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  1. Yeah, starters don't mean all that much. It's who finishes, lol. But yeah, we showed some flashes of a good team, I'm hoping things will begin to click...soon...real, soon.
  2. Yep, agreed. There have been some real ticy-tac fouls in this game too. We just need that one guy who can take over the game scoring guy. Without Siggers and J. Wilson, we lack that.
  3. We make a lot of our open shots, problem is, we don't seem to get that many open shots, at least tonight. The competition is better then usual though, so that's probably the reason.
  4. Finally working inside to outside. And we are getting open shots! I just do not know if we have enough this late......
  5. Get the ball to Covington. We did that one time and he made a nice move, and a pass to Ambrose for the score. Lets work inside to out. It'll open up the 3 ball. We've seen some terrible shots every time down the floor for the past 5 minutes since those two buckets. There is still enough time to comeback, get the ball to Turley and Covington and let them kick it back out to Iati, Wilson, Ambrose and Martin. Right now, the offensive sets that are being run have done nothing.
  6. Is anyone else noticing how much this team misses Jamar Wilson and Jason Siggers? This team can not score. I am we are in a huge drought right now, and there is no "go to" guy on the offensive end. We were playing pretty well but it's all unraveled. This Wesley Johnson guy is a great player, not really digging his attitiude. Seems like an $ienafan.
  7. You can tell Turley has very good talent. He will be good...eventually. He isn't there, yet, though. He turns the ball over and some bad fouls as well. But it'll come. I think he's pressing a little right now. Covington reminds me a little of Gifford in the sense does he ever score? I know he's a good post defender, but he seems like a guy we should try to get the ball to down low...
  8. I agree. Someone needs to guard Hubalik. We are giving them too many free throw attempts, and it seems like if Wilson and Lillis aren't in, the offense is non-existent. We need Martin, Ambrose, Hastings, Connelly or Turley to pick up some of the scoring. Overall, I think we have played ok. Always room for improvement. Why doesn't Reid Anderson ever move from the bench? I've always thought he could be a pretty good player.
  9. Albany is leading. Great game so far, fun to watch. I think these announcers (only been watching for a bit) are better then the regular Albany guys. Not sure yet though.
  10. no luck here. i think you have to subscribe to ISU's online tv.
  11. Yeah, I was like, what the heck, I thought the game was tomorrow? It should be a good one. This would be an excellent win for Albany.
  12. They did an amazing job with the University at Hartford arena. I was messing around with them because my sister goes there and is good friends with a bunch of guys on the team, and they did a great job with UH.
  13. Hey guys, just for any of you who want info on College Hoops 2k8, I'll give you some. *I'm talking about they play in the game, not in real life.* Here is my starting five: PG - Josh Martin - He's solid in the game. He's big, so he's nice to use on the press and on defense. He can score fairly well too, although I don't look for that from him. Solid overall. SG - Tim Ambrose - Pretty good in the game. He's very undersized, though. Against all the teams I've played so far, he usually gets shut down when driving to the hoop (blocked, or loses the ball) because he's only 5'10". His shot is pretty bad in the game, I can't seem to make a three with him. Overall, he's decent. Good on the fast break. SF - Brian Lillis - best player on the team hands down in the game. Fun to play with. Great defensively, good shot, can drive, etc. etc. PF - Brent Wilson - fun to play with in the game as well. He's good. His release is really weird on his jump shot, so it's hard to shoot with him. He's good at posting up and solid on defense. C - Brian Connelly - He's ok. He's got a decent jumper. Not as good defensively as I'd thought he'd be in the game though. Some bench standouts - Jon Iati - Eh, he's struggled in the games I've played. Doesn't hit the three as well as I had hoped. Al Turley - My favorite player on the roster in the game. The dude is sick. He can come in and post up on anyone. Just a bull. Great player to play with. Reid Anderson and Billy Allen - They both knock down the three very well. If you want to read about my Season in the game, read here. http://www.dynastymanager.com/dm360.cgi?u=Tyrone17&s=cbb Any questions let me know. I need to add a few things: SEFCU Arena was designed POORLY in the game. The arena is WAY to big, and it just doesn't look realistic. They should have done a better job. The Albany Uniforms are pathetic! They still have the old ones. The ugly Yellow home, and Black away. That bothered me a lot because this is the 2nd season albany has had new ones.
  14. I think he'll break it. It's going to take Iati a while to though.
  15. Yep, everyone have a good one. This time of year is always hectic, I hope everyone gets to sit down and enjoy some relaxing time with family!
  16. Wow. He is continuing getting better, damn!
  17. Sweet. I haven't talked to him in forever, haha. Anyone know how Siggers is doin?
  18. I agree. We should be able to win our conference. From what I've read and seen, this is one of the weaker years in the America East.
  19. Get a life. Why come to an Albany site and just cause trouble? Stay on your forums and keep drinking your $iena Kool Aid.
  20. There were some really old Albany's fan there. Watching it on "Dane Zone" I rarely saw anyone under the age of 40.
  21. Overall, I agree with your post exactly. But I point this section out specifically. People keep saying about he doesn't know the plays and stuff, it's so stupid. He will only get better with playing time and practice time. You have to put him out there so he is more in sync with guys out there during conference play.
  22. Well, it was a game we should have won, no body should be saying "well, boise st. is good, so..." because we had this one in our grasp!! It would've been that signature victory we've been searching for so far this season. Boise is a solid team, not great, solid, and we gave it back to them. I saw most of it, and Turley was very very impressive. I finally got a chance to really sit down and watch him, and he's better then I though. One Quick Question: Why wasn't Tim Ambrose playing towards the end? We needed offense, I was a little surprised by that.
  23. Hopefully this stupid video thing online will work. It's my only hope, hahaha!
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