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Recruit Update

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Do you think Brown should bother getting a fifth recruit? Or should he wait till next year and go with perhaps a 13 man roster with 12 scholarship and one walk on? Or should he try for the full 14?


If we go the route of having a fifth recruit, should we go Gaurd, Foward, or Center?

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Do you think Brown should bother getting a fifth recruit?  Or should he wait till next year and go with perhaps a 13 man roster with 12 scholarship and one walk on?  Or should he try for the full 14?


If we go the route of having a fifth recruit, should we go Gaurd, Foward, or Center?


If a recruit has potential, grab him, you can always redshirt him if he needs time.


Next year we have only two available (Jamar and Siggers) but unless you think we can get three blue-chippers in one year, get a guy early to work with him an extra year.


Of course, if the coaches think we have the inside track on a real star (young Iati, for example, if they think he's really that good) you might want to save one, but it'd have to be a no-brainer, lead-pipe cinch.

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I'm pretty sure the scholly will be used if Brown is retained.


He has stated all along that he wants to build a program that can compete every year for the AE Championship.


If you have scholarships available I guess they should be used. Recruiting is definitely an inexact science - every scholarship you give out give you a better chance of finding that special player.


A couple of options I see are.....


1. An real athletic player with Levi's type warrior attitude but a little more size is needed (I think). That type of player almost always goes higher than the AE.


2. A JC athletic PF who can score around the Hoop.


3. A Transfer - a Big like a ZO who will have to sit a year.


We still need to develop a better overall offensive presence on the interior if we want to stay near the top of the AE year in and year out.


It's great to be a fan and know everything and yet not be responsible for anything. I haven't lost a game from this keyboard ever - most of my astute observations are full of hindsight.

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It certainly would be a good scholarship to bring in a transfer with. I like the frontcourt next year although with the exception of Brent it will be very young.


With Lu a senior this year and Jamar and Siggers next I'd like to see another shooting guard. Admittedly I don't know much about Anderson but I picture him more as a small forward and we'll only have Knight for two years.


Apparently Albany has some level of interest in a player from Central Arizona College named Michael Crowell. He's 6'7, 205 lbs and is averaging 22 pts, 12 rebounds a game. Also shoots 85% from the line.

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Reid Anderson's Team ranked 3rd in Cleveland...



1. Solon--16-1

2. Bedford--15-2

3. Lakewood St. Edwards--14-4

4. Mentor--13-4

5. Va/Joes--13-4

6. Euclid--13-5

7. Strongsville--13-3

8. Rocky River Lutheran West--17-0

9. Midpark--16-1

10. St. Ignatius--11-6

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different stat line then other reports but I guess he still had a solid outing and the big guy knocked down some clutch FTs.




The deep and talented St. Patrick's team could not overcome the top 1-2 combination in the country, especially when they received a little help. 6 foot 5 Gerald Henderson and 6 foot 4 Wayne Ellington from Episcopal Academy are the top pair of teammates in the country. The ACC bound guards were both brilliant in the Churchmen's 60 - 55 win. Got to love that nickname, but the Churchmen were anything but benevolent to St. Patrick's. Ellington finished with 21 points and 14 boards while Henderson had 19 and 8 including the 2,000th point of his career. Episcopal got a big boost from 6 foot 9 Albany bound Sr. Mike Yocum who had 9 points, 8 rebounds and 7 blocks. The big fellow hit 4-4 free throws late in the game. The bright spot for St. Pat's was 6 foot 1 Villanova bound Jr. Corey Fisher who continued to enhance his reputation as a big game player with 23 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists.
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Brett Gifford's team Rockbridge....



(Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas)


1. Westfield (Spring, TX) 31-0 (1)

2. DeSoto (DeSoto, TX) 31-1 (2)

3. Vashon (St. Louis, MO) 18-2 (3)

4. Seagoville (Dallas, TX) 28-2 (5)

5. Kingwood (Kingwood, TX) 28-5 (4)

6. Santa Fe (Edmond, OK) 16-4 (6)

7. Bishop Kelley (Tulsa, OK) 19-1 (7)

8. Dunbar (Fort Worth, TX) 26-4 (8)

9. Putnam City (Oklahoma City, OK) 17-3 (9)

10. Rock Bridge (Columbia, MO) 21-1 (nr)

11. South Oak Cliff (Dallas, TX) 22-6 (10)

12. Bellaire (Bellaire, TX) 23-5 (12)

13. Bellevue West (Bellevue, NE) 20-1 (14)

14. Jenks (Jenks, OK) 16-3 (nr)

15. Berkner (Richardson, TX) 26-6 (15)

16. Jonesboro (Jonesboro, AR) 18-5 (16)

17. Great Bend (Great Bend, KS) 15-1 (17)

18. Fayetteville (Fayetteville, AR) 18-5 (13)

19. Duncanville (Duncanville, TX) 25-6 (nr)

20. Forrest City (Forrest City, AR) 18-5 (20)

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A profile on Reid Anderson in the Cleveland Plain Dealer:


