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Will Brown

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Good to hear those openings seem to be filled but there is the Texas job where Shaka Smart is interested. VCU is 10 times the A10 program that GMU and Fordham are and a coach can walk in and lead a solid group to the tourney next year and not have to win the A10 tourney to do it. Is this out of WB's range or could you see them interview him if Smart leaves?

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Probably discussion on lots of things Coach has spoken about, and rightly so. Increases for his staff. More resources for the team, which would probably include a recruiting budget increase and other increases for discretionary items.

And, most importantly, a solid plan on SEFCU upgrade steps, which likely would include short term fixes to "get us by" until any renovation/gut/rebuild occurs (probably 5-6 years out). I'd suspect he wants a videoboard upgrade, and some chairbacks.

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Interesting, at least we pretty much know he'll be back next year. I believe Mike Wells is transfering (Twitter) so we need him back on the road to bring in a big man.


Where did you see anything on his twitter...I just looked and see a post a few days ago saying decisions decision.

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Posting since it's a SUNY....with the same contract restrictions needed to be approved by OSC.






Don't pull out the pen just yet. After leading Buffalo to its first-ever tournament appearance, Bobby Hurley has agreed in principal on a new deal with the school. However, he reportedly has held off on signing the extension that would double his pay next season to $600,000, according to The Buffalo News, as he apparently explores outside options.


For some coaches, qualifying for the field of 68 is not just a boost for the program – it eventually boosts the bank account. Here's a look at some coaches whose recent tournament success or mere presence in the field have led to new jobs or contract extensions, with the salary bumps usually coming as a result of the coaches suddenly drawing outside interest or offers.

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Hate to be that loser that brings up $iena in a Will Brown Thread - but I just read this article over at OBW and the whole thing reminds me a lot of this years UA team. I do not know if we have the talent they had those years, but I think we are close. I have a feeling we will see a Ubiles like progression with Wheeler Baker.


I won't venture a guess if our player / coach relationships are anything like what this article discusses - but with the Hooley situation and the way UA played as a team and looked like they were a family - I get that impression.


I guess I bring this up because that $iena team fell apart when the "glue" that held them together in Fran left. They have not been able to recover. If these UA players have the relationship with CB that it appears they do - losing him to another school would be a BIG blow. Thats not saying we couldn't get another coach that is as good or better with the rising program - but the odds are certainly against that.


Anyway - even though its an article about a team that most of us hate - its still a pretty good read.



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.@UAHOOPSWB says he will still listen if any other jobs come open, but... "My goals and intentions are not to leave Albany," @UAHOOPSWB said

.@UAHOOPSWB has met twice with UA AD MArk Benson. "I don't know why he would not be our head coach," Benson said.

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