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OT - Anyone following the Siena board?

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Hey...someone get me a sponsor...I have no problem making a career out of correcting Siena fans.


Man...are they really that "chip" on the shoulder oriented. 




Yep, and UA played in the Tangerine Bowl....against UCF.  Guess we are a DI football power worth remembering now.


FORDIE....FORDIE....I want my BCS tickets.




Did that feature a split squad between the "beloved" apostles and the "agnostics."


Man...sure hope the scribes had enough papyrus for that one...must have been a barn burner.




Did they have four regions: The Dominicans, The Jesuits, et al. :D



BWWWAHAHAHAHHAHA....then nuns were bumpin and grindin as cheerleaders.

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bosiydid - your posting style makes me think that you are really soup, using a different alias to stir things up.



Is that a good thing or a bad thing?



By the way I'm not soup. Most people who come in contact with him, hate him from what I can gather. I hope thats not what you were saying.

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That is it. I have had it with Siena and their moronic, jerk off, anti-Semite fans.


The gloves are off and the Albany Cup game can't come soon enough.


As S$ pointed out in an earlier post in this thread there used to be brawls in the stands at the Armory and the rivalry was fierce. I make this vow right here and now; I intend upon single handedly bringing that back to the game.


You MAY beat us on the court but I WILL beat you in the stands!


The thread over at the Siena board is in poor taste and I would hope that Tony has the good sense to edit out the aforementioned anti-Semitic post.


I know that I promised a long time ago to keep it clean here but...




It's that simple....


It's not the score of the game it's who scores with your sister/daughter at the Lamp Post tonight!

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I'm sorry, JonUA, what was the name of that high school again that you said sucks. I seem to recall a similar perhaps the same high school in Loudonvile when I was at the University in the 60s.

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Allot of those posts on the Siena board were directed to me. And Tony is the worst of them all, attacking me personally and not even having the common courtesy to spell my name right. I used to think he was an upstanding guy be he is no different then the rest of those f’losers over there. I’m actually not gona post there for a while, since I’ve probably worn out my welcome and as soon as they see my name in a post they all pile on. What’s even funnier is how they are ALL predicting that Siena will make us (UA) their bitches come November. If by “some” chance we win we should all band together go over there and don’t let them live it down. I used to also say that I wish them luck except for when they play UA…..Well I hope they get crushed every single game out, by who ever they play. They are the enemy in my book now, and I will never root for them again.

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Uh oh...someone woke a sleeping giant...but moving on from that...


I would like to here and now announce my absloulte LOVE for Siena fans. They truly have to be the most self absorbed bunch of fans out there. With only a little poking by one UA poster the thread on their board managed to carry on into the wee hours of the night. They must be so nervous about UA that they actually sat at their computers all through the night to make sure that no UA fan could possibly get the last word....talk about insecurity.


So to the quite Siena fans that I know read this board I would like to say thank you for giving me such a laugh. You guys are such absolute morons that it belongs on a Comedy Central special. P.S. you guys really got ripped off for your "private" education if you guys call any argument made on that board educational, I like my state education very much thank you.


And I am hoping that someone with posting capabilities on the Siena board (mine are still not approved) chimes in with this little bit of logic, one poster over there mentioned that Siena has 12 quality wins to date (I seem to question that but I will give them the benefit of the doubt), using their great skills of deduciton they determined UA should have at least 4 by now based on the time in D1. Please remind that poster that more quality wins comes as the program grows stronger. With three strong showings this year (yes I know they were all losses) against UCLA, FLA and UCONN the quality wins are coming and when they do they will come in bunches.


Wait I forgot, I know we have at least one quality win....didn't we wipe the floor with Siena two years ago, I am sure in their eyes that has to count as a quality win!!

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Sorry guys, after reading my post I realize that I now have become no better then the dribble posted on the Siena board.  I apologize for bringing that junk over here and I will try and keep the UA board at the higher standard then that of our friends to the north.





Comeone friend, the Siena win wasn't a quality win since they weren't/aren't a quality team. :D Also tread lightly into that hornets nest....they are really agitated by us stealing some of their luster and taking away some of their potential fan base. If you simply mention that you are a UA fan they are gona come out of the woodworks. There is only about 2 guys there who know what they are talking about, the rest are just repeating the points the smart one's made. There is strength in number.

Edited by bosiydid
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Sorry guys, after reading my post I realize that I now have become no better then the dribble posted on the Siena board.  I apologize for bringing that junk over here and I will try and keep the UA board at the higher standard then that of our friends to the north.



Friends to the north? I have no friends at that school.


I really thought Tony was classier than what I have been reading over there. I have now blocked their website on my computers here at home and vow to never give them the satisfaction of reading that crap again.


Siena Still Sucks

Like David Orek's eight pound Excel Hotel Vacuum

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