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2014 Lacrosse schedule

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I agree with the Notre Dame analogy. To help recruiting, you HAVE to play the big boys. All Lacrosse players know the legacy of those schools. It's the same reason why Will Brown every year travels to one Mecca of college basketball, be it syracuse, duke, UNC, Kansas. It gives him a recruiting tool.


Would I like to see those schools come to UA? Yes, but if they won't do it now, that doesn't mean we should remove them from the schedule. I'll take an away against any of those schools vs. a home against Bellarmine or Bucknell any day.

I agree you have to play the "big boys"; but the notre dame and mecca analogies really do not apply in lacrosse. The mecca games and ND (if it ever came to be) are money games (i.e.. they PAY us to come). We play those games for the "big bucks" more so than the prestige of playing the "big boys". We do not get paid anything special in lacrosse by cuse or hop.

Also, speaking of recruiting advantages: when recruiting players a level or so down from the "big boys", I assume it IS an advantage to say we play them every year. But when recruiting at their level, this advantage is diminished, if not actually becoming a disadvantage. Like I said in an earlier post how to do you respond when a recruit asked why they never are played at HOME {do you admit to being inferior?????????}. And when hop is recruiting a kid that UA is also, you do not think the hop coach laughs and says--"enjoy the bus ride down to see us every year". Which brings me to my last point (I am sure everyone will be pleased when I'm done). Do you know how tuff it is to win on the road [i think the number in sports in general is home teams win +60% of the time]. Add in "big boys" playing not so big boys and if not impossible but highly improbable come to mind.

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Yank is correct re recruiting. Remember there was a football player we were looking at last year and we told him we were moving up and would be playing teams like ODU. Unfortunately he was also looking at ODU so he went with them.


And re Notre Dame, we're not recruiting against them. A play-up game by definition is against somebody you're not on the same level as. With only 60 lacrosse programs, and having beaten SU, PU and JHU, there isn't that kind of separation.

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Inside Lacrosse has UA rated #12 with some staff rating us as high as #5, in it first pre-season poll. Also, commented with defensive improvement could very well be a final four team. That is kind of a DUH, but good to hear in a national report. Coaches poll has us winning the AmEast with five on the all league first team, including all three Thompsons.

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Schedule released today


1 (Sat) @ Colgate (scrimmage) 1 p.m.

8 (Sat) Princeton/Penn (scrimmage) 12 p.m.

16 (Sun) @ Syracuse 4 p.m.

22 (Sat) Drexel 1p.m.


1 (Sat) Harvard 12 p.m.

8 (Sat) @ UMass 1 p.m.

15 (Sat) Bryant 1 p.m.

22 (Sat) @ Penn State 1 p.m.

25 (Tue) Canisius 3 p.m.

29 (Sat) Vermont* 7 p.m.


4 (Fri) @ Johns Hopkins 7 p.m.

6 (Sun) @ Hartford* 1 p.m.

12 (Sat) Stony Brook* 7 p.m.

19 (Sat) @ UMBC* 3:30 p.m.

22 (Tue) Siena 7 p.m.

26 (Sat) Binghamton* 7 p.m.


1 (Thu) AE Semifinals (@ Stony Brook) TBA

3 (Sat) AE Finals (@ Stony Brook) TBA

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Sure...total possibility.


Comes down to one simple thing: DEFENSE. If the team can remotely defend, they are a more potent version of Denver. If they can't defend...then it's a sideshow team.

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Hopefully with this hype we get a few national TV games as well


well guess they answered my question quickly. only one game. thought we'd get another since we have probably the most high powered offense.



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