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You guys are talking some serious nonsense.   Jeesh.

I also think after this years recruiting class, where it was a small offer class to begin with, and was so Juco focused, a lot of us are eager to see what 4 year offers we're going out towards.

Looking at this roster, current, and potential recruits, it's hard to not be excited about this team for the next few years.

Seems like an ok signing...I know not all can be great. I think he is at least 20 years old as a sophomore, which could help. I think what's missing from our team is a bigger guy who is decent from 3... this may be our guy that can stretch the defense and make a man guard him from 3 which would open up driving lanes ..i guess we will c.

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Seems like a stretch 4 with solid skills - 2nd team All Region - 12.5 ppg and 5.8 reb seem somewhat pedestrian until you realize he played just 25 mpg. Has been on his Mormon Mission already so he's 20 years old with 3 years eligibility!


As long as our Aussie bigs Hanks/Lulka can play minutes right away we should be OK up front.

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He looks pretty good. While 6'7" isn't a "Big" he fits with the 4 and if he can shoot a 3 that makes the him all the more dangerous, and he could help immediately. 6'7" is still pretty big for the America East.


Vermont is looking scary again this year, and while we will be much better and I am excited for the team, their recruits look pretty strong as well. Mid-Major Madness named VT the #4 Mid-Major with their "Way to Early" pre-season rankings, and they seem to be adding multiple 3+star recruits.




I love what WB is doing, but we gotta keep up with the Jones's (well the Lamb's and the Haynes)



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I don't remember so many three year JUCO guys before. I like that we have two of them this year. Along with the freshman coming in it will nice to have them behind the Nichols, Cremo and Campbell class.


Conway looks to be a little like Dallas, a big wing or maybe a slightly undersized PF who can shoot. As 1882 said, it would be great to have a shooting big guy to drag the opponents big guys away from the hoop to create a more space for Nichols to drive. The maturity element on Conway being older is great too.

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Already has a little bit of that Dallas mid-range fadeaway jumper. Obviously just a highlight video..but I like seeing offense from all three areas..at the rim, mid-range and beyond the arc. Just based on the video..I wouldn't have guessed 6'7"..as his height doesn't really stand out. But looking at his team's roster..they actually have really good size.


I guess this also means that either Martin-Garcia and/or Lands are out.


We could actually put out a realistic team with our 2017 recruits..Clark and Healy in the backcourt..Conway on the wing..Lulka and Hank at the 4 and 5.

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Verbal Commits confirms that Andrews is leaving..as presumed. So definitely Ennema, Rowley and Andrews. Plus at least two more.


So, my guess is the following:





















So we still need two...my guess is Martin-Garcia (barely played, end of bench guy) and Grayson (got demoted and then barely played). If for some reason we need another spot, Lands or Anderson could be the odd man out as well.


We're going to be VERY deep next year.

UAlbany Men's Roster 2017-2018					
Name			Position	Height	Weight	Year		Status
Greig Stire		C		6'7"	235	Sr.		Returning
Brent Hank		C		6'10"	245	Fr.		Incoming
Travis Charles		PF		6'6"	235	RSr.		Returning
Jaraan Lands		PF		6'7"	245	Jr.		Returning
Adam Lulka		PF		6'8"	240	Fr.		Incoming
Devonte Campbell	SF		6'6"	225	Jr.		Returning
Matt Conway		SF		6'7"	200	So. (JUCO)	Incoming
Joe Cremo		SG		6'4"	190	Jr.		Returning
Xavier Cochran		SG		6'6"	195	So.		Returning
David Nichols		PG		6'1"	185	Jr.		Returning
Cam Healey		PG		6'2"	185	Fr.		Incoming
Costa Anderson		PG		6'2"	200	Sr.		Returning
Ahmad Clark		PG		6'1"	170	So. (JUCO)	Incoming
Nick Fruscio		PG		5'10"	155	So.		Returning
Possible Signings	Position	Height	Weight	Year	Year
Possible Departures	Reason				
Costa Anderson		Odd man out w/ Cochran, Clark and Healey joining				
Marqueese Grayson	Odd man out w/ Cochran, Clark and Healey joining				
Jaraan Lands		Odd man out in power rotation w/ Hank, Lulka and Conway joining				
Terrel Martin-Garcia	Odd man out in power rotation w/ Hank, Lulka and Conway joining				
Departures	Reason				
Mike Rowley	Graduated				
Dallas Ennema	Graduated				
Jamir Andrews	Graduated/Grad School?				

This leaves us at 13 scholarships + 1 walk-on (Fruscio). Even if Anderson and Lands stay.

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