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  1. Bob, I am not comparing Siena's success to the Yankee's success or Albany's to the Mets' success but on a MUCH MUCH lesser level of Siena/Yankees accomplishments over the level of the Mets/Albany accomplishments. To be fair Siena/Yankees should have more success. They've been around longer for one (Siena to UA in D1) and lets face it Siena/Yankees have more advantages Yankees in payroll, Siena in arena/media/tradition. Albany is closing the gap in the advantages though with their recent success. And they have football which Siena doesn't which is obviously a huge boost. I wish Albany well I really do. It's going to be fun to have two really good teams that both should contend for their league titles and postseasons tournaments for years to come. This town can have two successful D1 teams, no question about it.
  2. I never said Siena was going to win 22 games, just throwing out a random number. There is reason to believe that we'll me a much better team. Bring in Haddix, Hasbrouck getting better and of course Kojo with a solid recruiting class to provide key depth. Obviously with Kojo's departure Siena takes a major hit but I still believe they can finish top three in the MAAC and win more games than last year's 15 say 17 or 18, maybe more if things break right and our new frosh PG Ronald Moore (highly touted) and learn quickly. Knicksaint is money on his info, so I don't doubt it. Is he a Siena fan? Yes, but the guy doesn't BS and speaks the truth he is a credible person connected to the Siena family believe me. Looks like beating Albany isn't a lay-up anymore, I was looking for Kojo to drop another triple-double on the Danes. Perhaps Kenny Hasbrouck will have the honor this year :-) And, BTW, the Yankees-Siena, Mets-Albany comparisons is more about the team with the more storied history as having the edge over the town. Doesn't mean it won't be Albany's town from time to time like the Mets owned New York in the 80's but in the end it will always have a Siena edge to it like New York with the Yanks. Good night all ;-)
  3. Stanford made something like 15 NCAA tournaments up until next year and I believe they're projected to be a top PAC-10 team next year. Maryland is very good, they'll most like be back in the tournament this year as well. I'd rather Siena face Maryland and Stanford then say Duke and UCLA. This will give the Saints a chance to be competitive while dramatically boosting their RPI. Manhattan won at Maryland, so anything is possible. The Stanford game is Nov. 10 so maybe we can catch them early in the year. It is ironic that Siena is playing two of the NCAA tournament teams they've faced in the tournament before this upcoming year and Albany is playing UConn after facing them in the NCAAs.
  4. I'm at Sage College of Albany now. I'm doing very well. Siena is the Yankees and Albany is the Mets. Nothing wrong with that. Hey, the Mets are having a nice year as we speak.
  5. You guys have hammered Siena's OOC schedule up it is turning into a pretty good schedule. Home: Albany, Hofstra, Bracketbuster, NJIT Away: Maryland, Stanford, Holy Cross, Dartmouth, NJIT One more home and away game to schedule. Now I'm not in love with playing Dartmouth and NJIT twice but when you play the likes of Maryland, Stanford, Hofstra, and Albany (chuckle) you need a breather. The Stanford game is part of a home-home series. Let me ask this could Albany get a home and home with Stanford? I think we know the answer to this question. Siena will also host St. Joe's next year. The Crown Jewel is alive and well thank you.
  6. The only thing Haddix will be eating is Albany for lunch. When Big Mike goes for 20 and 10 we'll see who's making fat jokes.
  7. Tony likes to bust my chops. I can probably get on his nerves at times. Albany will have a good team next year but I would give a "slight" edge. Siena will have Haddix back along with very very good players in Kojo Mensah and Kenny Hasbrouck. Not to mention solid role players like Dave Ryan and Tay Fisher. The recruiting class will be VERY good. Of course, nobody gave Siena a shot to win last year and they did so obviously anything can happen. If Siena is dumb enough to look past Albany (I seriously doubt Fran McCaffery would allow it) they could easily lose to Albany. Siena and Albany both should be pretty good next year. Both have legit shots at postseason play.
