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What about the OOC record? and the 1-7 vs Siena??


And I suppose you expect us to have won more than half of the contests against Syracuse, too, correct?

now now, you cant compare siena to syracuse. they should not be mentioned in the same breath. that is a bad comparison. 1-7 is very poor for as big a game the fans treat it.

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While I'm not CB's biggest fan I will agree that the urgency and "blame" (not exactly sure what this blame is so early in the season) should be put on the players. I feel like a lot of the players over the recent past haven't played up to what CB recruited them to do. Some have been because of injury (which of course isn't anybody's fault) and other's are just lousy play. Losing always makes patience run thin, but the schedule we've played was tough. These games were scheduled for a reason, to provide useful experience against opponents with more talent. I'd like to see a couple of changes in the way the offense is run, but who's really to say this isn't the best our team can play? If the guys on the court don't make plays any coach's "system" is going to look bad.


We got blown out by Syracuse. Did anyone happen to see the TEAR 'Cuse is on to start the year???


Coach Brown doesn't turn the ball over 20 times per game. Sometimes I feel like CB could shoot better form behind the arc than the team can haha


Bashing CB at this point in the season is pointless. The most important games are still to come. There is essentially no chance CB would be fired mid-season anyways...


I'd like to see CB and the team make improvements just like everyone but at this time CB getting canned isn't the answer.


(Another quick thought- for all of you that would like the school to buy out CB, where is this money going to come from? It's not gonna make it any easier to get money for a new football stadium, track renovations, or more FB scholarships...)

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UA off to it's worst start since the 03-04 season when they finished 5-23. 4-7 on the year and CB needs to right the ship in out of conference play. The Hot Seat is turning up more and more with every loss.



Does that mean you are up to $200 for "the cause to bring UA back to Championship status" OR can we safely assume athletics hasn't received your first $100 yet. :blink:

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I agree this topic is about putting CB on the hot seat for a lack luster season. That's what it's turned out to be so far. 4-7, starring 4-10 right in the face. UAlbany is way down this season and after 11 games it doesn't look like it's improving but hopefully they can right the ship before conference play and somehow, someway win the AE title. If not I say Brown needs to be on the hot seat and if he doesn't deliever in his final year of his contract time to let him walk.

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If not I say Brown needs to be on the hot seat and if he doesn't deliever in his final year of his contract time to let him walk.


Next season is not the final season of his contract....carry on!


Though I haven't read this thread in toto (only about 3 or 4 posts actually), if the issue herein concerns the continued viability of our head coach (or any coach on our campus for that matter), I urge us all to carefully consider non-win-loss variables---including the quality of kids in our program (past and present), GPAs, graduation rates, community service, and so forth---and give those variables their due weight, importance, and consideration.


My $.02. :ninja:

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Amen to that UAMA.


I like being a graduate of a school that does things the right way off the court as much as I like being a graduate of a school that wins on the court.


I'd much rather lose 20 games a year than have 7 players arrested for drug trafficking and credit card fraud.

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