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Hot Seat!

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Listen DoggyStle, enough already should be directed to you and your incessant blabbering.


Even if we took your statement for value, getting to another conference has NOTHING to do with hoops; it has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH A FOOTBALL FACILITY AND FULL RIDES. We are already on the CAA radar (and I have that from as close to a horses mouth as possible) and those are the clear issues (the ones I listed).


Facts are...nothing is happening with conferneces until outside finances and issues shake out (CAA, Big East, and the other dominos that will have to fall for us) and we get our own house in order.


If you paid attention to the landscape as much as you attack...you would know this $iena.

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Enough already....


Let's get back to the topic here...


If Will Brown doesn't deliever the AE title back to Albany, UA needs to go out and find a proven winner and get UA back to prominence and back the NCAA tourney year after year to get them out of the America East Conference.


Will Brown is a Proven Winner, the only way i would want Coach Brown to go is if we have 2 more seasons under .500


BTW, no shortcuts like BINGO please

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I say let him go.....I'm not a fan of censoring unless the content is offensive. He's entitled to his opinion as much as the next guy even if he is in the minority.



DDS may be entitled to his opinion as much as the next guy, but given his lack of knowledge about anything relating to UA or even sports in general as shown on this thread and others, the value of his opinion is far less than the value of others opinion here. He doesn't even understand coach speak. (post#73) In fact the value of DDS's opinion is the same as the value of $iena.

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bob, when I got here initially, I was at time a bit irrational and a plain a-hole probably. It took me a while and yet I can still at times act that way. We usually do fine policing ourselves without the need for deletion or locking of threads.


I disagree with DDS on just about everything he says but hey....it's conversation.

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Oh and I troll so much right? Excuse me I dont' have my head up Will Browns rear end. I am a fan, I do not claim to know it all. I call it as I see it, and 2 sub par seasons and 8 sub par seasons out of 10 just don't cut it for me. The offense is HORRIBLE! and that is a reflection of the man coaching the team. UA Football has done great in the jump to the FCS, UA basketball has had 2 good runs because of one player, not Will Brown. You can settle for mediocrity, I want UA to be a dominate force in the AE not a doormat.

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Looks like Will Brown and his enept offense abilities showed up again last night. UA was an EMBARRASMENT last night, that game was PATHETIC, this team belongs in D-3 they are absoluetly awful.


And all you blind homers take off the blinders, Brown stinks. FIRE WILL BROWN NOW!!! Don't come up with the BS excuses of "the team is young" "we have new guys" "Mike Johnson would have made a difference" Please. Good teams win with new guys all the time, young guys and do you think Mike Johnsons paultry 3ppg would have helped? NO. The excuses have run out, and the embarrasment needs to end.



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Fire Will Brown! That was an awful performance last night, UA never had a chance. Time to get a coach in Albany that can recruit some good talent. Guards that can actually shoot and big men that can actually play effectively in the post. Huge disappointment last night. UA got blown out of the gym and the talent and coaching was on two different levels.

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