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UB Lobbying


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It looks like Buffalo has resorted to threats and intimidation. Will they ever learn you get more done working with people then fighting with them?


UB2020 is serious trouble for very good reason. What A holes in Buffalo!


The SUNY Centers and the rest of the state need to stand up to bullying and intimidation. It didn't work during the blitz of Britain and it shouldn't work here. Hold your ground!



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The Assembly ajourned today for the end of the 2009 Legislative Session....they will be back in Jan, unless they are called in by the Gov.


According to LRS (online bill tracking) A.2020 was not passed today...so UB will have to wait until Jan 2010 to have the Assembly pass it or if the Gov calls special session their could be a chance they add extra bills to the calendar to vote on.


(LRS might not be up to date, but if it still hasn't moved in a few days then it most likely didn't pass this sessoin)

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Here is some selected insight into Zimpher's thoughts during her visit to UB on Tuesday, from different sources:


Buffalo Rising SUNY Chancellor at UB


When asked if she would support UB 2020, Zimpher's answer was "an unequivocal yes," saying that she sees the "constancy of the message" coming from UB. She said that the medical research that UB is doing is a great importer of Federal dollars, and that we will "soon see UB at the heart of the city with a medical center." Questioned whether she would advocate the Flexibility and Economic Growth Act, a bill brought to the Senate for tuition flexibility, Zimpher said that it was a great idea and an opportunity for UB to manifest ts destiny. Though brought to the legislature by UB, she noted that a lot of entities within the SUNY system "think that it would be good for them as well." In relationship to how this would impact UB specifically, Zimpher said that those universities and colleges most ready to employ initiatives and implement plans based on readiness to take advantage of them would receive prime consideration. [i'm surprised she said this]


UB Reporter UB2020 Bill Priority for SUNY


“As you might imagine, no good idea goes unpunished. There are others who think that the tuition flexibility and land lease flexibility that is inherent in the bill is good for them as well,” she said, adding that she will be brokering the concept with colleagues in the other research centers and medical schools." "I totally support the concept,” she said. “I have told the leadership of both the Assembly and the Senate that this is an issue that is going to be a very high priority for the State University of New York.” Zimpher noted that she did her best to lobby for the bill when the Assembly was in session. “I will now try my even better best to keep this issue alive,” she said, adding that she is ready to work with the body when it comes back in session.


WBFO Online SUNY Chancellor "Unequivocal" in her Support of UB2020


"But Zimpher did admit she has had to do some brokering with other SUNY leaders who also want such a plan for their campuses. But she was unambiguous in offering her support of what UB is hoping to accomplish."

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Come on. What do you expect her to say? President Simpson is a zealot. UB Bull, no one here cares about SUNY Buffalo. Stop dropping your propaganda.


DanePound, can we have this guy blocked? Why should we bombarded with this propaganda? If we want biased reports we can just read the Buffalo News. That rag has sold its soul to this crap.


I've hear enough about SUNY Buffalo. I'm so sick and tired of SUNY Buffalo, I'm going on record now. I will never hire a SUNY Buffalo grad. I will continue to write letters and make phone calls to stop this insanity.

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I'm delivering updates. Is that really such a ban-able offense? I'm not trying to slant views, especially on an Albany board. I would think some here would find some positives with her saying, "a lot of entities within the SUNY system think that it would be good for them as well" and "she will be brokering the concept with colleagues in the other research centers". And when she speaks of "the issue", it is not singularly about the UB2020 bill. She means a broader issue of making the Legislature completely aware of the "very high priority for [sUNY]" of bringing more flexibility to SUNY institutions.


Also, I don't think she's said anything in her campus visits that has contradicted anything she has said at a prior campus visit. She spoke well of UA, BU, and SBU, and she does not want to have anything to do with a flagship debate. She came to UB and loves what we are doing. She did not say UB will be the flagship, she just said she will work on the behalf of UB2020. Is that so horrible, her advocating for something she agrees with? She had a similar plan created for Cincinnati. Why would she feel pressured to say what she thinks UB admins what to hear? She has been very calculating, and sometimes direct, with her comments at every visit.

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Wasn't sure if I should start a new thread or not but I decided to add to this one....




I hope this is the direction the state chooses to go.


Me too.


The state's four public university centers and two medical campuses "are the flagships of SUNY" and should be allowed to charge higher tuition, new SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher said Monday during a visit to Stony Brook University.


Calling that group of schools, which includes Stony Brook, "The Big Six," Zimpher said that while she doesn't think formal flagship designations are necessary, she supports giving those institutions more management flexibility. That would include the power to set their own tuition, she said.


The other schools fitting her criteria are the University at Buffalo, the University at Albany, Binghamton University, Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn and Upstate Medical University in Syracuse. Right now, the State Legislature approves a uniform SUNY tuition price, which is $4,970 for four-year institutions annually.

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