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SBU arena is slated to open in '17-'18 from what I can gather, seat 5k people in it's basketball configuration and cost a whopping $85mil. I'm not sure where the funding is coming from.


But a 5k seat arena for that much money is going to be spectacular if they actually get it.




You mean UMBC. For a second I thought the Long Island Arena or whatever it's called was temporary home for a bigger one? I was like:





Whoops...yeah, meant UMBC. LOL at that screen...

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A couple shots from the game last night. Did not check the BPF board, twitter, or the blogs before the game yesterday and was confused as to why Hooley was not in the lineup or even dressed. I knew it could not have been good and sure enough I checked mid way into the first half and it was devastating news. All the best to Hooley and his family. Family over everything.


A few thoughts on the IFCU... It's nice. $21 mil in reno should be nothing but nice. Had a nice stadium feel to it when going to your seats. Production was good, they dim the lights for their intros and everything. Something as simple as that can make a game a lot more fun. If SEFCU can just put in a couple lights and learn how to do something like that would be an improvement.


A lot of empty seats though. Seemed like there was less than the 3500 announced. All chair back seats with cup holders, except for the baselines. Was not a fan of the way they have the four scoreboards at each corner though. I'd prefer to have one main video board instead. Not sure why they went with this layout. If they can't avg 3500+ every night in the new digs as the preseason number one team, having two first team all conference players, a player of the year, and a win against a top 25 team, they are going to have issues drawing people in down the road.


People just do not care about Stony Brook basketball out in Long Island. This game was their "special tier" game which you could not buy advanced single game tickets to. You had to buy a season ticket package in order to get a ticket to this game. The NYC market is all about professional sports.


Albany deserves a major re-haul of SEFCU. Any extra money should be allocated to SEFCU renovations. If Albany had this type of facility I'd be damned if they didn't bring in 3500+ for every single game of the season. Albany appreciates college basketball more than the folks in Long Island.








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The team now has to move on and prepare as if Hooley is not coming back for the rest of the season. Yesterday was such a great emotional team win, but looking forward, someone, maybe even more than one person, will need to step up and fill that 15 ppg void now. Rowley, Sanders, Singletary, and Enemma all played 35+ min. The three except for Enemma basically played the entire game. Can't have them play 38-39 min a game all year. Is Enemma's conditioning ready for 30+ min a game? Will Tre Green step up? Thought I'd see him in there last night, but Singletary played the entire game. Who is going to be the second option now for handling the ball? Peters continuing to develop nicely down low, playing tough defense on the player of the year. Excited to have him for the next two years.


This was a great quote from Brown yesterday...


“Coaching’s easy man, coaching’s easy. The great Fran Fraschilla, ESPN said to me a long time ago, he said, ‘Will, coaching’s easy man, it’s all about crisis management, that’s going to test you and nobody prepares you for it.'”

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Just an observation. I walked from my assigned parking spot into the SEFCU last night to watch the women's game. It struck me again how cold and foreboding the back of the SEFCU is. It is almost depressing. If the "front" of the SEFCU was next to the parking lot and if it was well lit with an athletic atmosphere it would make it a more desirable place to go. As part of any renovation, upgrade, they really should think about where the entrance to the arena is.

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