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i dont think we need to be bashing any players on this board. You can upset, but dont take it out on individual players...thats not cool


LET SAY WHAT COACH BROWN SAID, "FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME, WE BECAME UNGLUED! We had 3 possessions with no points and let them go on a 12-0 run"


thats the end of the story...plus the 31-3 FT numbers

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Brown coached poorly in the last 6 minutes. There was no reason to put Iati in the game with 5 minutes and change left on the clock. After the two turnovers by Iati, the offense was being run through Connelly with him taking two shots. The shots should have gone to either Wilson or Siggers.

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I was as pissed as anyone, but let's give credit where it's due. Vermont came in and played a great game! They did what they had to, to win in our building. Griping about fouls or Iati etc. will only make us seem like sore losers. With the exception of Jamar nobody drove inside, what do you want to call shooting fouls on? Siggers had a tough game and Wilson was taken out of the game with foul trouble. Iati's turnovers swung momentum in VT favor but I don't know about him losing the game for us.


The better team won today!


P.S. season isn't over, there is still Boston, and the rest of this season. I feel like crap inside after losing this game but there is still allot of basketball left to play.

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You can never really lay the blame on just one person....but he definitely contributed a great deal.

It doesn't help when you only get to the foul line 3 times in the entire game.


Or that UVM seemed to be at the foul line every time I turned around, especially in the second half. We couldn't catch a break while they were killing us there.


I think today solidified a lifetime of disdain towards UVM and its fans for me. Such a deluded crowd with a very weird demographic breakout, it's like $iena Lite...

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Officating aside (if that's possible) we knew going into the season that our interior defense was our biggest question mark. In two games again the best front court in the league they've eaten our lunch both times. It's tough to defend well when you have to double-team Holm as much as we did. I can't wait for him and Klimes to graduate. In fact I'll be in Burlington in May for the Vermont City Marathon if they need help moving their stuff out of UVM I'll give them a hand.

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7 fouls, UVM shot 12-14 FT in the last two minutes. So even before that free throws were 17-3


Usually when you don't get foul shots it's because you're taking jump shots. I don't see how you can get only 3 FT when you score 36 in the paint.


UVM outrebounded us 38-28 include 14 offensive rebounds.


Too many turnovers again, even beyond Iati's 3.

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There is no doubt that the two Iati turnovers and the 9 point swing that it lead to hurt us today. But lets not bash Iati. There were many other chances to win and we just went cold. No single player is to blame. We need to just pick up our game and move forward with every intention of taking home the AE title, no matter where we play it. Keep the faith

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