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Stadium: Architecture, Engineering, and Design AWARDED!

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T&F is a cool set up...but seeing the Stadium in the rear...wow...it looks, well, like a college facility. I can only hope donations get to a level that are just insane...maybe even allowing a kitty to be started for expansion of the visitor side.



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$24M is the whole project; I think it was said before that the track would be $4-5M; a synthetic field usually costs somewhere between $700,000 and $1,500,000, plus lights; leaves $17-19M for the stadium.


Mostly the new pictures give a better view of the berm behind the north end zone. I hope the video scoreboard is at least as good as shown.


The soccer team will play on practice field #1 this fall. Work on the track won't start until after this football season or next spring, so there won't be a meet there until spring 2014 (unless they start/finish a XC race on the track in the fall).

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Did we anticipate spending 17-19 million on the stadium portion...

seems to be more than expected. If so, what more are we getting than previously thought?


Was seating mentioned?


Looks real good and finally its official. Good day ladies and gents.

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I am pleasantly surprised if we are talking $17M - $19M. The last several articles sited $14M for the stadium. The Albany Business Review was pretty specific aboout calling out that number.


I'm hoping to see some new articles tomorrow that provide more details or additional photos. I checked Dane Zone and the video thus far was only a live event. No on Demand. I hope that changes.

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Bottom of the 'Multi-Sport Complex' page


To help UAlbany Athletics with a donation in support

of the project go to www.albany.edu/giving and

choose Online Gifts. Designate your gift to

“Stadium Project-60505”.


Don't know if that automatically goes to the matching-fund challenge, but probably.

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You know what......I Am kinda peeved....there is so much negativity regarding the building of the stadium that so many think that the administration is foregoing academic programs to building a football field. It saddens me. As a parent of a UAlbany athlete, I truly wish that there would be the respect for all student athletes and the dedication and sacrifice that each of them exhibit on a daily basis. They are a minority and few truly understand what they go through everyday.


The building of this stadium is a step forward....hopefully, a softball and baseball stadium will follow. Go UAlbany sports!!!!! Go DANES!!!!!!!! We support you!

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People who complain about this project need to STFU and get over it. The University has made considerable investments in academics over the past 15 years- Nano, Life Sciences, Business, Public Health, etc. I mean, we have the #1 Nano program IN THE WORLD WITH **HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS** OF $$ IN INVESTMENTS!! but people bitch about a few under-served language programs being cut and a new stadium being built and suddenly they think administrators are not concerned with academics.


Hard to expect anything different in an ultra liberal state like New York, but I'm just glad the school is ignoring the noise and moving forward with this plan. Can't wait to fly up next year for opening day.

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