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Playing a balanced OOC schedule in the America East on a regular basis is essentially unrealistic. 13 OOC games..2-3 are money games. Split the remaining 10 and you get 5 home games. Add in the fact that Siena is away every year and that gives you 4 home games. Pretty consistent year in and year out. If you want a ton of home OOC games..there's a team about 2 hours west of Albany that does a pretty good job of not leaving their home floor until January.

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Last post...


It's frustrating to see them play like this. If we ever want to build true fan support and get more people out to games you need to win throughout the season. Not just two weekends in March.


And i still say that Providence game gave them a false sense of confidence thinking they are better than what they really are.

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You also build fan support with home games. Phoenix you say it is unrealistic. I say (not that I have any say in the matter) do not play $iena (said so for years). You bring up New York's school (2 hours west of Albany--actually more like 2.5-3 with parking etc.), I say WHY NOT US becoming NY"s school? Maybe I am unrealistic but I certainly can desire/hope!!!


In another post you questioned how I got tired as an excuse? First of all it is an opinion (never claimed it a fact). But I got it from watching these guys. They TO ME simply look slow and tired both on O & D. Their second half spurt today was a good sign perhaps or maybe desperation (I hope the former). Again, I do not claim to be an expert, but others have also commented how slow and a step behind UA has looked recently? Brown has made the "tired" comment without using it as an excuse in several media reports. It is also exam time @ UA and everywhere else I'm sure. So To ME the team looks tired and since I am sure everyone is getting tired of me, I am done until next game. (I hear a YEH!!}.

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Frustrated like the rest of you guys. Was at work today and "witnessed" the game thru Live Stats but have watched all the others. Really since halftime of the Q game, we have stunk it up. Looked like a solid team prior to that especially integrating all the new guys and not sure how the AE schedule will turn out now. Will not blame the road games, always an issue and we fight thru it most seasons. I have to look at individuals and their contributions:


Dallas--has regressed from last year. can't hit the broad side of a barn

Mike Rowley- as someone else said, not what we thought he would be this year. I would take rebounding, solid "D" inside and putbacks a la Blake Metcalf and we are not getting it. He plays cause he is 6' 8", tallest guy besides out of shape Peters

Peter- has not played like the all-conference player he is annointed

Singletary and Sanders- still think we left them in Providence and are looking for the bus

Wheeler- like the aggressiveness but can't shoot 20% each night

Sam-the ONLY guy who has improved since the Q game


On to Bucknell. Was hoping for a PA sweep to feel good about the team but 2-6 is staring us in face . Our highlight of the season can't be beating NJIT who beat Michigan. It will be a long season if that is the case.


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I'm not sure who billed Peters as an all conference type... He's not. As you pointed out... Bunch of kids doing nothing... Dallas does nothing out there, Sanders seems to always be in foul trouble.


Hooley to me has been most disappointing. He's a returner who knows the system etc and can't get it going at all.


Lots of problems right now but I will continue to think this team is more talented then last year but they aren't playing like a team and can't get comfortable. Defensively especially the back court is lost... Completely lost. You have to be able to stop the ball at the point of attack and they can't. Shooters are open all day as rotations just aren't there as they don't know where they need to be.

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Numbers don't lie. this boxscore must have CB banging his head against the wall.



10 Mike Rowley * 0-2 0-0 0-0 1 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 26

24 Dallas Ennema 1-8 0-5 0-0 2 0 2 3 2 3 0 0 0 23

01 Ray Sanders * 3-6 0-2 4-4 1 2 3 5 10 0 3 0 2 11


Some obvious thoughts:

Mike Rowley- 26 minutes and that line? That is a line of someone standing there hoping something will happen instead of going after it. I could have had 2 rebounds fall into my hands


Dallas--Really? Where is the sharpshooter from Iowa I saw in videos. The hoop is still 10 feet high. Props for the 3 assists that LEAD the team today. Any ideas how that happened Hooley, Sanders and Singletary? We only had 5 assists all game


Ray-- 5 fouls and 3 turnovers in 11 minutes. Don't get me started.


Clickclack, I do believe we have the talent level as you said and thats what CB is paid to put together but some of these guys seem lost lately. If this was game 2 of season, I would not worry yet, but that was game 7 and December is moving fast. AE games will be here soon and I'm not sure yet if we can pad our wins against UMBC, Bing, Maine, UML and compete against the others.

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A couple thoughts now that I've cooled down after the game. First, everyone said it was going to take time for this team to gel with all the new players. Started off good but now looking like the disjointed group of players instead of a team. Second, almost ALL Jucos take time to get acclimated to this level. I think the first game gave us all a false sense of hope that that wouldn't be the case with Singletary, Sanders and Peters, well it is the case and we need to understand that instead of bash these kids. They have a lot to learn about this level of basketball. Third, I HATE to say this because I love the kid but Peter is having a very rough time right now. I'm not sure whether it is not knowing his teammates well enough yet or what but he is throwing the ball away, forcing wild drives and taking bad/quick shots and that needs to change and fast.


I'm not jumping off a cliff after these two games and I'm hoping this is just growing pains of a team trying to learn how to play together. Learn from these games and move on. I was just really hoping for a solid conference record this year and I hope that happens.

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You also build fan support with home games. Phoenix you say it is unrealistic. I say (not that I have any say in the matter) do not play $iena (said so for years). You bring up New York's school (2 hours west of Albany--actually more like 2.5-3 with parking etc.), I say WHY NOT US becoming NY"s school? Maybe I am unrealistic but I certainly can desire/hope!!!


Not disagreeing with you on Siena..just explaining how the team regularly ends up with 4-5..sometimes 6..home OOC games a year. And even getting rid of the Siena game gives only gives you an extra home game every other year. Every team wants mostly home games..by definition that can't happen..unless you're a BCS school. Mid-majors play money games on the road and play home-home contracts with fellow mid-majors..that will give you a couple more road games than home games.


And I'm not sure UAlbany becomes "New York's School" by playing DIII teams at the SEFCU.

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