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The Northern schools could play all of those weekends in February and choose not to. I laid out 8-12 games in February for every Northern team. They would take their lumps because of not practicing outdoors, but they would be better prepped for their Conference play.


First Scheduled Game

Binghamton - February 18 (then inexplicably they take 12 days off??)

Maine- February 27

UA - February 27

Northeastern - February 26

Stony Brook - February 26

Hartford - March 8

Vermont - March 12


Again, why aren't the Northern schools traveling to the Carolinas, Virginia, even Maryland for weekend series for the first three weeks of the season? Is this a financial thing? Do they want to practice more? March 8, March 12???


Just because every Northern school (or most) choose not to travel South to open the season, why should 200 other good-weather schools be forced to play 52 games in 76 days?


Like I said, you'd have to cut the number of allowable competitions. There is no leeway for rainouts in the schedule we discussed. Or class. Novel idea.


UA has 49 games on the schedule right now, and they play until May 21 (not May 15 as we said). That is 3 less games, and six extra days added to our discussion.


Maine has found a way to play 8 games so far this season, with one unfortunate Florida rainout. Compare that with the national champs (CS Fullerton), which has played 14 with a rainout. 15 to 9. And Maine didn't travel until February 27.


Maybe the NCAA should set up more tournament-style play in good-weather states, a la the Maine-Seton Hall battles in Florida.

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I'll post this and then let it be (since Jeff and I disagree about what a March 1 start would do and I dont see that being resolved any time soon).




I'm sure you are familiar with that site, Boyd's World, which does pseudo-RPI for baseball. (Albany 270, Maine 178 through 3/6).


It is an interesting little article about how far teams have to travel to get good games. To me, this article is precisely why you can't do March 1 without pushing the CWS back 2-3 weeks or cutting competition dates.

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Dane....I enjoy our back and forth.......disagreeing can be a good thing as long as the conversation is civil ;) . A few more things......First off, yes it is a financial thing. Schools with non-revenue producing baseball teams (every Northern school) cannot afford multiple trips down South every weekend during February, not to mention missed class time on travel days (Fridays). Also, forget about playing in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina in February.....take a look at schools located in those areas and how many home games that they've had cancelled or postponed so far this season. Again, we'll just agree to disagree.....

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I agree about what you just posted. But look at where we are now - beyond March 1, and it's no better up North, weather-wise. Teams still can't get their games. At some point you are going to just have to head South. February 4 or March 1, you're still not going to be outside.


I think it just creates more problems for teams that can afford it or have the weather to play February 4 and beyond.


Maybe we need an exception for Northern schools on the number of games, and a corresponding RPI adjustment so that they are not penalized for playing less games.

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