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  1. You can go to www.psxsports.com - I believe he is doing them again this year.
  2. Did you get all the rosters for it, or put them in yourself? I am probably going to get the game for christmas.
  3. I'm only about 25-30 minutes from Lehigh's campus..nice area. lol.
  4. When I tried to get the colubmia game to work, it never loaded. lol.
  5. Good Stuff! I didn't see any of it, by judging off what I read, team looks better then I expected (with the loss of Wilson/Siggers, I seriously didn't expect much, to be completely honest.)
  6. You can watch all the home games FREE..on Dane Zone. Go to the website and sign up! no way man. thanks a lot, ill check this out.
  7. Hey, haven't posted here in a while. I don't get much news about Albany around here (new jersey) so I figured I'd ask, how are we looking right now? I obviously can't go, or see any of the games, but I hope we are doing good this season...I saw we beat CCSU the other day. Anyway, quick recap of what I've missed so far this season (guess hasn't been much) would be great. thx, and letz go danes!
  8. its bull cuz i know jamar was better then a lot of those euro's that were selected. freakin bull
  9. Imagine if they knocked off Duke. It'd be freakin sweet!
  10. "Like Wilson, he needs work offensively." Must be a typo, no? Jamar's never really had a problem offensively?
  11. That was written a while ago. I've heard NOTHING about him getting drafted recently. No sites show him any respect. But... Renaldo Balkman and Mardy Collins, the guys the Knicks drafted last year, got no love from the media prior the draft, and look where they went. This talk is interesting, but it means nothing til draft night.
  12. That's not bad. Good job. It will only get better!
  13. I talked to Jamar the other day and he said he was in Cleveland doing a bunch of stuff for the NBA draft. He said it was going pretty good. I haven't talked to Jason in like 3 weeks though...
  14. I think it's B.S. Brown is just allowed to rellocate the scholarship. Ross was one of my favorites. I can't we didn't see the "behind the scenes" stuff, but he always hustled in the games, and was clearly our best defender. Despite Jamar being amazing versus Vermont last March, we don't win that game without Ross. Plain and Simple
  15. My sister is friends with Barksdale, he's pretty cool. I really hope he gets drafted.
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