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  1. In Knight's case, I have a feeling it was him and not the University's/teams side that didn't make it work. Knight has now transfered three times in three seasons? Damn!
  2. that's hot my dad told me they put my sisters records up finally gotta check this $iena out!
  3. Yeah, we could really use a guy like Jamar or Siggers who could get the basket. We need another pure scorer.
  4. Why are you guys acting like this? It's only an advantage to us.
  5. You must be a freshman. naw im only 15 years old lol..
  6. Why? Will Brown or... yeah... your choice.
  7. The difference between him and the other guys there is they are all trying to be Jordan, while Jamar is doing the dirty work and trying to show the scouts he can be an effective leader, and a good distributer at the PG position. They all know he can score.
  8. I'm friends with almost all players on Albany, except for Yocum, and a few others...hmm, it's pretty odd.
  9. lol, were you there? yeah-- I was. I went into the SEFCU during halftime of the Lacrosse game--Jamar was there working on his shot. u talk to him?
  10. G - Iati G - Lillis F - Wilson F - Connelly (could do a lot here, could easily put ross in here, or mike knight or something and go smaller) C - Gifford
  11. Will Brown.. If you ever read this.. your my hero.
  12. that's interesting. ill have to talk to jamar about this...see what its gonna be like.
  13. holy $iena... this doesnt sound good. well eric eaton and pat fillen seem like good coaches.
  14. Im surprised Kentucky hasnt showed interest in will...
  15. lmao...what a Binging dork that guy was!!!
  16. Send out tapes for sure. My dad was extremely active in getting both my sister's tennis scholarships. One of them went here, to Albany, the other is currently playing for Hartford... People expect them to go after you, you have to get them interested...
  17. honestly, why would the guy care? It's not like he's not going to tell us what he said anyway lol...anyway this is getting very interesting to see how this plays out.
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