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#3 Oklahoma vs. #14 Albany

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We played great. We could have hit a few more shots, but outside of that, it was a 6 point game with a couple of minutes to go, and we had a chance to cut it to 3 or 4.


They just shot the ball slightly better. If you look at the stats, it was pretty even otherwise, aside from second chance points.


Great season. Aside from winning the conference and the tournament, we gained a new fan base, and had a TREMENDOUS amount of exposure. The program is on the map, and hopefully this helps on the recruiting trail.


KUdos to Coach. Hope he stays to build upon the program he's developed thus far.

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Great season... Sad that it's over. That was a great effort... That cousins three when we were down 6 really hurt,1 second on the clock.


Agree. And a lucky friggin shot it was. line drive.


Dissapointed with the number of offensive rebound we gave up. Imo the difference in the game.


Nothing you can do about that against a big team like that. My opinion and others might now agree but I don't think we can ever compete in the tourney coming out of the America East. Will always be playing a top 10 team. Yeah, it can happen but it is such a hard thing to do when the team you are playing is such a better group of athletes.





I'm not sure I agree, we are no longer wide-eyed new comers, do we need a little more to win one of these, yes, notably athleticism and size up front but this team and program is year in and year out well coached and prepared by this time of the year. This should open some doors on the recruiting trail...once you aren't a PIG, 16 or 15 seed, your chances increase dramatically to get a win.


I disagree. Even if we go back to mid 2000s, UVM even beat Cuse. We're a 14 this year, but if we can snag a good OOC win or two each year, we will undoubtedly move seeding up if we can continue to win our conference tourney.


We just played a top 12 team (according to seeding). At the end of the game, their guys were locked in arms, hoping to pull this one out. Think about that.

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So many positives to look forward to I think. Sam and Pete led the way. Evan and Ray balled tonight...don't JUCO's need one year to adjust? Mike taking the next step? Wheeler showing no fear. Stire not backing down against Thomas, again no fear? We will miss Sam big time, but Coach Brown is building a program to the best of his ability

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Oklahoma is athletic as hell. Held our own and couldn't have asked for more. One day we'll win one, just don't think it will happen if we are in the america east.


Big thank you to Sam and his awesome 4 years here. Is he the winningest Dane in history?

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I have not seen the game yet. I was at the Palace Theater in Albany. Received tickets to Chicago for Christmas {what are the odds back then it would be exact same date and time UA in ncaa}. Dvr'd game and will watch and comment more later; but wanted to say I heard more than one group commenting on the progress of the game. Actually saw someone wearing a UA sweatshirt; it was gray and quite raggy--looks like it had been worn a lot. Not quite theater attire, but who cares--awesome. I had my UA T underneath (even though the wife gave me permission to wear it on the outside) .


The UA interest is out THERE. May be we will never be big 5 caliber; but we have come a long way in a few short years and WILL continue moving forward.


AWESOME-AWESOME (over used word, but I still can not come up with a better one for this year) YEAR.


Now let's follow our men and women to double ncaa lacrosse appearances and may be even a final four. Also, track, softball and baseball all looking good this spring

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