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Pre-game Sacred Heart Story

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Interesting mention towards the end regarding Zo. Said that Brown commented that he might bring the big guy of the bench instead of having him in the starting line-up because he wasn't able to complete sprints at the end of yesterday's practice and partly because of his struggles in the first two games (where I think our weaker post-game presence was going to show anyways against those two teams). But I wonder what exactly Brown meant by the statement? I would assume Zo was too tired at the end or something? Just kinda odd I guess.


But interestingly enough, I looked at his stats compared to the rest of the team and he is 6th on the team in minutes (16.5min), 6th in scoring (3.5pts), and 6th in rebounding (1.5rbs). While it's not totally a fair way of examining his performance (especially for rebounds), it was an interesting correlation to see.

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Having seen both FL games, the Coach's dissatisfaction with Zo's perfomance comes as no surprise. Whether it was deconditioning or simply lack of ability - he could not keep up with the flow of the game on either end. His presence adversely effects the play on the offensive end by slowing down ball movement.


A pass inside typically results in whatever Zo is able to do with it and the basket, rather than engaging him in part of bigger play. He doesn't appear to see the whole offense - only his own piece of it. That's not helpful to a team. If he could receive the ball and quickly kick it out to the perimeter, he'd be more valuable. THe few times he is able to get between his man and the basket and receive the ball to dunk won't be worth having him get too many minutes.

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I haven't seen any games yet this year but I would expect "Der Big Man" to get 20-25mpg unless he's in foul trouble.


In my opinion regardless on what people think defensively he clogs the middle and takes away offensive rebounding lanes from our opponents. Since he has played here we haven't been nearly as dominated as before his presence. Pre Zoellner every Big we played had a career night against UA.


Offensively, I don't think he will touch the ball much unless he's in a position to Dunk. We should have enough offense not to need much from him.


If he gets off slow expect to see him removed quickly but not forgotten.


Just my opinion!!!

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I wonder what the starting lineup will be tonight, I think it might be Jamar, Lucus, Levi, Brent and Grahm. Kiel really seemed to step up during the Florida game and in I think he is worthey of starting at either PF or C. He seems really athletic, and I think him and Brent could do well working down low.

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I would agree with the 20-25, but think that 20 would be more like it. Albany did have a history of big men destroying them. But now you have a Graham, Covington, B.Wilson, and even Connelly as opposed to having Wyatt or Levi as the biggest man on the court (he fought hard but was giving up 6 inches).


Zoellner does what he does. Clogs the middle. Unfortunatly, he does it on both ends of the floor. I think his playing time will depend greatly on matchups. Fortunately for him, his size will be enough of a benfit in the AE. But, if this team wants to run (and I think it does), or press, then he cannot be on the floor. Just my opinion.

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I agree Patch.


The challenge with Zoellner is primarily on the offensive end and I think that can be addressed. IMO, his role should be to have a defensive presence and his offensive role should be focused on open dunks, garbage baskets and quick kick outs to the perimeter player or to a cutter. He shouldn't have to put the ball on the floor or even bring it below shoulder level.


At this level of basketball, you don't need to do a lot at 7' to be a very good player. I think he just tries to do too much. Every player on this team has a role and I think Zoellner's just needs to be refined.

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