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The Cross-Town Rivalry Thread, v. 2009


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As a recap: 2008 Head to Head: UA 9, Siena 2, UA Groundskeepers 1


2009 Head to Head: UA 9, Siena 3, Tie 1


February 25th, Men's Lacrosse, UAlbany 8, Siena 7 (2OT)

March 25th, Softball, UAlbany 2, Siena 0

March 25th, Softball, UAlbany 2, Siena 0

April 7th, Women's Lacrosse, UAlbany 11, Siena 10

April 15th, Women's Tennis, UAlbany 7, Siena 0

April 28th, Softball, UAlbany 5, Siena 0

April 28th, Softball, UAlbany 11, Siena 2 (Six innings)

September 16th, Women's Soccer, Siena 2, UA 1

September 23rd, Men's Soccer, UA 0, Siena 0 (2OT)

October 14th, Volleyball, UA 3, Siena 0

October 18th, Field Hockey, UA 4, Siena 0

December 5th, Women's Basketball Siena 65, UA 61 (OT)

December 5th, Men's Basketball Siena 83, UA 54


Go Danes!

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Women's lax beats 'aints 11-10. Trailed 6-4 at the half, 7-2 run for 11-8 lead, Siena score two in the last 3 min. on a power play.


UA softball team had a rollicking good time leading cheers and ragging on the green team (You're not even as good as your softball team!)

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If anyone's interested, here's the annual numbers since 2002:



A couple of your scores are transposed, but the count looks like 59-19-2, UA undefeated in Men's lax, Women's lax, volleyball, and field hockey.



So that is 75% overall counting the ties as half a win and half a loss.

Does anyone have the breakout of Albany home games and Siena home games

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As stated in the article Weltman made a hell of a comeback. One of the Siena girls hurt her hand and ankle running into the net post, which helped us. I think she was /Siena's no. 1 player. It was a nice day to watch tennis. I saw the start of the rugby match with Albany Law. Law led 5-0 when I left. I haven't checked the results yet.

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Where is haggy to update the standings.

Softball today. I am told UA shuts LCC out again in the first game 5-0. Second game UA leads 5-0 again before LCC scores their first runs in 4 games against UA in the bottom of the 5th. That wakes up the UA bats who answer with 6 in the top of the 6th to mercy the aints 11-2 in 6.

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