  8. Wyland is full of crap. He has no insights on Siena. He should just stick to covering the Danes which he does a fine job at. Fran McCaffery, like coach Brown, signed a long term deal and will be at Siena for a while. Now if he does well sure BCS schools will come calling it is the nature of the beast. He was never going to Penn. Of course, the rumors did, most likely, earn him an even better deal. Congrats to coach Brown on his deal as well. Siena and Albany both have solid coaches and solid teams and next year's game should be awesome at the Pepsi!
  9. Albany coach Will Brown will be on with Mike and the Maddog sometime after 2pm. On WROW 590, WFAN 660, and the YES Network.
  10. Yes, I join Tony, and say congrats from this Siena fan. Albany was great today and the game wasn't nearly as close as the score was. Jamar Wilson was by far the best player on the court and wasn't even close. Enjoy the NCAA tournament. Seeing my Saints go there in 1999 and 2002 I can tell you it is an awesome feeling! Good luck...hope you guys get a 15 seed and give a major team a game!
  11. Good game Danes. You guys are very good. Most teams get blown out after being down by 15 at the half. Lucious and Wilson are terrific players for UA. I think Albany gets on a roll and will still win their 16-17-18 games. If not NCAA, NIT is very likely as well if they can right the ship quickly. Siena was lucky to pull it out in OT after a great Albany comeback. Siena-UA is something that is going to be fun for many years to come. I should admit that when Siena won in the past (before last year) I thought a win over UA was just a ho-hum things. Not anymore. Not after last year and not after Albany's strong showing and Siena being in a tough spot. I really think this win will be one of the best all years for the Saints. Hope Siena and UA have many wins this year! Again, good game guys.
  12. You make valid points and Albany is certainly a threat to Siena's hold on the area if we don't continue as a solid program. Lets be honest though the only sports than mean anything are basketball and football. And Albany is only 1-AA in football. If you move to 1-A then you've got an advantage. Sorry but the general public doesn't care about volleyball or tennis.
  13. KingDane and DaneMan, you guys are nuts...LOL Remember Albany is Siena's town. Just like New York is a Yankee town, the Mets are always going to be second. Heck, Chicago is a Cubs town but look who just won the world series. So Albany will certainly have their moments (Mets owned NY in the 80's) BUT overall Siena will always be the kings of the capital district. Unless you get to the sweet 16 first ;-) Here's to a good game on Saturday...pressure's all on you guys to kick our butts!
  14. You guys are funny. I respect UAlbany a lot and really respect Will Brown and what he's done with your program. Siena was down last year but we are quickly heading back to the top of the mountain. Saturday should be a very good game. Albany has all of the pressure on them, as very few expect Siena to win. I'll say this if Albany thinks this is an easy win then they're in for a rude awakening. I don't think Will Brown will allow that though. Good luck this season except for Saturday of course!
  15. Good luck tonight guys from a $iena fan, as you like to say. I think the Danes have a real chance at winning this game if they shoot like they did yesterday. Danes win means national TV against another major at MSG with D*icky V in the house. I don't think D*icky V has ever done a Siena game. Well...good luck, oh and you're going down on December 3rd ;-)
  16. First off Siena isn't going to get blown out by Albany. You might beat us but we'll put up a MUCH better fight than we did with Rob Lanier. Fran McCaffrey will have Siena much better ball. Albany is going to be very good next year, probably much better than Siena. Siena can beat Albany if things break right. Don't chalk it up as an automatic win just yet.
  17. This from a Siena fan. Good luck guys, hope you can win the tournament. Without question you guys should be the favorites in the AEast next year. Remember, Siena will be ready for revenge with the new coach! ;-)
  18. Why do some of you guys refer to Siena as $iena?? What we like to spend money? We're a rich school? I am sitting in section 114...row L Should be a good game...I think the Saints win a close one but Albany has a shot at an upset for sure. May the best team win... Go Saints!!!
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