Reid Anderson




Sport: Basketball

Class: Senior

Age: 18

Ht: 6-5

Wt: 185

Last week:


The Albany (N.Y.) University recruit helped key victories over St. Ignatius and St. Peter Chanel by totaling 47 points, 14 rebounds, nine as sists and eight 3-pointers. He scored 30 points and was 5-of-6 on 3-pointers against Chanel.




Anderson has been a high-honors student throughout high school and garnered All-Ohio honorable mention last season. His favorite book is "The Da Vinci Code," his favorite TV shows are "Family Guy" and "The O.C.," and his favorite actor is Johnny Depp.

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Top Big Man earns McDonald's All-American mention


Brett Gifford has been fortunate enough to have the experience of playing basketball all over the country for various AAU teams.  The Rock Bridge senior, who will be attending the University at Albany in the fall, can now add another honor to his resume as he is a MoSports.com nominee for the McDonald's High School All-American team.


At 6'10, 245 pounds, Gifford was recruited by a number of schools, including Boise State, Utah State and SEMO, but ultimately he chose Albany for its good academic reputation as well as the coach-player relationship.  Gifford says the Albany area compares similarly to that of Columbia's.


Gifford, who has been selected to 2 all-tournament teams so far this year, is averaging 9 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, and 4 blocks for coach Jim Scanlon.  During the summer, Gifford is a member of Team Missouri, coached by Jim Donnelly.  Gifford lists his two coaches as the most important influences on his basketball development.


A great all-around player, Gifford believes his strengths lie in his defense, passing and soft hands.  He is focused hard right now on this, his final season at Rock Bridge, as he tries to rally his teammates and lead the team deep into the Missouri state playoffs.

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Interesting comments about Yocum and his importance to a great team.


Posted on Wed, Feb. 22, 2006

Ted Silary |


Episcopal is Inter-Ac's best team ever


NOW THAT THE games are over, let's bring everyone to the fierce-debate table.


Even before the season ended, Dan Dougherty expressed the opinion his 2005-06 Episcopal Academy basketball team was the best he'd coached in 27

seasons there (1977-97, 2001-06).

Ah, but where does it rank in Inter-Ac League

history? Is it the best of all time? Is it even the crown jewel of this


"I'm predicting we'd win by 10."

Those words came tumbling out of the mouth of Jim Fenerty, the longtime coach at Germantown Academy.

As much as he respects the

accomplishments rung up this season by Episcopal (10-0 league, 27-4 overall), Fenerty feels his '01 squad was better.

A case certainly could be made.

First, let's dissect the '06 Churchmen...

The co-franchise players, wing guard Wayne Ellington (North Carolina) and small forward

Gerald Henderson (Duke), were ranked among the very best high school players in the country. They formed an amazing tandem not only because of how well they played, but also because of how well they blended, both with each other and their teammates. Had the NBA not changed its draft rules, it's

conceivable both would have been forced hard to think about bypassing college.

The next starter, 6-9 Mike

Yocum, is bound for Division I

Albany. His rebounding and

shotblocking perfectly complemented the famous duo, allowing them to perform their miracles mostly stress-free.

Tim Ivory, the football quarterback, was a competent point guard, and not to be left alone from beyond the arc, while

Charlie Barks performed the

menial tasks with resolve and never once pondered overstepping his bounds.

The bench was admittedly shallow. But junior Pat Kelly, a guard, was a persistent threebie threat and only some illness problems prevented him from

being a seasonlong starter.

GA '01... GA '01? Is it coming back to you?

Those Patriots also swept through the Inter-Ac, and went 27-3 overall.

Generally, the most talked-about players were the juniors, wing guard Matt Walsh, forward Lee Melchionni and center Ted Skuchas. They would wind up at Florida, Duke and Vanderbilt, respectively, and Walsh has made an NBA pit stop after declaring for the draft as a junior.

The other starters were point guard Mike Slattery and hustler Troy Holiday. One of the key subs was Rob Kurz, who would later transfer to Penn Charter and be a major component of that school's memory-making squad in '03.

But back to Slattery for a

moment. He was hardly an

afterthought. In fact, he was a first- team Daily News All-City honoree as a senior and then

enjoyed an outstanding career at Delaware.

Fenerty eased through the

possible matchups one by one and figured his squad was

hangin'. He then halted at point guard.

