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In recent years the men's lacrosse team has been having trouble winning the face-off battle. I wanted to track the season's statistics, so here we are...


JR, Keith Olson: 27-49

SO, Matt Mackenzie: 2-10

JR (JuCo), Mike Moran: 0-4

SO (Transfer), Artie Marrapese: 1-3

SR, Matt Johnson: 0-2


Totals: 30-68

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First, from one of the BPF recruiting threads:


Posted 19 August 2010 - 05:47 PM


Taken from LAX FORUM:


"Looks like the Danes were able to land a big catch. Heard that Moran is transferring in from MCC. Moran lit up the community college tour last year winning over 85% of face-offs."


" http://www.monroecc....ll-American.htm "

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FYI, Lyle Thompson is supposed to be absurdly good at face-offs. I spoke with a co-worker today whose son played against him, and Lylle reportedly has this scoop move that he uses when the ball is on the ground, where he can pick it up and run with it before the opponent has a chance to win control. It will be interesting to see that move at the next level.


(My conversation was accompanied with physical gestures so it was easier seen than explained.)

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Good stuff Hag.


Lyle is supposed to be a face off wizard.

As for this year, Olson seems to be pulling away with the position. Goes to show that move from junior

college to D1 level is no walk in the park.


I'd like to see a 60%+ faceoff win rate.

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