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Boston U

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It seems like the addition of Pelage has been more of an impact than the loss of O'Brien. This team was lacking toughness more than it needed another gunner. Lots of talent on this BU squad, we really need them to have an off night shooting the ball so our zone can hold it's own.


Exciting matchup between Black and Irving, two of the best, quick, young guards in the league. Black will need to back up Will's boast as best pg in AE for us to have a chance. And we need Renaissance Tim.



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We need to put a good defensive player on John Holland - someone who can keep up with him on the perimeter and in the paint. When he doesn't score, BU struggles. I'm afraid that a match-up zone will leave Holland open to knock down threes.


Any ideas on who should guard Holland?


I'd imagine we'll see a lot of Watts on the perimeter because we could use his size, but I think it could be disastrous if we don't stick with our zone. I think the game plan is for Holland and Partin to shoot contested outside jumpers. At 35 and 37% from three, both have had plenty of off-games. I'm worried about DJ Irving breaking down the D and allow Partin and Holland to shoot uncontested jumpers.

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I'm sure there will be a lot of comparisons made to last year's team after this game. To me this team is much more comparable to the 04-05 especially after tonight. That game was almost a carbon copy of our game with Vermont that year.



Kenpom is a little scary. They predicted a three point BU win. Could they have possibly know that three pointer at the end was going to go in and it wouldn't be a six point BU win?

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GDG pointed out tonight that in the 4 losses in a row UA has had a half time lead in 3 of those games.


Also that in the 12 losses on the season, we had a half time lead in 6 of those 12, 4 have been by 4pts or less.

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I wish it was something else..but it's pretty characteristic of a young team. Pomeroy lists as us the 23rd youngest team in DI..and the youngest in the AE. You'd hope it's something that improves throughout the season..but we seem to be going in reverse with that over the last few games.


I'd like to see Ralph Watts on a more regular basis..especially when Logan and/or Tim are having an off night. He still needs to develop offensively..but his 17 minutes tonight were productive..7 points..6 rebounds..which led the team!..an assist and no TOs. He doesn't do anything great..but he seems to do a lot of things well..especially for a freshman.


Aronhalt has been painfully streaky this year. 13 points are nice..but not on 5-16 shooting..and he added all of 0 assists and 0 rebounds. How does that happen in 33 minutes of play? To go along with his spotty defense..that's some inefficient time on the floor.


Nice to see Puk chip-in 8 points..but how does a 6'11" guy grab only 1 rebound in 25 minutes against a comparatively small BU front court?

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The difference in that 04-05 team is a superstar named jamar wilson. We don't have that kind of player right now.


If I remember correctly..Jamar was 'only' 2nd team All-AE that year. Still 11 games left in the regular season..but my money's on at least one of Ambrose, Aronhalt or Black being at least 2nd team All-AE this year. Doesn't necessarily mean anything..just an interesting tidbit.

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