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OT: Derek Kellog Named UMASS Coach

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Per TU blog apparently there were TWO kids on campus today, visiting. Wonder if it was the Iowa kids. Coach was in Denver at the Double Pump (Martin Brother team participated) event that concluded on Sunday so I'm thinking they probably had a chance to speak and perhaps set up a visit.

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Andrew Catalon had the two on Channel 13 last night. Unfortunately, i was not quick enough to jot down the names; neither was a name I was familiar with or had read anything about. They were both on a recruiting visit. My sense was they were both JUCOs.



Byron Byrd?




Rivals says Albany has offered him.


This guy supposedly visited with Michael Johnson on 4/11...no offer, has offer from UCF




Other names maybe to jog your memory:


Brit Kelly

Mike Pouncy

Xavier Robinson

Blake Harrison

Ronnie Morgan

Derrick Wright


Those all just other names from rivals.

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The two players visiting were....


Chad Thomson - 6’3 Moberly Area Community College (Moberly, MO)




Louis Barraza - 6'5" out of Yavapai College (Prescott, AZ)........-Louis is a Mexican kid who will be playing with the Mexican National Team this summer and has a shot to make the team for the Olympics.




-“ Freshman Louis Barraza was named ACCAC Freshman of the Year as voted on by the conference coaches. In addition, the high scoring Phoenix native, was named to the Second Team All-ACCAC Team.


Barraza finished the season scoring 19.7 points per game which puts him at third in the conference. He shot a staggering 54% from the three-point line and the same percentage from the field. Additionally, he shot 82% from the free throw line.” -From Yavapai College Website


Also this little blurb.


This information is courtesy of Mr. Catalon

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First off - I guess people should go to other more reliable sites then Rivals. Rivals is OK for after the fact info. Like everyone else they can announce signings and commitments which are general knowledge but in regard to low/mid majors they are usually rarely on the ball and/or put little effort in accumulating updated info.


Secondly - it's amazing that Catalano scoops the other local info providers.

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Come on Patch-- Give Mark Singleis a break; He almost burst an aneurysm focusing on a 400 word football article that has been "old news" for about a week now. How could you expect him to focus on basketball--- YOU'RE CAAAAAHRAZY MAN! It is tough being a reporter in such a fast-moving industry.


I mean, imagine if he had to write an article on the football votes (2), the basketball recruits, the failure of SUNY to get us a President and how it has effected athletics, AND an article on the total misappropriation of athletic funds to Stony Brook in a down economy.


You would think he actually chose journalism as a career. I mean, reading his blog the past couple of days, it seems like he got the impetus to right the football article from posters there letting him "know the scoop."

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I for one, enjoy reading the blog's Mark provides......but I've said it before and I'll say it again. What he hasn't written about far outweighs what he has written about. I don't know if thats a failure of Mark or the Times Useless but it is what it is. Any coverage, even the blogs is good for UA and the basketball program. If the TU was smart they would start seeing the potential of building a very close relationship with UA.

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Usually when one news finder get information they all do. I was just surprised Catalon was the only one who had the info or was willing to use the info at his disposal.




I also found it interesting that even though Mark was told that there were two players on campus, he was not given the names or didn't bother to inquire further...."Without disclosing their names, Brown said there were two recruits on campus today." - Mark S.


Looks to me like coach Brown was plenty comfortable with disclosing the names....just not to Mark.

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Patch- I think it is clear why Andrew Catalon was the only who had or was willing to use the info: Unlike the other scrubs in the region, he actually cares about his job and understands HOW TO BUILD A RELATIONSHIP with the University. Hopefully, Andrew will scoop some more stuff for us and make a great relationship between his media outlet and our Athletic Dept.


MARK SINGLEIS-- You listening...or are you just hearing? Beat writer=relationships. Relationships=scoop. Scoop=story. Story=part of your job. Job=Profession. Profession=Career. Career=Success?!?!

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I think you guys are just to tough on Mark.


As for the TU it seems to be what you guys say it is.




For all the doom and gloom out there I believe we finished tied for 2nd place our 3rd best finish ever in the AE.

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