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America East Championship--UAlbany at Vermont

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Where's scrable? Great time to win our first game at Patrick. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself right now. Wife thinks I've gone and lost my damn mind, child has been scared for the last 2 hours.


We are going DANCIIINNNNG!




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HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My whole body is still shaking; at my age that's not good. Wow! This game reminded me of Rocky; 2 heavyweights standing toe to toe, slugging away and finally just one is standing.


Great poise to not let UVM get away the few times that they took the lead. Jamar was again beyond belief. Nice that Doug Gottlieb, during halftime at the ESPN table, mentioned that Jamar has ability to go to the highest level - will leave that interpretation to others. Great coaching job by Will and gang. Trimboli, as well as most the anticipated threats on UVM, were kept in check for the most part. No one on UVM was able to overwhelm their defender for any length of time. The biggest difference though is that we have Jamar and they don't.

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okay --- In Europe this week on business, and "watching" this from Cambridge UK == no fun!! No ESPN2. Not enough bandwidth for streaming so I'm doing the d*mn play by play on ESPN2 and I *know* it's delayed. So I know that it's over, but had to wait for the outcome!



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Postgame interview on ESPNNews...


Brown took the team to see 300 last night. He said they ran out of the locker room today screaming "Sparta!!!"


His son, Jackson, was asked quickly and he said, "We won the trophy!"


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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