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America East Tournament

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Even if we get to the final we don't get a home game.

What I meant was that uvm should root for us in order for them to get a home game next week. Should be a fun time it would have been cool to have ua and uvm in the same session.

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In the first round of the Women's Tournament, which started today, UAlbany women lose to UVM, 61-36. Stats not posted yet ... .

3 pts., 0 FG in the first nine minutes, falling behind 16-3, then rallying to within 7; 2 pts, 0 FG in the first 11:22 of the second half, outrebounded about 2-1, shot less than 20%. Keyana Williams luckily had what doctors first said looked like a not serious injury; Pylapatis lost her balance and fell onto Keyana's leg in what disturbingly reminded me of a smaller, slower version of Lawrence Taylor onto Joe Theisman.


Not a good effort. Announcers talked about Albany's speed and athleticism, but when you can't shoot and don't have the size to bang down low ...

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Would I be wasting my time if I looked for people in purple holding um.. "drink cozies" outside Chase Arena tomorrow?





There is also a fan fest tent serving beer. $5 for bud, $6 for something better. I don't remember what as I didn't have any today. I had to drive back this afternoon. As you know I can't make it tomorrow for our game, but if you are still there Saturday night or Sunday I could certainly meet you in the parking lot holding a "drink cozie" or see you in the tent.

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A couple observations from being at the game:


- Fun atmosphere at the tourney.

- This team played very hard but was just not good enough to beat SBU.

- Black and Logan both had nice games. Brown said after that Logan is still not 100% from his foot problems. He should improve even further, which is great! Black took over the game a couple times and had a look in his eye that he could not be stopped. He just needs to keep his mouth shut when he makes a big shot. No need to yell and scream at the opponent all the way up the court. Leave that poor sportsmanship to the SBU players, they do it well enough for the whole league.

- Hate saying this but the refs were HORRIBLE. Touch fouls on one side of the court and then a hack goes uncalled. There were two blocking calls on us that were charges. Billy Allen was standing in place for about 3 seconds when Martin knocked him over. The play Black got hurt also was a block and a not a charge on Black.

- I was sitting near some UMBC Basketball staff/coaches/something with UMBC gear on and All Access passes. They were ruthless with UA saying how bad we are and no one can hit a shot and they stink and this is disgusting and I can't believe it is this close. I was about 2 seconds away from going over and asking them who 2 of UAs wins were against??? I'm glad I didn't but it pissed me off.

- I said this earlier but the SBU players are really not a very classy bunch. They constantly talk and slap and flop and they are led by Brenton in this area. The kid has a TON of talent and is tough as hell on both ends of the floor so there is really no need for his act and his talking and staring players down. Martin and Preboye both do the same thing. The America East needs to take a look at this and start giving out taunting technicals and that includes guys on our team like Will Harris and for a short period of time tonight Black was chirping. I hate that stuff more than anything.


OK, I've said enough. We say goodbye to Harris, McRae and Giff. I wish them all the best and the Giff's passion for the program will definitely be missed.


One other thing.... The intensity this team came out with to start the second half was awesome. Harris and Black were going nuts in the huddle before the start of the half and you could tell they were fired up. Too bad it only lasted a few minutes.

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I agree with most of what you said...pissed me off when Harris hit the three and was flexing up the court. He was basically a zero the rest of the way....not gonna miss any of the seniors graduating.


Will miss Giff the most, great kid with great enthusiasm.

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Did anyone listen to Will Brown's post game press conference? While I was driving home I was talking to a buddy and he played it for me live over the phone from his computer. Mark from the TU asked is he was worried going into next year with Black, Logan and Metcalf being young and some of the main weapons. Brown said he wasn't worried and went into each player and what they have done during the season and in their first tournament games yesterday. Brown finished the answer with, "So, really YOU are the only worried Mark." in a very sarcastic tone. I thought it was pretty funny but I don't think coach should've said it. Those two really don't seem to get along very well

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