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Womens Mid Major Top 25

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What's disappointing is that we have 1 win against a team with a winning record - Marist (and they didn't have their best player).


Providence is a name team but they are 5-6 and their 5 wins have come against teams with a combined record of 14-45.


We will have a cake walk in conference the only other team with a winning record is Stony Brook (8-4) but their strength of schedule is 301. Their 8 wins came against teams with combined records of 19-74.


We should get to the 25 win mark but it may still hurt our seeding in the NCAAs, I was hoping for a 10 seed - now we may be lucky to garner a 13 or 14.


The good thing is that the ladies will surely be dancing!!!

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Similarities to the men's game in Burlington:

1) On the road against the AE's most accomplished program.

2) Playing in a difficult venue to win.

3) Both UA teams coming off a trip to the NCAAs.



1) The women take control of the game early and coast to a 17 point victory.

2) The men keep the score close for much of the first half and then succumb to a 30 point drubbing (scoring in the 30s.)


Yin-Yang exemplified.

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The truth is...he is right. While I know of no real way to get Iorizzo, Singleis and Wilkin into our corner, maybe it is time for the athletic administration to find out what the real problem is. Read their tweets and columns and you can plainly see that they are not for us. I for one never believe what one would think would be inside information on one of our sports teams when reported by one of them. Maybe it is just wishful thinking on their end that something would be amiss with one of our teams or players. Frankly, they have been wrong time and time again. I can't believe that Siena gets far superior and in the end, much more positive coverage, due to their relationship with the TU through the arena. UA's success is unparalleled in the capital area and it would seem to me they would want to be on board with that success. They get special privileges from being members of the press....maybe it's time to revoke that privilege!




This letter appeared in yesterday's TU, written by Dr. John Metallo, a highly respected local educator:


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The T-U publishes a letter like this once or twice a year by advocates for more coverage of ... high school girl's basketball, other high school sports, or drama, dance or other student activities not sports-related. If the T-U responds at all, it's to plead lack of space to please everybody.


However, the lead, page A-1 news story today was 'Where every picture tells a story - Tattoos are ubiquitous in basketball and UAlbany's men's team is well-inked"


The text doesn't seem to be online yet, but three pictures in the paper were among these found http://www.timesunion.com/search/?controllerName=search&action=search&searchindex=property&query=tattoos&channel=&period=7&sort=relevance&keepFacet=1


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