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@ Hartford

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I was in the gym also. What a mess. Embarrassing and despicable performance. I put this loss on the coaches. They made no adjustments whatsoever once it was clear we couldn't score against their high 3-2 zone. Just kept running the same play over and over and over and mostly just passing on the perimeter. That was the worst offensive game I can remember watching a UA team play. Mike Black needs to shoot a lot more and try to create a lot more. Is it him not taking the opportunities or the coaches not calling his number? Timmy looked really out of sync today and we have no one else who can score other than Logan, Mike and Timmy. Horrible.

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They made no adjustments whatsoever once it was clear we couldn't score against their high 3-2 zone.


I believe Hartford was employing a 1-3-1. Not seen too often..but it was effective.


Huh, looked to me like they had 3 guys above the foul line and two down low but I'm no expert so you may be right. Either way it was extremely effective and we made no adjustments whatsoever to try and beat it.Terrible.

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Credit to Blake Metcalf who went up and down the bench trying to fire guys up. About the only spark I saw out there.


Agree with DanesRGood about the zone. Our offense hasn't been looking great recently anyway but we really had no answer for their zone. I have to wonder if that's what Hartford caught Maine with the other night.

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Didn't get a chance to listen to the game so if anyone knows the answers to these questions, I'd greatly appreciate it!


1. Why did John Puk only play 13 minutes?


2. Who on Hartford got a technical foul and why?


1. He just wasn't effective. I think Metcalf first subbed for him early after a quick TO and a foul..on consectuive possessions. The team went without Puk or Metcalf for much of the second half..I'd assume because the Hawks rarely moved the ball inside the 3-point line. Needed to trade size for speed..played Devlin at the 5 and Allen at the 4 for some time.


2. Forgot which player it was on..but it was right after an O foul on the guy who was trying to post up Aronhalt down low. Didn't see any physical outburst..so I assumed it invloved something like a quick #&@*$! to the ref who called it.

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I was at the game and like anyone there have really nothing positive to say. I was out the door with 9 seconds left and heard part of hartfords post game show. The technical was on the coach who said even though they were up by a lot he was not satisfied with his teams play at the time and that he is never satisfied actually; but feels his team is getting better everyday.


Personally, I was not very impressed with his team and if UA wasn't playing so poorly offensively, we should have made him pay for taking the "T". I know you might say, how can I be unimpressed when we lost by 20, and I will say there 1-3-1 zone was played well and caused us fits, but as someone else said we simply did not make any offensive ajustments to attach it. That may be the coaching staffs fault more than the players. Also, even though UA played OK defensively and hartford shooting percentage was not great (good enough to win though), they matched us on the boards and I think won the battle of offensive rebounds. They were much smaller up front and we did nothing to take advantage of this; we even went smaller in the second half playing Watts(I still see nothing from him) in place of a big. Even down by 10 or so, we never tried to press and seemed content to try and minimize hartfords outside shooting (which we did to some extent) but obviously not enough.


Anyhow bad play bad coaching bad watching.

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