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  1. If we were to win the AE tournament, then if he had like 15 or so in the NCAA game he'd get it.
  2. Actually, yeah, I saw the Vermont game on there, I don't think I saw any else on that channel though. Probably missed it. That's why I haven't been following Albany as much. I knew Jamar personally which is why I was such a big fan last season, and I wanted to keep up on the team again but it's a lot of work for me since I live so far.
  3. That's why I've seen none but four Albany games this season. It's tough to be a fan out here in New Jersey. You don't get anything.
  4. haha. UVM plays some of the funniest games I've ever seen. The other night vs. UA did you guys see how many times Trimboli hit the deck in hope for a charge to be called? I remember one play Wilson, or one of our bigs, set a screen in the backcourt for Iati. Trimboli ran RIGHT INTO HIM, but BARELY made contact, yet he falls to the ground like he's dead. And then when Trimboli hurt his ankle. He's rolling around on the ground once again, yet just pops back up and is fine. Out of all the UVM player, I can't stand Trimboli.
  5. Only the 5th game I've seen all year, I was extremely impressed with the way our guys played up at Vermont. Tim Ambrose, impressed me once again. In the five games I've seen so far, I have not seen a defensive stopper from him by any means, but I think there's too much griping about his defense. It didn't look THAT bad to me. And he was playing a pretty good guard in Kyle Cipelicki. Ambrose is a tremendous talent and once he gets more experience and matures, he's going to be one helluva player.
  6. Yeah. There is a lot of hope after seeing how they played last night. I disagree about EVERY game being THAT important in this conference. It's a 1 bid team conference, so it's going to be whoever wins the A.E. tournament, the regular season virtually means nothing as long as you can hang around the top like the Hartford's and Albany's are doing at the moment.
  7. I just read all of it. Sounds like a good plan! Hopefully we can pull out a win versus UMBC!!
  8. Extremely unlikely. But, impossible is nothing!
  9. I MAY go to this game. My sister goes to Hartford so I'm going to see if I can get up there!
  10. Good to hear the win. Didn't listen or watch the game, but hearing the recap and the box score, looks like a quality win. I think we are finally starting to settle in here!
  11. After reading the summary of the game, I am SO disappointed I didn't get to see it. Was busy watching my Giants smash Tampa.
  12. My thoughts exactly. I wanted to know the reeason and we got the answer. Very happy about that.
  13. Well if he's not playing hard that's a different story. I don't see practice so I don't know. Most of the time you just have to assume that a player is trying his hardest all around (practice, off the court, and during games on both ends), but apparently not.
  14. We just lost to NH for godsake, we don't have anything in the bag.
  15. I think Will Brown is an excellent coach. I just disagree with you that you think Ambrose shouldn't play more minutes, thats all. It was more the fact the way you stated your opinion that bothered me rather then your actual insight. To be honest, I think you know your stuff and I'm not even arguing what your saying because it's legitimate. What I'm arguing is that you are always like "With your coaching experience, etc etc." And don't give me you don't know what I mean. You are always making a comment about me being in high school, therefore you must make the sterotypical comment that I don't know enough about basketball to state my opinion? Disagree with my opinion, but don't disagree, and make a comment about me being in high school. /rant. Lets go Danes.
  16. He's the only guy I've lost total respect for. He's ALWAYS calling ME out, specifically. That bothers the hell out of me. And every time he disagrees, he sends out a cheapass comment about me being in High School.
  17. I agree. We need to push the ball more. The offensive sets in the 3-4 games I've seen don't do all that much.
  18. Everytime I read your shit you ALWAYS agree with Will Brown. "Well, you guys aren't the coach, how could you disagree?!" It's like this is a communist society and I can't share my thoughts. You piss me off beyond believe on this site. You think because your older then me you know SOO much more about the game of basketball. People like that just bother the Bing out of me. We can all share an opinion. Just because we don't agree with Will Brown who got us to two NCAA tourny's doesn't mean we know nothing.
  19. In your astute coaching experience? Learning your sets is not done during games. It is done in practice and it is done back in your dorm room by studying your sets. This isn't high school-- And believe me, at my high school, if you didnt know your sets...you didnt play. It is what it is this year. The team is underperforming and they will or will not figure it out. It is pretty simple! Learning 60+ sets isn't that easy there buddy. This isn't the 20 plays we ran in high school. And no one on the team at my school even runs them efficently. Look, its not even the sets. It's just the fact he has talent and the guy needs to play. Rotting on the bench does nothing for him. Show me a guy who can replace him and succeed, and I'll agree sitting him more. But for now, there is no way you give him the hook. They should have played Carl Ross a lot more last season. Granted, it worked out in the end because he owned the guard from UVM, I think his name was Trimboli, but not positive.
  20. To bench Ambrose is the worst thing to do here. Keep playing him. They freshman and sophomores can only get better, right? They need the experience. From what I've read and learned, Ambrose has had a tough time offensively learning all the sets, he needs game minutes! Do NOT bench Ambrose, that'd be just a terrible move.
  21. Flame me all you want. This is just a terrible loss. I still think we will rebound, but this is a rough rough start. I really hope we can turn it around, and quite frankly I think we will...but damn, to New Hampshire? Man.
  22. Let me know how it's going. I can't watch it.
  23. I honestly do not think the players care what is said about them here. I really don't.
  24. Honestly, who reads this site? Highly doubt a player comes here.
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