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Looks like 16. Here are all of them from coaches twitter:


Neven Sussman, QB from Sherwood HS (MD)

Eli Mencer, RB from Altoona HS (PA)

Zach Lucas, DL from Old Tappan (NJ)

Devin Williams, OL of Washington HS

Dean Grogg, DL from Morristown Beard HS (NJ)

Isaih Clarke, WR from TC Williams (VA)

Nick Griffin, DL from Shaker HS (mid-year signing)

Zee Roberson, WR from East Stroudsburgh (mid-year signing)

Will Brunson, QB from Carolina Forest HS (SC)

DJ Crook, QB (Penn State Transfer)

Josh Wynn, FS from CBA, Albany NY

Sean Kennedy, OL from St. Peter's HS

Mason Gray, DB from St. John's College HS

Dione Alston, RB from Salem HS (NJ)

Donte Terry, DB from Martin Luther King HS (PA)

Griffin Clancy, OL, from Saratoga Springs (NY)

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1. The most impactful newcomers last year were all signed much later than National Signing day. Gontarek was a late qualifier and his signing was announced in May, Neverdon was also announced in May and he returned some kickoffs and had a blocked punt and I don't think there was never an announcement about Patrick Toole - think he just arrived I the summer. (Don't think there were any national signing day newcomers that had an impact last year)


2. IMO, the defensive line was our biggest challenge last year. A couple of new defensive ends will help (if they don't redshirt) but I was hoping for a FBS transfer because I think we need help right away. That said, there are a few freshman that redshirted last year that will probably help - I'd guess the coaches are pretty high on them given we didn't get any transfers.


3. I've read a lot of good stuff about Mencer. He may help a lot immediately - big and fast.


4. Will be interesting to see what happens with the QB's. We have a lot of them.


5. Also felt like we had depth issues at ILB and we didn't get any help there. Maybe some of the returning players bulk ap a bit and the using sophomore from Good Counsel (forget his name) may help there but I would like to have seen a transfer there as well.


Will there be a press conference like last year?

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Midyear Junior College transfer signing period was Dec. 17 - Jan. 15. The regular period is from today until April 1.


The NLI is voluntary, so if a athlete wants to enroll without a scholarship offer, he's only limited by the school's regular student deadlines.

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the entire coaching staff were in City Line last night (before game) celebrating their signees...Coach gave the thumbs up...Im interested to see what the kid from Myrtle Beach has given he was being recruited by larger schools before he got hurt. His style seems to fit our league pretty well...

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Thanks! Wish they would've shown the highlights they were showing instead of showing half the TV. haha. Looks like it could be a good class.


Also, I liked Gatusso's comments on the QB situation being very open at this time but you could tell that he thinks Crooks has a great shot at winning the job. We will see.

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I think defensive backfield is the biggest need {my uneducated opinion}. Anyone know if any of the newbies are projected to help out there right away, and/or any redshirts from last year who may be "ready" now.


Also, what do you do with six QB's? Any of them versatile enough to be used somewhere else [aka Meeks]. Anyone remember which qb recruit from last year who was so highly touted (many said he should be starting ahead of Farachi) and he was so excited about coming to UA that he was trying to convince others from his high school and area to come to UA? Since we keep going after qb's, has our estimation in him declined or is that just the nature of caa football? Anyhow, anyone remember who I am referring, and where do you think he is on the depth chart?

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Is it normal to have that many QB's on the roster, I know some may play in other spots but SIX?

I don't think that you would ordinarily have that many especially when you only have 63 scholarships - assuming they all have scholarships, that's 10% at one position (obviously the most important position). Listening to the replay of the press conference yesterday and some of Coach's comments in the year end review - none of the returning players have distinguished themselves and in this offense, the QB has a lot of latitude (according to Coach's comments) so he wants to have the right player there.


He was asked about the Penn State transfer yesterday and said he had a very good chance at winning the job but then he walked it back and said that everyone had a chance.


Also, if a freshman or redshirt freshman wins the job and has success, there will be attrition.

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I don't think that you would ordinarily have that many especially when you only have 63 scholarships - assuming they all have scholarships, that's 10% at one position (obviously the most important position).

Remember FCS allows 63 equivalencies but they can be spread over 85 counters, so while we might have just 63 on scholarship, it also might be 41 full rides and 44 on half rides. Somehow I think more of the partials would be given to the so-called "non-skill" positions but who knows how they're finally divided up?
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