is Albany's second option, while Ryan is only Siena's fourth or fifth but I think that might speak to the depth at Siena over Albany more than anything else. And yes, Brent Wilson will probably make an All-AEast team (1st or 2nd) but the AEast is a lot less competitive than the MAAC in terms of good players. I'm really trying to be objective and not bombastic Siena fan, it's just the way I see it. But enough talk...opening night in one week from tomorrow for both the Danes and the Saints!!!
  14. The numbers also said I should be a pro ball player because I was an All-State NY and Honorable Mention High School All-American Baseball player with my career .525 average on the 16th Ranked Squad in the Nation. I ended up an Albany...and am now an attorney. Oh...and I sucked in my one summer of pro-ball....SUCKED LIKE YOU COULDNT IMAGINE!!!! Numbers often dont speak the whole truth, rather they tell the story the reader would like to hear. 17236[/snapback] Brent Wilson is a solid player, I'm not saying he isn't. What makes him better than David Ryan? I'm waiting to hear. I didn't say Ryan was better, I said it was a wash. Other than numbers, what do you want to look at? Because Ryan didn't score against Albany last year and Wilson did? Ryan was in foul trouble that whole game. Ryan is an underrated player. Excluding the freshman how I'd rank Siena/UAlbany players... 1. Jamar Wilson 2. Mike Haddix 3. Kenny Hasbrouck 4. David Ryan/Brent Wilson 5. Tay Fisher 6. Brian Lillis
  15. Ahhh...the fool you are. Brown, Harvard, and Cornell all should be in the top half of the IVY League. NJIT...should be playing UNION and R.P.I. And, a terrible St. Bonnie team is infinitely better than NJIT. Utah Valley State is A) on our swing trip out west, and a give back game for the visit to us last year. We didnt schedule them TWICE in the season for a home and home. YOU....are an utter fool! As for numbers...you dont base performance and who can start based on numbers....jesus. Wilson is a go-to guy...not a role player. As quackman astutely pointed out, The Wilson's, Hasbrouk, and Haddix would start on ANY combo of these teams. 17233[/snapback] The numbers say Ryan is as good a player that Brent Wilson is.
  16. Yes, Siena playing NJIT twice and Dartmouth are bad but Albany is playing heavy weight such as Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Utah Valley St, and St. Bonnie (A-10 but they stink) this season Brent Wilson vs. David Ryan is a wash... Their numbers from last season: Wilson Games: 32, 10.4 PPG, 4.3 RPG, 1.5 APG, 42.6% FG, 36.1% 3FG, 71.4% FT, 30.4 Minutes Ryan Games: 27, 9.8 PPG, 3.7 RPG, 1.4 APG, 47% FG, 48% 3FG, 84.3% FT, 29.4 Minutes It's a toss-up between the two as the numbers point out looking at it objectivly, Wilson with slight edges in some catagories, Ryan with slight edges in the others. Both are solid role players but Albany needs more out of Wilson than Siena needs out of Ryan this year to contend.
  17. Brent Wilson over David Ryan is one right off the bat. I'd take Lillis over Hasbrook on the Danes team, because he fills the need a bit better I think..but I'd understand why the Aints would pick Kenny. Just a matter of who compliments the strengths and weaknesses of their team at the point spot. If Siggers (I'm assuming he'll start at the 3) continues the play he did in the second half of this past season, I'd pick him over Ubiles at this point..mainly because he's just a frosh and hasn't proven anything yet. If Ubiles comes through like some are predicting/hoping, that could obviously change. 17223[/snapback] Lillis over Kenny? Pass the kool-aid... :-) I'd say Brent Wilson and Ryan are a wash... Ubiles is talented but unproven yes but what has Siggers done? And of course, Haddix at center..
