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@ LCC 12/13 ( not the day whiny patsos wanted)

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With any luck they will put this thing on hiatus for 2 or 3 years...Have Siena host some other team and get 5k people into the building (if they are lucky judging by this year) and we'll see who needs whom most.


Better be a true home and home or cancel.




I agree completely. UA owns the town now.

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With any luck they will put this thing on hiatus for 2 or 3 years...Have Siena host some other team and get 5k people into the building (if they are lucky judging by this year) and we'll see who needs whom most.


Better be a true home and home or cancel.

Better yet send LCC on the road to play another 20 loss team to see if they can win on the road against one of their Peers :)

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Lol UA is about to play for another opportunity to go to the NCAA tournament and your going to ask about Siena game? Like they really care about that right now.

Media is still often out of touch trying to force feed that LCC garbage on the public .

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Yes, home-home or cancel ... Amazing how much interest I have lost in just a couple of years regarding I have this game ... I would much rather see a true home game with the best opponent we can land ... or maybe a regional TV game at some high-profile team ...LLC is just not that important (even though they are national,leaders in ... Tech fouls )...

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I really hope we just drop this game. Siena isn't a "peer" school, and you're known by the company you keep. If we play at all, they should be paying us to play - I know they don't see it that way, which is why we should just drop it. We can schedule much better and more interesting opponents. Home and home is too generous.

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UAlbany Basketball's Popularity Grows

By Iorizzo


Peter Hooley's game-winning 3-pointer in the America East championship landed the University at Albany on SportsCenter and the back page of the New York Post, not to mention in a nationally televised NCAA Tournament game.


But the most enduring effect of a remarkable March for UAlbany isn't that Bristol, Conn., and a city tabloid noticed New York's capital city has two Division I basketball schools. The real impact hits much closer to home: Maybe this area is ready to start looking at college basketball with purple-colored glasses.

This has been a Siena town for decades, certainly since the Loudonville school turned Division I in 1976. The campus on Western Avenue had a lot of catching up to do when it jumped to the highest level of college athletics in 1999, but now, there's no denying the Danes have made up ground.

For five years their product on the basketball court has been the best in town on both the men's and women's sides. Both UAlbany programs have gone to the tournament three straight years — and four straight for the women. Though neither team has gotten to the round of 32, they've acquitted themselves well enough. The women nearly toppled No. 4-seeded Duke on Friday, and the men gave No. 3 Oklahoma a good run.

Over the past four years, the UAlbany teams also are 7-1 in Albany Cup games against their crosstown rivals. The men's team only wants the series to continue if it includes games at SEFCU Arena. Who can blame it? At this point, the Danes shouldn't feel like anyone's little brother.

Of course, Siena still fills the stands far better than UAlbany. The Saints men averaged 6,242 fans per game this season, almost double what UAlbany gets at SEFCU. Siena remains a remarkably popular mid-major program, even through recent lean years. But this isn't about UAlbany surpassing Siena. It's about realizing this area has two relevant Division I programs, not just one.

"I'm really sincere when I say this: We're not fighting for approval. We're not fighting to steal the spotlight from Siena," said UAlbany coach Will Brown, who pointed out he got encouraging text messages from Siena coach Jimmy Patsos and his wife the past few weeks.

"I want two successful basketball programs in this area. This is a great area for high school basketball, for college basketball. We're in two different conferences. If you want to root against the other school when we play each other, that's fine. But why not root for us the next night? Let's support each other."

At UAlbany, there's more to like than just basketball. In the past year, UAlbany has had the national players of the year in two sports — field hockey (Paula Heuser) and lacrosse (Miles and Lyle Thompson). That's amazing.

Athletic success isn't new to UAlbany, which has had a nationally renowned track program for decades as well as well-regarded lacrosse, field hockey and softball teams, among others. For a long time, the success seemed to go virtually unnoticed except by the most engaged alumni, but that's clearly changing. And Mark Benson, the first-year athletic director, has a background in marketing and external relations. He's got a good product to peddle.

Brown says his goal his to fill the SEFCU Arena for every game the way it was for the America East Championship game.

"That won't be easy" he admits but the foundation has already been laid.

There's longer any question this is a two-team town.

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