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Why does that "siene fan" thing pop up before Crossett' name?-UA 66

Sorry about that UA66. It's the profanity blocker or whatever it's called on the board. It's set to substitute siena or sienafan for certain profane words. Richard Crossett is no problem but when you shorten it to sienafan you get a substitute. I can probably take that one off.


For the most part I agree with Patch although there are some more realistic people over on the $iena board as well. I think when the others pump up the MAAC, or more likely degrade the America East they forget than any team in either conferences is only as good as their current head coach. They can be in the top 100 (Manhattan w/ Gonzo, BU with Wolfe, hopefully Albany with Brown someday soon) or they one of the worst teams in the country. Like the mutal fund people say, "past performance is not indicitive of future results."


At this point in the season I'm much more concerned with New Hampshire and the rest of the conference schedule than the fear and loathing going on at $iena. We have some great home games coming up starting Sunday. JJB vs. Jamar Wilson-I can't wait.

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In Siena's defense, they have had a really tough schedule and some bad luck with injuries. If they had beaten Oregon State (a game they basically had won until the very last play) the season may have been very different.


Honestly Patch, UAlbany is having a good year thus far, but what BIG-Time wins does the program have? And despite what Roger Wyland says, the Villanova game was not really close. If and when you beat the likes of a BU or Vermont, then we can start talking about this year being a special one for the Danes.


As far as recruiting, Siena right now does get better talent out of highschool. Alot of Albany's success has been from the play of their transfers. Which reminds me, Siena has a committment from a 6'11 athletic JUCO player who is averaging nearly 28 ppg. Should make for an interesting front line with Haddix.

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Factually incorrect. The 'Nova game was close until the last 3 minutes or so. Go hek out the writeups....NON UA writeups.


Secondly, the conversation was about the entire program. What non-basketball big-time wins does Siena have? UA: beating Mizzou in baseball, ladies softball has numerous; lax...not even going to touch that one (along with our stellar woman's volleyball squad) ;Track and field, Men's soccer, etc.


Finally, UA is getting the same talent these days. Brent Wilson and Lillis are top-noth (Wilson would get huge minutes for the 'Aints). Jamar...are you kidding...starter for the Saints. Iati....would get big minutes. Dyson, scholly offers from Conference USA among others (whether he pans out is another question for another thread).


This years class: Connelly (tearing up New Jersey for a top team in a top conference). Covington (verballed) is a an absolute steal, similar to Haddix (6'6 man-child in the post).


The gap is closing rather quickly.

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And despite what Roger Wyland says, the Villanova game was not really close.- saints73


being down 4 with 4 minutes to go is fairly close.


If and when you beat the likes of a BU or Vermont, then we can start talking about this year being a special one for the Danes. - saint74


From your perspective you may be right but to UA fans this year is special because we beat Siena who play a very tough schedule (by 21). Of all the tough teams Siena played only Syracuse beat them by more - 1 point more.


Most Siena posters felt that the first UA victory in the series would be a long time coming. In fact Tommy Mitchell stated it would never happen while he was at Siena.


When you are coming off a 5 win season and never have had a full DI team. "Special" is doing successful things that you haven't in the past.


I think it's great that you guys got a 6'11" JUCO who is avg 28ppg. He sounds like a steal, but that's still a year away. The JC and Haddix could be awesome together which of the 2 is the passer?


Next year you may kick our butt then and only then will you have the bragging rights to the Capitol Region.


Right now UA has the superior team based on head to head play this year. You have the "PEPSI" and the season ticket holders we have the trophy.

Edited by Patch
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It sounds like saints73 is taking Siena's crappy season out on the board of the team that kicked their lousy butts instead of actually talking intelligently.


Saying we have to beat a BU or Vermont to be a special team? Well, we lost by only 3 points to the first mentioned team without one of our best shooters (and the reigning Conference Rookie of the Year and leader of the WHOLE nation in minutes played per game), and with 1 questionable at best and 1 BLOWN foul call knocking one of our starters out of the game. Easily could have been a win for us...nothing like a 21 point BLOW OUT when we ripped their weak at best Saint team.


