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Season Ticket - Renewals


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Dear UAlbany Season Ticketholders,


It has been a little while since I provided an update to all of you so I wanted to take a few minutes to update everyone.


· I would like to welcome many new season ticketholders. Thank you for ordering season tickets to football and/or basketball for the upcoming academic year. Last year was the most successful year we have ever had and we hope to repeat those achievements this upcoming year.

· The early renewal deadline is tomorrow (June 1st) so if you have not renewed yet and would like to receive your early discount “prize” please do so within the next 24 hours. This year early renewals will receive an autographed ball for the sport in which they renew. Those who complete the early renewal can expect their autographed memorabilia in August.

· There are a number of things that will be added online in the near future.

o Most notably, we are still working on parking for next year. We have made strides to improve parking every year since my arrival and I know this year that will continue. When all of the details are finalized parking will go up online. You will need to log in and reserve your parking.

o Furthermore, America East tickets for the conference championship will go up online. I expect those tickets to go up in October/November. I will let everyone know when to expect those as it gets closer.

o Lastly, in the next few weeks volleyball and men’s/women’s soccer season tickets will go on sale online. We are very excited to have both of our soccer teams compete in our brand new stadium as well and it promises to be a great atmosphere.

· Lastly, seating assignments for 2013 football are still moving forward. I apologize to everyone for the delay; opening a venue of this magnitude comes with many challenges so I want to be absolutely certain everything goes smoothly. We are moving in a great direction it just took longer than I had hoped. I will email everyone shortly with a date to expect their seat assignment. I was lucky to take a tour yesterday and the stadium is truly remarkable. The view from every seat in the stadium is going to be spectacular. I appreciate everyone’s patience with regard to seating assignments.


I hope everyone is having a great start to the summer months, I look forward to working with you throughout the summer to make 2013-14 memorable!


If you have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you,


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I'm very annoyed...


- I've written to the boxoffice a number of times asking how to renew tickets (basketball/football) I've been told we will contact you once football seat assignments are done...to date no call (numerous communications on the subject via e-mail)...now apparently early renewal is closing tomorrow.

- I've gotten no communication of any kind regarding pricing/dates etc. from the athletic department which I've been getting yearly. I have no idea what the costs are (going up????)


Do others feel things are less organized then usual (that's saying something)...?????


Just want to make sure I'm not a complete idiot!

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Are you talking football or basketball.


Football tickets were $140(+ donation) $100 or $75 depending on location..

Basketball tickets are the same plus processing fees. chairbacks $175 + fee. came to $360 for 2.

I did football back at the end of basketball season and renewed basketball online a couple of nights ago.

I had emailed Brian May 13th or 14th and he sent the link and password for my renewal within a day(i don't remember and I don't feel like looking it up right now) and I got around to actually renewing this week.


As far as football seat location. I am not worried about it. He will have my seats in the upper middle near who I requested them with. The first game is still 3 1/2 months away.

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Just talked to Brian...all set...apparently football ticket new purchases are available online, renewals of existing football tickets are not processed on-line this year but will be moving forward. They are still sorting out seating assignments etc.


All set with bb tickets...


Can't wait for this year...going to be a an epic one for both fans and school...

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