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  1. Hartford played better in the second half, just too big of a lead. UMBC will need a shooting performance like that to have any chance at keeping it close with Memphis, UCLA, UNC, or Kansas. And Great Danes 06, that's an awesome signature man!
  2. They have a lot of talent. Will be interesting to see how they do in the tournament.
  3. Hartford will upset! Zeglinski is going to go nuts on them.
  4. I'm rooting for Hartford since my sister goes there, and is apart of the Womens Tennis program.
  5. You could really see we missed a Jamar or Jason Siggers towards the end. A guy who can just take the ball to the hoop strongly, and finish. Just an absloute stud type of player who is going to capitalize every time he goes to the hole. You don't get that feeling out of Lillis. He's a great player, but offensively, not Jamar. That's really what this team lacked, otherwise I thought we were very talented. Just some disappointing bounces and stuff. We had our moments the past two seasons. Next year will be ours to get back on top.
  6. Yeah. Lets go UA. We got this $iena if we play well.
  7. Yeah, I watched it since my sister goes there. Good win for Hartford. I think it'll be a great matchup for us next round, but it will be a tough one.
  8. Where do you get the RealPlayer so I can download it and watch?? Edit. Im such an idiot. sorry. lol. i found it.
  9. Yeah, I know. Just the semi-final is on A.E., and finals but you could just watch the finals on ESPN. But yeah, I was disappointed to learn that as well.
  10. Despite having three seniors, we were pretty young. For having to replace Siggers and Jamar, this is a pretty dang good year in my opinion. I think we can win this A.E. tournament for sure. It'll be interesting to see what happens.
  11. You better be loud for those of us who won't be in attendance.
  12. LOL. That's so cheap if those count with made up email accounts.
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