"This is where we win it," he said. "I used to bang heads with Mike all the time; he had that edge to him. But what a player. I didn't realize how good he was until he was gone. We're still trying to replace him."

When asked to pick a winner, Dougherty laughed and said,

"I'd give it a tie. It'd be a great game."

He added, "That GA team did have every component you could ask for. I liked Slattery. He got a Division I scholarship and proved his mettle there."

As an aside, Dougherty said he's still receiving grief from his son, Brian, now his assistant and a starter for the '91 Churchmen (27-2), whom he formerly considered his best team.

"There's no comparison," he cooed.

For the record, Dougherty also loved his '05 squad (10-0, 25-3) and its senior starters, steady point guard Dylan Brown (Ohio Wesleyan, lacrosse) and forward/enforcer Joe Rosati (Villanova, baseball).

Yet this year's must get the nod, he said, because of its much more difficult national-

level schedule (23 games were played away or at neutral sites) and the fact The Big Three were seniors and still making tangible improvements. (Ellington, for

instance, became a lockdown


What's a moderator to do? Consult someone else.

Penn Charter coach Jim

"Flipper" Phillips was in his first season in '01.

"For me," he said, "it comes down to those third-wheel guys. The guy who really gave us fits was Yocum. We never had

that much of a problem with

Skuchas."And Episcopal's so-called

lesser guys could really shoot it. You couldn't leave Ivory open and Kelly could hit treys, too. Know what? I'm not sure we even saw the 'full Episcopal.' Because Kelly had those sickness problems and it took a while for Ivory to get going because he was hurt coming out of football."

Dougherty also spoke highly of Yocum.

"We were pretty good in '04 [22-6 overall] when Gerald and Wayne were sophs, but teams with height really gave us problems," he said. "We just couldn't match up. When Mike came with us, it made a big difference. All the pieces fit."

Just so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle, PC's '03 squad went 10-0 and 26-4. Its headliners were also juniors - point guard Sean Singletary (starring at Virginia; our Player of the Year in '04) and Kurz (Notre Dame).

Zack Zeglinski (playing football at Penn State as a preferred walk-on) was a sophomore and already a sniping guard while the frontcourt included Matt

Ryan (now playing QB at Boston College) and bruiser Mike Boles

(Albright). The main subs were guys destined to focus on other sports in college:

Tony McDevitt (Duke, lacrosse) and Ryan Nanni (Rhode Island, baseball).

"That PC team was very good," Dougherty said. "But I think we're a little bit better."

So there you have it. Most of it... Except the view from here.

I'm going with Episcopal '06. Assuming the referees let everyone play.

When in doubt, and as long as no underlying chemistry problems are sensed, I tend to go with teams that have seniors as their core. This squad was not only senior-laden, it featured two of the very best players in the country, as well as this city's


That makes the difference.



Send e-mail to silaryt@phillynews.com

email thisprint thisreprint or license this

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Reid Anderson recently had an article written just for him....


Guard reaches heights with calming influence

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Eddie Dwyer

Plain Dealer Reporter

Reid Anderson speaks with the same calm and confidence he brings to the court as a senior leader for the area's fifth-ranked St. Edward Eagles.


A smooth, 6-5 guard who is bound for Albany (N.Y.) University in the fall on a basketball scholarship, Anderson doesn't hedge when saying the Eagles' season has been all about lessons learned and blending personalities.


The lessons came from a tough home-court setback to second-ranked St. Vincent-St. Mary, a game in which the Eagles squandered a seven-point lead entering the fourth quarter, and a shocking upset loss to sub-.500 neighborhood rival Lakewood.



"I think we definitely came together in Myrtle Beach," Anderson said, referring to the five-day holiday tournament Dec. 26-30, which came on the heels of the 63-61 loss at Lakewood.


"We spent so much time together on and off the court that we now have a lot of confidence in each other."


Since the Lakewood upset, St. Edward (16-4) has won 12 of its past 14 games and is currently on a 10-game winning streak.


Those numbers, partly the result of Anderson's 12.7 points per game and 25 3-pointers, have earned coach Eric Flannery's Eagles the unanimous No. 1 seed at the Baldwin-Wallace Division I sectional/district.


Anderson, an All-Northeast Lakes District selection last season, considers his versatility to be his strongest suit.


"If my shot is not dropping, I feel that I can drive to the basket," he said. "And when that's not available, I look to grab some offensive rebounds and make things happen there."


And when he's not doing all three, and hitting the books - Anderson is a National Merit and National Honor Society student - he enjoys playing the guitar, writing music and coaching the 12th-grade CYO girls team at St. Christopher's in Rocky River.


"We haven't won a game yet this season," he said. "I'm just glad the girls don't take it too seriously."




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