  18. I haven't heard anything yet about UAlbany's schedule in 2007-08. And I certainly haven't come across any news at all about a UAlbany-Siena game next season, presumably to be played early, that is, in the fall of 2007. From what I know, the current contract between UAlbany and Siena ends this year. I'm not aware of any automatic extensions. From which source did you receive your info regarding future games beyond the season about to begin? 17219[/snapback] I assume the series will continue, even if the contract ends after this year. Both ADs have said they want the series between Albany and Siena to continue will both programs growing strong. Seriously, I want to hear, other than Jamar who on Albany starts on Siena?
  19. Nobody was happy with the scheduling of NJIT twice. However it should be pointed out that Siena is playing at Stanford, at Maryland, at Holy Cross, and at Buffalo. They are hosting Albany, Hofstra, and very possibly a highly rated foe in the Bracketbuster series. Not to mention next year, they host Stanford, St. Joe's, Albany, and Holy Cross. Lets talk about the Siena-Albany teams, other than Jamar who on Albany would start for Siena? :-)
  20. MTS, That is a no go. For one thing one of the games advertised as a weekend game is in fact a game on Monday 1/15 at 5PM so I will just be getting off work. In addition we have a home game vs Stony Brook that night at 7 so I will be drinking the 3 pre game Heinekens during your game. Then there is the Bracketbuster game in your package. I would rather travel anywhere up to about 700 miles on the road to see Albany play than travel the 15 miles to see Loundonville. Lastly, as others have pointed out when I buy tickets at Albany for Siena games we think the road team gets to keep the money. Why would I want to give Siena $60 for 4 games when I just can buy the game I really want though the Albany Alumni Association. I still may root against you against Marist on 1/19 because Albany is off, but that is the same night as the Clarkson - RPI game so we will see. And besides the Marist game to see you lose to a Siena Alum yet again the only game on your schedule that has any appeal to me is the Hofstra game. I last saw Hofstra in the NCAA's as the America East champion in Buffalo the same day Bobby Knight coached his last game for Indiana and I am curious to see how they are now in person. 16978[/snapback] The game on Monday January 15th at 5pm against Marist is on Martin Luther King Jr. day which most people have off. The game will also be broadcasted on MSG Network.
  21. That deal covers parking as well and you get a "rally" towel. Parking is $5. So that makes each ticket $10 (adult) so if is without question a bargin to buy the package--if you're a Siena fan. I think I might buy it myself. A single ticket is probably $15-$18 for the Albany game along it is usually on the "higher" price list. Hey you Albany fans should buy the deal and you can root against us in the other three games :-) Why do you guys hate the TU so much, btw? It is plenty fair to UAlbany, great NCAA coverage for the Danes last year.
  22. The Siena-Albany game will be on Sat. Dec. 2 at 7pm at the Pepsi Arena.
  23. That's your opinion. How many Siena games did you watch last year? Three or four. After watching all 28, I realized how good Kenny Hasbrouck is. Kojo was good but Hasbrouck did it all score, dish, play defense, shoot, drive. He's a more complete player. I wouldn't worry about Haddix he's in awesome shape I've been told.
  24. Siena's two best players are still on the roster: Kenny Hasbrouck and Mike Haddix.
  25. You guys know your team better obviously but if I had to guess based on numbers, I would think UAlbany starting line-up would be something like this come November. PG- Jamar Wilson SG- Jon Itai SF- Brian Lillis PF- Brent Wilson C- Jimmie Covington or Brett Gifford Not a bad line-up at all. Losing Jordan, Levine, and Zollner does hurt though. Those guys weren't stars but solid starters. Siena's line-up with Kojo leaving probably will look something like this PG- Kenny Hasbrouck SG- Tay Fisher SF- Edwin Ubiles- Freshman SF- David Ryan C- Michael Haddix The game looks pretty even come Dec. 2 at the Pepsi at 1pm. I think the Saints have a slight edge but then again I'm a Siena fan! ;-) Any thoughts on Albany's starters and your expectations for Albany next year? Back to postseason for the Danes?
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