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  1. Should be a great game. It'll be an awesome win if we could pull it out. I didn't know the game was tonight, I could've swore I read somewhere that it was at 2 ET. Damn. haha.
  2. So, he did lose weight? He lost 40 pounds since coming to Albany. I knew he still looked a little heavy, but not 285 lbs. Now he is 267, ok, it makes sense now that Dane was saying he wasn't out of shape.
  3. Yeah, I was meaning to talk to you about that. No I didn't. I am getting it for Christmas. I asked my parents for it, so, hopefully they got it. Is Ambrose and some of the young guys good in the game or not really? They are probably so underrated, haha. I can't wait to play it!! ugh!!!!! Thanks for the comment on the graphics.
  4. I am going to keep this topic for all the Albany basketball graphic art signatures I make. <This one was actually based off a picture I took at my first and only game. That is all I got saved. More to come in the future. FEEL FREE TO USE WHATEVER YOU WANT.
  5. I've been there a bunch of times. The best was against Vermont in the Conference Championship game two years ago. Oh, my bad. I thought you meant you never been there, haha.
  6. I've only been to the arena once. Jamar got me tickets right behind the Albany bench. It's a pretty nice place. You'll enjoy it. Arena is very small, but I went versus Vermont and it was pretty loud in there.
  7. This is potentially one of the better ones on the home slate, especially OOC. I agree. Hopefully that dane zone thing will work. seems like everytime i try to watch on there it doesnt work!!
  8. My Starting Five based on what I've seen (which has been very limited, only the Duke game and glimpses of others) Martin - PG Ambrose - SG Lillis - SF Connelly - PF Wilson - C Some goods/bads on my "what it should be" line up would be cool. I'm probably wrong but that's what I'd put on the floor.
  9. Yea, in the games I saw last season they had him bringing the ball up? I never understood that idea. I was told it was when they needed offense from Jamar, so, I guess that's why.
  10. Lillis, once against just as against Siena looked very uncomfortable. I'm torn about him! Lol. Yeah. I was never sold on his offense. He's a great defender though, especially in A.E. play.
  11. Well, yeah, against weaker opponents, and smaller sized teams the size and weight won't be an issue. He can just power his way in the paint. But when you play against better OOC opponents and in the NCAA tournament if we get there, he can't defend a good center who is 6'9" 240 lbs. He'll be at such an athletic disadvantage. Edit: I know nothing about basketball because I'm in high school. Real mature statement. Your opinion is fine, and is probably correct, as I have not seen much of him, like I said, I've seen about two games, this one and some glimpses of another early this season. But to say I'm wrong because I'm in high school, I hate that. You could at least treat me equally just like everyone else on this board and not discriminate against me because of my age.
  12. Lol. I've played basketball my whole life. Maybe it was my TV, because the picture wasn't good, (they didnt have a good camera there, idk why) but he didn't look in great shape to me. 6-7 285? That's a little bit heavy. That's big, but heavy. If he lost 20 lbs he'd be better.
  13. you don't chuck up 3's with under 3 minutes left up by 40, you simply run out the clock, run some plays, etc. I saw a couple plays where they would jack up 3's. Looked like they were trying to run up the score.
  14. Team looked pretty good, actually. It was only my second time watching them this year, the defensive wasn't impressive by any means, but it's Duke. One guy I wasn't impressed with much was Turley. It was my first time really watching him, and he looks out of shape and overweight. If he could lose some weight, he'd be way better IMO. Ambrose and Connelly are insane. Why doesn't Ambrose start? Martin was alright. Some of the younger guys look good, this team is solid. I think we can win the conference this season for sure.
  15. I'm sorry, I meant worst defensive. Total typo. I was watching the game while that was going on and Ambrose was hitting a jumper, lol, and I was thinking how much better our offense has been tonight because of him.
  16. Check out my Lillis Sig. I just made it. I will be making a Tim Ambrose one in the near future if anyone wants to use it.
  17. We are going for a record of worst offensive game ever. Looks like my offensive prediction will be very good. My prediction was 98-71 I believe. Duke has horrible sportsmanship IMO. They continue shooting and not running out the clock, chukcing up 3's.
  18. oh, my bad I guess. I hate Duke and do not watch them, so I just figured they'd put their younger guys in for experience if they were up by 40.
  19. Prediction: 98 - 71 Duke over UAlbany - I think we will get our fair share of points late when their 2nd team is in. I believe in miracles though. Ever since Rutgers/Louisville football game last season, yeah, I believe. *For those of you who don't know, I'm a big Rutgers football fan, have season tickets, and I live in NJ. Only reason I am a Albany fan is because my sister went there, played tennis there, and was friends with a couple guys on the team, so they were real cool to know.*
  20. Jon Iati is a baller. How's he doing this season? Lillis has always been one of my favorites. He's pretty good at bringing the ball up too.
  21. yea, I bought a couple songs. I think it's really good stuff.
  22. Well, he's gone on to Seattle now. He's doing good, I've been talking to him. http://cdbaby.com/cd/mikeknight he just came out with a new CD about 2-3 weeks ago. Check it out. You can buy individual songs of his on iTunes, search "MIKE KNIGHT VERSATILITY."
  23. Without Jamar and Jason Siggers, this team is young, and doesn't have the explosive playmaker it needs to win an America East championship. Lillis is a nice player when he has a GREAT player (Insert Jamar here) next to him. Not sold that Wilson is a dominant player, Iati is streaky as hell, and who else do we have that isn't really young? We have the "leadership" but not the "great" talent you would expect from the Jrs. and Srs. I actually think this team isn't going too be THAT great this year, and we will bounce back next season with a lot more talent coming in.
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