Saying Siena is still doing better than us in recruiting out of HS is completely bogus. We pull a couple of the state of Iowa's best HS players for this year...and now we get a top Chicago HS player and the awesome kid our of PA I think it is?


Saying our best recruits are transfers? Maybe if you actually pay some attention to the team and look at the stats, you would see that is not at all the case. Sure, Lucious and Kirsten are transfers and Lucious has certainly been great for us, but Kirsten hasn't exactly been lighting up any stat board (yet :) ). Fact is Jamar Wilson, Brent Wilson, Levi Levine, Brian Lillis, etc have been doing wonders for us.


Also, in saying we aren't recruiting as well because we're mainly getting transfers, saints73 used evidence of Siena picking up (what a surprise) A TRANSFER. Great arguement there saints73.


Instead of rambling on about how envious you are of the Danes' season compared to the lowly Saints', why don't you go back to the Pepsi and spend your money to watch your dogs lose another 12 games.

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You're not very diplomatic Danesgodanes; so I guess that I will not be anymore.


Remember, you lost to WAGNER this year. That is probably as a bad a loss as a team can have.


BTW, the Siena women's volleyball team made the NCAA tournament in the mid-90's (played against G. Tech in the first round). Not just a one sport school.

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BTW, the Siena women's volleyball team made the NCAA tournament in the mid-90's (played against G. Tech in the first round).  Not just a one sport school.

Oooooh, impressive! To show you're not a one-sport school, you hang onto a championship in one of the worst conferences in the country, at a time when today's freshmen were entering the second grade; a team that lost to Albany by a combined 90-43 this year and looked like they were waiting for Fred MacMurray to show up with the sneakers with flubber on the bottom.


Pretty pathetic.

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Awww saints73, you should really think before you speak. Mentioning the Wagner game, your Saints got destroyed by 21 points against a team that lost to Wagner, that must eat you up inside just to even write about that game.


By the way, to add onto our Siena isn't anything more than a barely one sport school, how's your football team doing lately?

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About as good as your football team did this year. What a waste of money for your school!

BTW, I forgot to mention that not only did the Siena Womens Volleyball team win their conference that year, they beat Patriot League Champion Colgate in the preliminary round before losing a close match to Geogia Tech.

Hmmm, has the Albany women's team ever won a NCAA tournament round?



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The expression 'Siena sucks' did not come about by accident. As Indians they sucked and as Saint Barnyards they still do. It's not something you outgrow.


In Albany's few years of D1 competition we've begun to seriously erode Siena's grip on the area. Five years down the road as Siena falls further and further behind, and as it becomes more readily apparent that they not the lead dog, we can only expect them to increase their level of whining.


It will be fun.

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You must be kidding. Do you really think that UAlbany will become the premier basketball program in this area? Albany will always play second fiddle to Siena in basketball (the only sport that people really care about).


While I will agree that Albany has a superior overall atheletic program, the topic of this board is basketball and Siena clearly has the edge.

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Why root for a team called "Siena", when you can root for a team that represents your geography (Albany) and the capital of the New York State? That is why UAlbany will become more popular down the road. I totally respect Siena's tradition and postseason accomplishments. We will need to win two conference titles, a NCAA Tourney game or make a few NIT appearances before people in this area give us respect. However, one win over Siena moves us in the right direction. A win over Vermont this season would be another gigantic milestone.


My idea of respect = 1) equal media publicity (which I am seeing right now), 2) increased season-ticket holders and 3) more student turnout at the games. If we could get 200 students in the RACC every game, that would create an unbelievable home-court advantage. Once classes resume, I think we can easily get 100 student-athletes from other teams as our programs support each other. Siena followers are criticizing our home attendance so far, but I can guarantee those numbers will increase to 2,000/night in late January. If we keep winning, you might see some 2,500 crowds. The Big Purple Growl should set a new record with over 4,500.

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